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Aero Lite for 7 - Update 5

Updated March 31, 2011 @ 2:55PM EST
:bulletblue: Updated AddressBar/Breadcrumb
:bulletblue: Updated Status bar
:bulletblue: Updated Menus, Rebars, Toolbars, and Headers
:bulletblue: Updated JumpLists
:bulletblue: Updated Start Menu List View

Updated March 18, 2011 @ 11:30AM EST

I've been busy with other things. This is just a quick update for who asked for minor changes. Changes include:

:bulletblue: Aero Peek, Shadowless, Aero Peek Shadowless frames all now match the window style.
:bulletblue: TBEUI Vertical Background is no longer Aero and matches that of the TBEUI Horizontal Background.


Updated March 16, 2011 @ 3:40PM EST

:bulletblue: Toolbars items now match the color scheme.
:bulletblue: Headers items now match the color scheme.
:bulletblue: Group Headers items now match the color scheme.
:bulletblue: Rebars items now match the color scheme.
:bulletblue: List View items now match the color scheme.
:bulletblue: Items View items now match the color scheme.
:bulletblue: Tree View items now match the color scheme.
:bulletblue: New Progress bars. (I'll update them again in the next release)
:bulletblue: Tabs have been updated to remove the missing pixel.

:bulletblue: Includes a .theme file again.


Updated March 15, 2011 @ 7:00PM EST

:bulletblue: Taskbar / Taskband Left, Top, Right, Bottom, Small (Aero/Basic)
:bulletblue: Window Frames (Basic, Animating, Aero Tool, Basic Tool, Aero Peek)
:bulletblue: Tabs
:bulletblue: New Radio and Checkbox (Yes again)

Note: The next update will be larger than these small updates.


Updated March 15, 2011 @ 3:35PM EST

:bulletblue: New Frames (Real)
:bulletblue: New Caption Buttons (Real)
:bulletblue: New Scrollbar
:bulletblue: Updated Scrollbar and Trackbars (Real)
:bulletblue: Updated Buttons (Improvised Real)
:bulletblue: Updated TaskBand Button to match.
:bulletblue: Changed TBEUI's Background to match.
:bulletblue: Changed Radio Box to match the color scheme.
:bulletblue: Changed Check Box to match the color scheme.
:bulletyellow: Ported SysMetrics and Global Color scheme.

I'm not done for the day, this is just a checkpoint.

Special Thanks to: AngelWZR.

Note: (I'm still not happy about the Radio and Checkbox's default states. They'll be revised again in a later update when I find a consistent and proper look)


So this is a quick unfinished version of Aero Lite's recreation for 7.

Here's what's done:

Window Frame (Aero)
Window Caption Buttons (Aero)
Push Buttons
Combo Box
Radio Box
Check Box
Start Menu (Aero)
Jump Lists

I will continue editing this until I replace at least 90% of all imagery in the msstyles. Enjoy.

If you don't know how to apply msstyles/themes, check out this tutorial by Vishal Gupta: [link]
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Public4K's avatar
Not bad!Thanks!
jacobogh's avatar
This would be perfect if I could change the stupid blue color
Norkoilija's avatar
Doesn't work, the close, minimize etc. buttons changed, but that's all
thepanda-x's avatar
The image is taken from the actual theme in use in 7.
d14gvn's avatar
when aero BASIC?
nice theme dude :)
thepanda-x's avatar
What do you mean when aero basic?
d14gvn's avatar
sorry, i've said that when will come an aero basic version :)
thepanda-x's avatar
I might make a new version of this in the future, but there's no guarantee that'll a update will come out.
d14gvn's avatar
d14gvn's avatar
Nice!! but close-minimize-maximize buttons are ugly :(
humorking4's avatar
very smart to put the borders to man
Please create a transparent version. :)
Shelkadom's avatar
check my theme if u want. its transparent:
Please create a transparent version. :)
Shelkadom's avatar
Great! When will u upload the next, large update?
thepanda-x's avatar
Since other people have created better alternatives, I no longer update this theme.
ashishforyou's avatar
Hey dude your VS is every pixel perfect rather than bunch of those floating on dA.So we request you to make further improvements in it.I'm myself using the same theme from last 3 weeks and i'm loving the simplicity..:)
friedrickjoel's avatar
Not sure why you say 'better' alternatives... yours is the best of the bunch. Nothing is out of place, every pixel feels like it belongs there. These others really do suck... I don't mind you stopping, at least your better copy is still available!
Shelkadom's avatar
oh:( check my gallery :[link]
friedrickjoel's avatar

I tried your theme, but for me it lacked the flatness that I like, and had some issues with hovering on taskbar previews, toolbox forms, and where the side of a window meets the title bar. I uploaded the pictures for you to view.

Please see here: [link]
Shelkadom's avatar
You r totally right. I I know the issues. New theme is still under work
wvrodgers's avatar
Which alternatives? Do you have any links?
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