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sajin01Hobbyist General Artist
i like werewolves, but i know for a fact they aren't real
sajin01Hobbyist General Artist
werewolves aren't real! i think someone would notice a big wolf man runing around!!!
who says they always are?
What's so cool about werewolves anyway? I don't get it. My fellow human beings, why would you want to be a violent and rebellious shapeshifting monster?!
Didn't Jesus teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, don't come flaming other people's groups about it? That's like us asking you what's so cool about religion, or Metroid, or whatever else you like.

Each to their own, buddy, sod off.
I feel really stupid right now. I guess I should.

Again, thank you very much for your advice. It really made me think. I want to be positive person and I realize that we all have our interests and it is human. You aren't actually doing any harm and my view of werewolves are just a perception.
Sure it's just a perception, mate. Werewolves can be beautiful, and kind, and they can also be vegetarians. They're just another form of life and we all have our fascinations and variations. I just felt a bit put out that someone with such strong opinions would come and trod on someone else's interests and opinions so rudely. I'm glad you understand and I'm glad it's made you think about becoming more positive. I could do with that positiveness from others at the moment.
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