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You are my hero

By ThePancakey
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You are my hero.

Scrabble. :meow:

Thanks so much for viewing, commenting, and favoriting my photos.
Before you favorite, please comment. Tell me what you like and what could be improved. It helps me so much! Thanks. (:
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Apr 14, 2010, 7:04:49 PM
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This one may be a little better.
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PS. I stole your concept for my first tattoo. I had them put a head and neck cancer awareness ribbon on his chest. It's perfect.
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Oh--my--I... I don't know what to say! I'm unbelievably honored!
Are there any pictures that I could see? c:
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Not sure how to add a photo to a message. [link]

See if that works. I had her do it just like a doodle..I love it. In the middle of the crapfest I find myself in, it makes me smile.
ThePancakey's avatar
I don't think you understand...
I'm crying.

This is the most flattering thing someone has
ever done and will ever do--I feel so beautifully
inspired by such an action. I want to be where
you are right now and give you the biggest hug you've
ever received in your lifetime. Thank you. Thank you so much.

It makes my insides smile, and it fills me with warmth.

I haven't insisted it before, but I will insist it now(I would
have before knowing that you might be in some sort of uncomfortable
situation)--I'm always here to talk. If you need someone, I'll
try my hardest to be here, and help you through anything you
need help with. Fellow humans should stick out for each other,
and I'm here for you.

I hope to make make you smile more than once.

mcanlis's avatar
This whole cancer thing blows. What is amazing is the kindness of strangers and because of people like you.. I am the luckiest person on earth.
Every time I look at my tattoo, I smile. No matter what. Believe it or not, I chose that drawing to bring's working so far.
ThePancakey's avatar
Well... You simply don't know how much that
touches my heart and makes me smile.
It's almost an unbearable blessing;
I thank you for that. And I wish you
the best of luck. You can do this. <3
mcanlis's avatar
I have gotten a ton of compliments on my little super hero. Every single time I look at it, I smile, no matter what :)
I am just biding my time until i get another one. Thinking of a small one on my other ankle with wings...
ThePancakey's avatar
I really am flattered! I know what
I'll be thinking about when I'm down...
: )
Once again, like I have said, it's a blessing
that you think that way, and I'm glad to have
kept you smiling, really, that's one of my
only life goals...To keep people smiling. c:
I wouldn't mind seeing your other tattoo if you
decide to get it, haha!
LuckiePunk's avatar
I love this concept so much.
Absolutely adorable.
ThePancakey's avatar
GaurdianDemon666's avatar
Very, very cool.

Can I use part of it as the header for my blog? I'll give credit, and do an expo of your work if you want?
ThePancakey's avatar
Why certainly! I'd be very honored if you did! (: <3
QuietAngel93's avatar
I really like this picture, for the way it is composed!
anyway, I don't like the date on the right! I think that it ruins a little the cuteness of the shot =')
The hero is so lovely~:heart:
ThePancakey's avatar
Thank you! :heart:
Yeah, the date totally screws it up, however, my parents wouldn't let me change that or I'd get yelled at. I've finally fixed that problem, so my future picture won't have it! :3
QuietAngel93's avatar
don't mention it! :heart:

well, you can copy this file and hide it with a software! in this way, your parents will have the picture with the date, and you'll have your picture without it!

°¬° I'm glad for you! :hug:
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I really like it the only thing that i would say is to edit out the date. but other than that great pic
ThePancakey's avatar
Yepp! My parents are killer when taking off the date on the camera. My dad finally gavwe me permission, so no more dates on my pictures, I promise. (:
dreski1992's avatar
ThePancakey's avatar
Thaankk yyou. :D
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This is so sweet and cute. Favin' it.
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