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Fires Burn Bright.
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Atrium Part 3 (Choose your own Adventure)
The warrior, thumps his breastplate once; the motion used long ago to rally the morale of tattered troops.
“I'll distract it.” Usif says.
Whatever it was, the tremors told the group it was big, and as if on cue, the ground below them shakes, dangerously close this time. The warrior flashes a cocky grin, shoulders his ax, and takes off running down the hallway.
Usif gets to the bottom of a spiraled stair case. He's met with a carving of a door. The deepest of the etchings had a thick green moss growing from it, almost further illustrating the ornate design. Usif taps it experimentally, not hearing anything, then shrugs. He braces himself, aiming the axe at the wall, and destroys the carved door. A gust of hot air hits the warrior as the end of the tunnel is destroyed to reveal a large circular room, bigger than even the Grand Cathedral.
Scalloped supports came down from the ceiling, holding up a massive part of the mountain that laid above them.  Each of these supp
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Ay hey hey!

So Monday I was working at the shop and I wasn't updating my usual DA work. Sorry about that guys! I'll also be letting you know now that I won't be available again on Saturday. Sundays are my day off. I repeat these things so that people who may have missed it the first time, see it. ;D 

I got a couple of YCH here I got to finish, as well as some sketches for some people. Because of the growing interest in my work, and because I've branched out onto furaffinity, I'm in a position now where I need to raise my prices. There are a few people on here who will be privy to my older prices for the duration of this year. New clients will be paying the increased prices. Freelance art is my only job, and I'm drowning in bills that keep piling up. I'll have an updated commission sheet, but just so people get an idea of where I'm going:

Clean Linearts: Original $10.00-- Increased to $15.00 
Shaded Simples, no background: Original $10.00---Increased to $20.00 
Cell Colored with background: Original $20.00-$45.00-----Increased to $45.00-$80.00  
Painted Commissions: Original $55.00-$80.00---- Increased to $80.00-$120.00

I'm NOT currently accepting commissions. I know these prices are a bit more expensive, but after calculating how much work I put into something in comparison to how much I charge, I've been working for about $7.50 an hour. Car needs brakes. I need an apartment. Dog needs to go to the vet. I need to go to the And speaking of.

I had a couple of people ask me what I do, and when I tell them I'm a freelance artist, I get the question of "why don't you pick up another job." I generally try NOT to share the details of my health issues with the world, but I wan't to be as transparent as possible.

First off, I'm not dying. I feel like I'm dying but I'm not. I have a myriad of health complications, but the one that keeps me from running a regular 9-5 is my heart issues. I have bradycardia, which is where your heart beats slower than normal. Average heart rate runs about 62bpm, (though higher is not uncommon.) mine runs about 34 bpm. Sleeping is a scary thing, as my heart beats slow enough that I wake up gasping for air. I also don't metabolize food as quickly, so if I eat something at night time, it will sit in my stomach and I won't digest it properly. Most mornings I wake up to throw up. It's manageable, but it takes me until the late afternoon to be well again. If I work a night job, my puking schedule changes. There's many things that also throws my heart into arrhythmia. (uneven, incorrect heart beat.) This is harder to manage and calm down from, because my body actively knows something is going on. Some of this is genetics, some of it is anxiety disorders, the majority of it, is undiagnosed. I have state health insurance that doesn't cover my pre-existing condition, and I don't have the money to pay out of pocket. This is another reason why it's so important for me to raise my rates. Working from home allows me to work around my health complications, and it's one of the few ways that I can connect to the outside world. I very much appreciate everyone's support during the years. You're all so wonderful. 

Don't take your good health for granted! And if you need to get healthy, do it for you! Not for others. 

Now on to the current work list!

Ocean Breeze (Closed WIP) by ThePaintedDog
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (CLOSED WIP) by ThePaintedDog

Escape from Viridian Forest! (WIP) by ThePaintedDog


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