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Random Favourites

Lighthouse Dungeon
My loving light, she calls to me.
Her siren voice calls to me.
My glowing warmth,
She guides my way.
She pleads with me to stay,
In her tower above the sea.
She will always call to me.
I cannot cause her pain, I love her too much.
I long for her pulsating touch,
To cause her grief would kill me.
So I utter a single oath,
                                            "I will stay with thee."
Once said, never undone.
I am trapped underneath her sun.
Her glow turns icy and cold.
Soon I shall never grow old.
Hear my warning:
Do not venture into her lovely morning.
A whirlpool opens, and I give out a cry.
She adds my voice to her enticing lie.
Beware, those who sail this ocean.
Do not be entranced by her graceful motion.
Beware that siren voice, that tower, that sun.
Beware th
:iconsummerstars676:summerstars676 2 0
All You See Is A Smile
All you see is a smile
but maybe if you thought for a while,
you'd understand.
You'd see that I wish I could sink into the sand.
Outside, I'm a smile,
but inside, I reach for a mile.
I don't know what I did wrong.
Or why I've been hated for so long.
Sometimes I wish to disappear,
sometimes I wish to just be here.
And other times, I wish for a warm, welcoming light.
Just enough to give me insight.
Anytime I show vulnerability,
and someone is in the vicinity.
They always laugh,
and my heart breaks in half.
So I shut down,
and away goes the frown.
Away go the tears,
and the hopeless longings of so many past years.
And all you see is that smile.
That decieving, mechanical smile.
The one that everyone sees,
deaf to my pleas.
My pleas to be accepted,
instead of rejected.
My pleas to be real,
and to finally let everything heal.
The wounds of a thousand words,
I've been branded like cattle in herds.
And all you ever see is that smile.
That decieving, mechanical smile.
I've been hurt, isolated,
:iconsummerstars676:summerstars676 2 8
Thunder and Then No More
It is a dark, thunderous evening I hear
My pain caused this I fear
I apologize to everyone
For chasing away the sun
But I feel as though I may burst
I hold my self together and strangle my thirst
My thirst for relief from such agonizing horror
That is the Museum of Incredible Pain I tour
The music of my mind has shut down completely
I have gone blank, and the emptiness resounds sweetly
I know nothing of joy for now
Sorrow and hurt is all that my mind can allow
I wish for a respite
I wish to see a light
But my heart is too tired
A child of tears my pain has sired
:iconsummerstars676:summerstars676 3 0
Let me stumble and reel
through a long winter's revels,
those cunning gifts of night
that dally in my flesh
and burn my senses
like heavy porcelain gods
ablaze and ravishing the air.
Let me feast on perfumed skin,
arms and legs without a name,
grown lush across the cushions
under a canopy of wanton smoke,
and wash my dissolute hands
in wine made bittersweet
with no hope of redemption.
And I will take my refuge
in the excess of her lips
and this world gone melting
and wasted like a trollop's kiss,
if only to have once pretended
beauty was my willing slave
and one taste left me sated.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 95 90
Dark Point of Bliss by goddlik3 Dark Point of Bliss :icongoddlik3:goddlik3 3 0
Out of Love Poems
He looked at me one day and said
"Why are your poems filled with hate?
Is this your way of saying... Good-bye?"
Slowly I replied
"No my dearest love.
I am simply out of love poems.
All the words have been taken
All the feelings written down...
No inspiration comes to mind when we speak
For I've written ballads about how we became a couple
Songs for your features
And hikus about your eyes.
I've written volume apon volume of open
poetry about my wants and needs and my love for you
But I never got one back, you see...
So I am simply out of love poems."
After saying all this
He pulled out a piece of paper
That read...
"Love so sweet
Your eyes like tiny stars
Your lips like the sweetest rose
Your touch the softest silk
Always I have dreamed
For a girl just like you
And now I have found
My one true love."
At this I began to cry
For I was still
Out of love poems.
:iconexmazingxemily:eXmazingXemily 2 14
Deadly Grace
Deadly Grace
Written in May of 2005
When you look at me,
What do you see?
A freak?
A monster?
Or merely an experiment?
Or a mistake?
Well it cannot be helped.
I was created.
By you.
You betrayed me.
You used me.
You will pay.
I was created.
My predecessor,
He is carefree.
He giggles,
He floats,
He does not care.
I do.
I was created,
Not born.
I do not live as others do,
Not like you,
Not "equal."
I now have no purpose in life
But this:
I do not murder,
I am.
Some would call me graceful,
You would cal me death.
Perhaps I am both.
:iconfloppybelly:floppybelly 5 3
Beautiful Shadows
Beautiful Shadows
She finds beauty
in her shadow,
when she sees none
in the mirror.
The darkness,
like another world,
hiding imperfections.
A shadow
can be outgoing,
can blend in
if it's not.
A shadow
can live
with the reckless
abandon of the beautiful,
not caring
who they step on.
A shadow
doesn't need
to pretend
to smile.
:iconalyvana:Alyvana 4 7
