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I've recently had surgery and have yet to recover fully, so on that note, can everyone please forgive my absence? Even without me here, it's perfectly fine to carry on TOC ;P

Meaning, if you guys want to RP, chat, goof around, post art or stories....feel free!

While I'm not around, there are a few other admins that you can bring your questions or concerns to.

They are:  Night and Sevy.  

Remember everyone, we're only here to make this RPG experience fun and stress free.

_CMC~ SpunkWolf
Who said we couldn't make this into a mini fanfiction archive, eh?  If you have a story you've written about your character or maybe your planning to finish one but just want to tease us with a chapter or sneak peek, this is a great place to stash em!

We want to read your characters BG  (background) stories!  So, all you writers out there, get typing! Remember, this is not an obligation to TOC, but just an idea or something fun you'd like to share with us.

I myself am working on a story, some of TOC members are included in it. It will be posted here as soon as I can get it typed up, edited, and approved.
The title is quite original, but oh well. ;P   The OutCasts.  Woah, never thought it'd be named that huh?!

:lmao: Just kidding.

Since this group isn't bound by pack restrictions, here are your choices or some things to consider when writing a fanfic for your character, or just a short story in general about yourself, ect.

:bulletblack:  RATINGS:~~~~~~~~___~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~___~~~~~~~~~~~~____

   :bulletgreen:General {G}  (Just about everyone can read it, meaning, no sex, violence, ect)
    :bulletblue: Teen {T}        ( Pretty self explanatory)
    :bulletred:  Mature {M}     (...I HOPE you know what this means, guys. >.>)
    :bulletred:   XXX {NC17}   (...HARDCORE stuff in this, please give a warning in the description, XD)

What you can do? Some ideas to think about....

:bulletblack:  Have a favorite novel or movie you want to add your character in? Mix it up, remember, the story is in your paws! This is called a CROSS-OVER.

:bulletblack:  ROMANCE.  Example:: If it were my story, I'd have Cura going with Edward from the twilight saga. Don't laugh, I bite :3  Any couple pairing your little hearts desire is fine. Want to make a new wolf character mates with another? Sure! Anything you can think of is A oks with us.

:bulletblack: DANGER/ADVENTURE. Want to get the reader hooked right off the bat? This theme works well in just about anything. But when you deal with wolves, you've pretty much got that already coming, XD.



{Our Chat Hangout}…

PM me for more information at

Or, contact one of our co-founders to get the latest scoop on TOC!

~CMC- SpunkWolf
:bulletgreen: Welcome to the pack,and though we're not an actual pack, more like a big gathering of friends who cut up and act silly, we hope you enjoy your stay. ;P

My name is Cura. You may recognize me from online wolf rpgs like :: Silent Oblivion, Silent Ones, Laconic Treasure, Lethal Presumptions, Forgotten Legacy, Silver Bloods, ect.

Anyways, if you're worrying about me being one of those know it all, prissy wolf pricks, then fret no more! I'm nothing of the sort, and will try my best to convince you I'm being truthful. :3  None of us are sadistic monsters, so just relax, oks?

EDT:: {RH} Ruined Heaven pack members are not allowed here, I suggest you beat it before my paw finds the ban button, oks?

Simple Rules~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~```~~~~~~~~~~~~
:bulletblue: YES, you can use wolfspeak or terms.
:bulletblue: YES, you can choose not to RP in the chat.
:bulletred: NO, RH members cannot be here, EVER.
:bulletred: NO, Sasha cannot be here, EVER
:bulletblue: YES, cursing/cussing is allowed. (Teenagers will be Teenagers..)
:bulletred: NO, you cannot mate/screw/ f**k anyone.
:bulletblue: YES, we are pro DA muro
:bulletblue: YES, recruit if you feel the need.
:bulletblue: YES, have fun! ;P ;P ;P

-CMC SpunkWolf  _ PM me for further information at
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