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Random Favourites

An Ode to Paper
I glorify this paper,
This sheet of chopped down tree,
That was shipped out and now rests
In this notebook for me.
I respect your lot in life
To be used in many odd ways
Whether it be to start a fire.
Or for homework every day.
To hold secrets of war, or love.
To be chewed and shot through a straw.
Holding valuable memos or stocks,
Or to be written for a law.
People underestimate the paper,
But they still use it in their homes.
However, I know that without paper,
I would be free of these stupid poems.
:iconchroniclesoface:ChroniclesOfAce 5 8
Swallow Purgatory
Charcoal skeleton and ash marrow
Who has eaten the fire from my bones?
Halo noose and innocence stolen,
but by who?
Demons, and the flames I cannot bare to remember.
The searing heat my only atonement,
for a deed not yet done.
Fire within my own heart.
And if I could not swallow hell,
who would do it for me?
:iconemaciatedandepitaphs:EmaciatedandEpitaphs 8 1
Today i'm legal
I open my eyes,
Today's the big day...
(or so I've been told)
Eyes, freshly rubbed flash
to the childish pictures covering my walls.
Is it time to pull them down-
to replace them with grown up things?
just because some
document now says you're of age,
does that mean that you have to age right away?
I still feel the same.
Like a seventeen year old boy,
struggling to stay afloat as
the world races by.
But now I'm eighteen,
i'm supposedly of age.
today im legal,
but does that mean i must change?  
:iconmatteozam:matteozam 1 3
Disappearance and ice
Now, don't let yourself get fooled
by the sunny glow on my skin-
my bones are sharp and as cold as ice.
As a proud maker of your mistakes
I'm sorry to announce
that this can't be called love;
all I love is the sun on my skin
that warms my heart in the winter,
but it will never be you.
Soften my sharp-edged bones
and melt down my wall of ice
until nothing is left of me-
But I have never been scared of disappearance.
:icondancebeneaththestars:DanceBeneathTheStars 6 9
Hero of the Light
In the dark,
In the sorrow,
Comes a hero
of the light.
He will bring
Yet from this man,
will come hope
will come
And from the dark,
Will come the light.
:iconcrazy2draw:crazy2draw 2 0
The Night
     The night takes hold of thoughts
and memories past.
     Seeking closure, its victims are
     Dawns of days long ago are
recorded, used as lessons, recycled.
     Through this consumption, the
night learns and becomes more
ruthless, more evil.
     The night blesses us with
forgetfulness, we blindly choose to
     As dawn closes in, the night wipes
our memories of its torture, and
prepares us for the coming day with
its conscious torture.
     Our choice is whether to sleep.
:iconnaektpov:naektpov 1 0
no prussian blue lullabies
'electric blue' has never done your eyes justice.
electricity has been tamed, with all of her secrets thrown open in the autopsy; her rebellions are short-lived despite their charred aftermath. it's all about the attention, really; she knows that her spine is chained to backbreaking circuits, her fingers to fast-fading bulbs and her words to delicate sparks. she barely protests any more, accepting her confinement and tirelessly pumping, breathing her energy into those objects that crave her life.
but your irises, boy, have never known the rein.
they are the glint of ice in the arctic, the head-on crash of poolwater with the sun. they are the sky wrestling with the earth, their azure tones blazing to shame a star and perhaps a few galaxies, if they felt the need to prove it- prove what, they're not really sure, but they're sure to find out, if their shrill colour is any indication.
no prussian blue lullabies float from under your lashes, their lapping gyrations casting spangled shadows
:iconsuzannebookworm:suzannebookworm 29 35
Whispers in the Dark by Thiefoworld Whispers in the Dark :iconthiefoworld:Thiefoworld 419 151
Beauty In The Breakdown
The flimsy sleeves of her dress flutter
Like wings
The sun lights her up
Like an angel
The gold glitter of her suicide shoes
Standing atop an old bench
Wings flapping in the
Swaying, elegant motions
Like a bird, flying away
A peaceful smile, laced with a hint of
The open skies above pull her in
With their beauty
Eyes closed, savouring the
Blissful moments of being
:iconmisswonderlander:MissWonderlander 3 12
She Awaits by Faoiltiarna-Wolf She Awaits :iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 60 47
The Warrior
I watched him go,
unable to ask him to stay.
It was for me and our home
he was going away.
How could I ask?
He wouldn't have been swayed.
Not from this task.
So behind him I stayed.
He cast one look back at me,
one glance telling me his love.
That was all there was to see,
as I prayed to those above.
Return him to me, safe and sound.
My love, the warrior.
:iconfaoiltiarna-wolf:Faoiltiarna-Wolf 33 10
The Hell Is Outside by badcciintra The Hell Is Outside :iconbadcciintra:badcciintra 255 91 Elementalist by Karkan Elementalist :iconkarkan:Karkan 5 0 Ka-KLIK by plangkye Ka-KLIK :iconplangkye:plangkye 31 31 The Golden Track 2 by Antram444 The Golden Track 2 :iconantram444:Antram444 10 12