Do we care what we see?
The glass reflects more than we choose to be,
The struggle in pain and disease of the beast,
The cause of in-digression can promote the decay of the least,
In my Anarchist stance of a pledge,
I always try to feed the living dead,
I give them words and thoughts so they may feed,
They chew and swallow exactly what they need,
And the riot that follows is never the last,
A revolution of hate always ends so fast,
We wallow and die in the filth that they wrought,
And yet in our minds we find all that we sought,
So men lets stand tall, with chins held high,
We will throw our beliefs as high as they can fly,
And down with the bombs we fight till we die,
But we can show them our spirit will not break,
Cuz' though we bleed we have nothing at stake,
As we breathe in and out, our thoughts begin to form,
As they throw down the laws our ideas begin to storm,
We march forwards under a clouded snowy night,
We will show the soliders what it means to fight,
And under that clouded
:iconblkdream76:blkdream76 1 0
Mundane Cages
I deplore a lifestyle of mundane cages
Playing the contortionist
Amongst these cardboard restraints
And as I gaze between cracks
To behold endless possibilities,
Where it rains lures
Intricate with fatal intentions
And where man's wildest legacies
Blessed with freedom!
To frolic amongst thunderous seas
How they beckon with profound larks
And pledge their loyalties
To exist as a deviant
Someday I'll bite that lure
And die a fish,
But be born a human
:iconaquagirl7:aquagirl7 6 24
I Will Return by LunaNoctis I Will Return :iconlunanoctis:LunaNoctis 11 6
I don't really know how to say,
Goodbye, for now.
Giving you distance,
It's almost too painful
I've not always been there for you
But from the time, and you know which
I came to care
And understand,
It seems like forever
Or only yesterday
That you were there
Returning my love
And yes, it was love
A love that had grown
Between father and son
Like a rose without thorns
A beauty to behold
And a joy to touch
And now it's gone
At least for the moment
That moment is now
And it seems to go on
Like an endless, black tunnel
No sight of dawn
I must wait, be patient
You will come around
But it seems to be killing me
At least that's how it feels
This ache in my chest
Awaiting the love
That it's used to receiving
My heart had grown to accommodate two
But there's an empty space, a hole
An emptiness, a chasm, a gulf
A penny dropped
With no sound to be heard
No plink, no thud
Just an endless depth
An endless wait
That love has to come back
It has to
Our love was too strong
That love o
:iconleuthy29:Leuthy29 2 11
Darkness is closing in
I can feel it approaching
What does it want from me?
How can I stop if from coming?
Questions, so many questions
I struggle to breathe
To feel
To cry
Searching for help
I find none
I'm all alone
In the darkness
No hunger reaches me
No thirst touches my tongue
No happiness, no sorrow
Only fear
Only terror
Why was I chosen?
Why must I suffer?
This hell
This horror
This darkness
:iconimmortal-grace:immortal-grace 2 0
Blades stained Red
Advancing armies hurtle forward
Once quiet lands now filled with noise
Noise of Death, Noise of Blood
The sound of steel on steel rings throughout the land
Bodies fall, fires rise
Ash and Blood fall from the skies
Screams of terror, screams of pain
Strike fear into the very soul of Life
The battlefield now coated with bodies and blood
Screams of terror, heard by all
Death is certain, victory is nothing
No one will truly win...
Bodies fall, fires rise
Ash and Blood fall from the skies
Screams of terror, screams of pain
Strike fear into the very soul of Life
Fires burns once peaceful lands
Soldiers fall hoping they're the last
But knowing they are not
The Battle is never ending
Bodies fall, fires rise
Ash and Blood fall from the skies
Screams of terror, screams of pain
Strike fear into the very soul of Life
Blades stained red and drip with blood
Once loud battle cries now gone and lost
Green pastures,  now red with blood
20 million soldiers came, none left...
:iconmull3t-of-doom:mull3t-of-doom 2 5
Dedalus by Deeo-Elaclaire Dedalus :icondeeo-elaclaire:Deeo-Elaclaire 104 24
Jack Shit
Jack Shit
For some time many of us has wondered;
Who is Jack Shit?
We find ourselves at a loss when someone says,
"You dont know Jack Shit."
Well, thanks to my efforts, you can respond in an intellectual way
Jack Shit is the only son of Awe Shit who married Oh Shit,
the owners of Knee Deep In Shit Inc.
In turn Jack shit married Noe Shit.
The couple had 6 children;
Holie Shit
Giva Shit
Fulla Shit
Bull Shit
And the twins Deep Shit and Dip Shit.
Deep Shit married Dump Shit, a highschool drop out.
After 15 years, Jack and Noe Shit got divored
and she married Ted Sherlock.
She became Noe Shit Sherlock
Meanwhile, Dip shit married Lota Shit and had a rather nervous disposition named
Chicken Shit.
Fulla Shit n Giva Shit marroed the Happens brothers n had a double wedding.
The Newspaoer invited everyone to the
"Shit-Happens" wedding.
Bull Shit travelled the world and returned with an italian bride Pisa Shit.
So from now on no one can tell you that you dont know
Jack shit.....
:icontemari9100:temari9100 3 3




