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The reason why i favorite your pics is cause i love ya but not in a weird way though u all are such great friends and i like u guys for that!


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even though i don't have core or membership on here.... i'd like to ask my watchers especially something....

Would you rather die as a hero or live long as a villian?
You can only choose one and not both... :|

A. Die as a hero
B. Live long as a villian



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

  • Reading: World of Light prologe

*it took them awhile to take down Pitt and Dark Pitt but they succeeded very well*

Pitt: wow i’m… alive!

Dark Pitt: i feel normal honestly….

Galaxis: welcome aboard Pitt and Dark Pitt i’ve been expecting u greatly and thanks to my friend Corduroy we’ve saved you from the clutches of Shadow Galaxis and Galeem…. (i hope she isn’t bringing any new recruits with her then it would get much harder) anyways i’m glad you guys are okay! *her ultra star rod turned back to normal*

Pitt: that’s a nifty weapon you have there your majesty!

Dark Pitt: that weapon sure looks like it really could come in handy!

*everyone headed back to the ship and went to sleep since it was nighttime but as the story goes to the shadow realm…..*

Cubi: what are you gonna do to me huh SG…. HUH?!!?!?!

SG: oh i have the perfect punish for you Cubi…. *she grabbed him by her demon tentacles and threw him across a good distance* this should teach u to help people escape next time it’ll be much worse…

Cubi: once this is all over u will wish that shadow people like u weren’t existent and if you do come back somehow i’ll be King very soon! *she felt her throw him back into the cage that was harder than the last one*

Galeem: i love you SG you are so tuff and pure evil! :D

SG: *kisses Galeem deeply* i now honey!

Alice: why is your kind still around?!?!? your kind is what killed my people my father mother and the rest that died! Why???

SG: how about u shut up and mind your business little dim light!

Aaron: how about u shut it!

SG: i’m really getting irritated of you guys!

Galfrid: well good you’ve almost killed my entire species and there is a reason why i had to sent off my children to be raised in different universes especially Galaxis cause i knew that Galaxis was the one to save both the rest of her family and now the entire Nintendo universe!

SG: u know what that’s a great point! *grabs Galfrid’s cage*


Galalais: please don’t hurt my sweet Galfrid take me instead!

Galfrid: honey please don’t!

SG: love makes me feel sick i can’t take it it’s worst that me being around a deathtrap of power stars!

Falspar: *sighs* i kinda miss Galos….. He reminded of me…..

Nonsurat: *was thinking about something*

Falspar: what’s on your mind?

Nonsurat: nothing…. Just thinking about someone….

Falspar: *leans in closer* ……. Is it about Galant?

Nonsurant: no!......... well…. maybe a little….. Okay fine i kinda do have a crush on her alright!!???! Well kind of….

Falspar: HA i knew it!

Nonsurant: this isn’t the time for games Falspar we have a merciless soul sucking killing machine of a shadow so we should try to stay calm okay Galaxis and Kirby and them will rescue us!

Falspar: how am i not supposed to not panic when we could all could just die from one suck from her and we could be dead!

Nonsurant: get ahold of yourself Falspar! *slaps him in the face and so did he it was a constant back and forth face slapping*

Dragard: would u two please cut it out?!?!?

Sword: Blade i can’t believe im saying this but….. I'm actually scared…

Blade: soir roit i actually am too but we have to believe in Kirby and Galaxis and the rest of them…. We just gotta believe…

Sword: heh you’re right Blade…. *gives Blade a hug*

Aiden: (i feel sorry for my sis she’s scared out of her wits and usually she’s the one doing the scaring when it comes to her enemies……)

Abby: *whispers sadly to Aiden* why is it that the good people get the worst of bad people big brother?

Aiden: *whispers back* because the bad people are sometimes jealous of how goodness feels or how it makes us feel something amazing that evil can never feel or something of that matter possibly*

Kayla: *sighs* i miss mother and father a lot and there’s nothing i can do about it! My father is part of the shadow people now and my mother is scared having to something that’s even bigger than herself something she never knew that she could possibly accomplish…..

SG: this is all going so well and there’s always a catch especially u really think i'm gonna let the Shadow Lord take over? Ha once he’s out of his shadow prison i’ll absorb his body and become the most powerful being in existence! I’ll become Lord Shadow Galaxis Ultimate!

Galeem: my father never gave me the love i deserved so i’m gonna help SG kill the Shadow Lord cause my father was the worst father ever since he became worse than usual!

SG: and don’t worry Galeem i would never double cross u because i love u and i hardly love anyone but it’s in a ruthless and mischievous way my darling… *kisses Galeem*

Galeem: oh SG stop you’re making me blush!

Galalais: honey i’m not sure what to be scared of more not possibly seeing Galaxis or any of our children ever again or SG and Galeem’s weird love for each other.

Galfrid: being scared of not seeing our children is definitely on my side but their love is rather horrifying….

Arthur: *thinks for a moment* i just hope Galaxis and the rest of the survivors actually survive this time of absolute horror….. I just can’t take another damn minute of this dark and dreaded place. It’s filled the air with gloom and so much despair…. It reminds me all that happened during the wars with N.M.E. in fact this feels worse than that because every single character from each Nintendo universe is at stake and not just the Kirby universe either….

Sirica: we have to keep our hopes up SG wants us to think it’s hopeless so she can feed off our fear and despair! We need to stay strong! This is what Galaxis would want us to do be happy and feel good about ourselves! We just gotta be happy and I know it seems impossible right now since we’re all trapped and hoping to be rescued but we just… have to try!

Sword: you’re right Sirica! Everyone let’s all try to stay positive we can do it we’re warriors we’ve survived the most darkest things and we can do it again!

Everyone: *starts to bang on their cages due to Sirica’s and Sword’s inspirational speech*

SG: QUIET ALL OF YOU! *everyone was dead silent* there much better!

*somewhere in the Smash world*

Super-Dee: i just hope i can find Galaxis maybe my ability might be great use to her team she’s building but i’ll have to wait till morning to find her ship….. *the special Waddle-Dee slept under a nearby tree after it touched a sleep ability which his ability to copy the same abilities as Kirby except this person doesn’t suck up his enemies against their free will and he doesn’t exactly have a mouth like mostly all Waddle-Dees* looks like i turned into Sleep-Dee better get some sleep so i'm energized and ready to go tomorrow and find the one they call “Queen Galaxis” *he falls asleep peacefully through the night*

⇐ To Be Continued…  (All characters mentioned in here are owned to both me *ThePacIsBack* and my comrade and partner who let me use some of her own OC characters belong to *SwordBladeKnight7* but we both kind of share a few OCs together as well…. Thank you for your understanding)


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