Hey everyone! I'm working at a publishing house these days. One that focuses on genre fiction, particularly the surreal, speculative, fantastic, etc. It's called the Metaphysical Circus Press and I'm one of the novel editors. So, seeing as how I know there's a fantastic literary community here, I figured I'd leave a link for you guys to take advantage of if you're looking for a press that provides free, continuous marketing and a larger author percentage of profits than just about anywhere. I hope to see some of you there soon!

-Your faithful Paladin

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ThePaladinofShadows's Profile Picture
United States
Hey everybody. I'm just a transplanted Bostonian trying to get by in Richmond, VA. I'm openly delusional but those delusions are of grandeur. My best friends are mostly books, I ask too many questions, and I enjoy conversations with strangers. My profile pic was taken at Longfellow's House in Cambridge. And, as I'm sure you've figured out if you've bothered to read this far down my page, I'm a poet. I'm also a hopeless romantic. That's pretty much the low-down. Hope you enjoy my poetry! Have a nice day!

(EDIT: Poetry has been archived pursuant to publication aims. If you want to read anything, just let me know! I can always use readers.)

Current Residence: hiding behind a mound of dead bards
Favourite genre of music: classic rock, goth, metal, industrial, steampunk... equally.
Favourite photographer: Gerry Uelsman, Antram444
Favourite cartoon character: Wile E. Coyote
Personal Quote: You can always tell which lemons are stolen. They taste like shame and chocolate.


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candyexorcist Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey!!! How are you?? I've just gotten on again here and I'm enjoying myself. :) I miss you.
ThePaladinofShadows Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
Hey! Long time, no chat. I've been well. Still doing the university thing, working in the English department, writing like a fiend. Might intern at a publishing house soon. How about you? Life treating you well?
candyexorcist Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Student General Artist
It's... honestly not been great, but at the same time revelatory. I'm studying poetry this year at uni myself. :)

Also, thanks for the favorite!
ThePaladinofShadows Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
Well, what's been not so great? It's cool to hear that you're making a study of poetry... though I might be a little biased! :XD:

Anytime! It was a really cool pic.
WargusEstor Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:hug: hi how are you?
ThePaladinofShadows Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
Hullo! :hug: 

I'm doing quite well. Got my nose to the grindstone at the moment, but they're great classes this time around, so I don't mind a bit.

How have you been?
WargusEstor Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Things have gone up and down for me. I lost my father in May, he had a brain haemorrhage. At least he didn't suffer and we got to say goodbye. I miss him terribly.
ThePaladinofShadows Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
I'm very sorry to hear that, though it's good to hear that he passed without suffering. That's about all we can ask for in such situations; losing family members, especially immediate ones, is still incredibly difficult, however, and does stay with you for a long time. If you need an ear, you know where to find me!
(1 Reply)
WargusEstor Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ThePaladinofShadows Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
Haha, hey there! :glomp: How are you?
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