Hey everyone! I'm working at a publishing house these days. One that focuses on genre fiction, particularly the surreal, speculative, fantastic, etc. It's called the Metaphysical Circus Press and I'm one of the novel editors. So, seeing as how I know there's a fantastic literary community here, I figured I'd leave a link for you guys to take advantage of if you're looking for a press that provides free, continuous marketing and a larger author percentage of profits than just about anywhere. I hope to see some of you there soon!

-Your faithful Paladin

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United States
Hey everybody. I'm just a transplanted Bostonian trying to get by in Richmond, VA. I'm openly delusional but those delusions are of grandeur. My best friends are mostly books, I ask too many questions, and I enjoy conversations with strangers. My profile pic was taken at Longfellow's House in Cambridge. And, as I'm sure you've figured out if you've bothered to read this far down my page, I'm a poet. I'm also a hopeless romantic. That's pretty much the low-down. Hope you enjoy my poetry! Have a nice day!

(EDIT: Poetry has been archived pursuant to publication aims. If you want to read anything, just let me know! I can always use readers.)

Current Residence: hiding behind a mound of dead bards
Favourite genre of music: classic rock, goth, metal, industrial, steampunk... equally.
Favourite photographer: Gerry Uelsman, Antram444
Favourite cartoon character: Wile E. Coyote
Personal Quote: You can always tell which lemons are stolen. They taste like shame and chocolate.


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candyexorcist Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey!!! How are you?? I've just gotten on again here and I'm enjoying myself. :) I miss you.
ThePaladinofShadows Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
Hey! Long time, no chat. I've been well. Still doing the university thing, working in the English department, writing like a fiend. Might intern at a publishing house soon. How about you? Life treating you well?
candyexorcist Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Student General Artist
It's... honestly not been great, but at the same time revelatory. I'm studying poetry this year at uni myself. :)

Also, thanks for the favorite!
ThePaladinofShadows Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
Well, what's been not so great? It's cool to hear that you're making a study of poetry... though I might be a little biased! :XD:

Anytime! It was a really cool pic.
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I'm doing quite well. Got my nose to the grindstone at the moment, but they're great classes this time around, so I don't mind a bit.

How have you been?
WargusEstor Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Things have gone up and down for me. I lost my father in May, he had a brain haemorrhage. At least he didn't suffer and we got to say goodbye. I miss him terribly.
ThePaladinofShadows Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
I'm very sorry to hear that, though it's good to hear that he passed without suffering. That's about all we can ask for in such situations; losing family members, especially immediate ones, is still incredibly difficult, however, and does stay with you for a long time. If you need an ear, you know where to find me!
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WargusEstor Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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