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Dark Drifters: Aftermath Epilogue
Kras City (3 Days Later)
Mizo`s office carried a unusually different almost upbeat tone as a figure reclined against the expensive looking chair in the back. The doors opened as a smartly dressed male walked in.
“Sir, you sent for me?” He said bowing before the desk of his boss.
The chair span around to reveal Mizo. A drink in his hand and a displeased look on his face. “Yes, I’ve been looking over the reports from when we were away, I’m most displeased with how my “Cover” handled things. If he wasn’t already dead, I’m quite sure I would have shot him myself.”
Mizo`s assistant who had been away with him on a trip to another city to gather weapons felt a tightness in his neck. Mizo was fully capable of killing anyone when he was in a bad mood.
“What do you wish me to do sir?” He asked eager to leave the room as soon as possible. “I have a list of items that will need sorting, he left quite a mess beh
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Dark Drifters: Aftermath c11
Chapter 11:
-Council HQ Far reach city-
A week later, when things had settled down, Sol and Sev were flown out to the Councils main HQ in the rich and power Far Reach City. Once on the helipad they were escorted by two guards wearing white and blue Armour armed with pulse Eco weapons. The HQ building was and slender, a large antenna reached into the sky as the sun glazed off its white paint.
Once inside and though a security checkpoint they were further escorted past many workers all dressed in the now familiar white and blue colors, to a waiting room. The decor was the standard white with blue on the walls, a table in the center with a single plant, Sol wondered if this was the only green in the entire building.  
“I still don’t know if this was a good idea” Sev finally said, the first words he had spoken since they left Haven.
“Its for the best, besides, this is bigger than us, this could help a lot more people. I for one am sick of being on the side-line
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Dark Drifters: Aftermath c10
Chapter 10:
“Dad?” Aeryn said almost as a whisper as the color drained from her face. She wasn’t dreaming was she? For what seemed like hours she stood unable to move, until finally with a cautious almost animal like movement she got closer.
Sev looked at her feeling a thousand emotions all at once, his heart almost breaking with the sorrow of having lost so much time with her. “Its me, Aeryn, it’s your father”  
Aeryn was feeling conflicted at this moment as well, impart she didn’t know what to feel, she had seen him die hadn’t she? How could he still be alive? She had to know if this was real or not. Slowly she got closer she knew as she looked into his eyes that she wasn’t dreaming.
He reached out his arms and took her. “I’ve missed you more than you can know” He held her tightly as both Misty and Azril gave the long lost father and daughter time to be alone.
“How is this even possible? I saw you die,
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You got it! (C) by TheOttselMaster You got it! (C) :icontheottselmaster:TheOttselMaster 3 0
Dark Drifters: Aftermath C9
Chapter 9:
It was an unknown time later for Aeryn when she awoke finally, she was in her own house in her own bed, The sun coming through the window, she found a small Eco canister linked to her arm which was all but empty and removed it, her injuries were mostly gone but she still felt groggy. Had Azril done all this?
She tried to get up but had some difficulty, she felt weak from most likely being out for some time, one the second attempt she was able to get up long enough to sling a t-shirt and pants on. Opening the curtains sunlight poured though as a knock at her door made her almost jump “Come in” She said in a tired voice. “Gotta… be Azril” she thought to herself.
The person that appeared though was not who she expected at all as Misty Winter walked in, her bright rose and black colored outfit shining in the light from the window.
“Hey you’re finally up hu?” She said smiling, she held a glass of water in her black gloved hands and
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Mature content
Dark Drifters: Aftermath C8 redux :icontheottselmaster:TheOttselMaster 0 0
Mature content
Dark Drifters: Aftermath C7 :icontheottselmaster:TheOttselMaster 0 0
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Dark Drifters: Aftermath C6
Dark Drifters: Aftermath Chapter 6
(Aeryn’s apartment, Kras city)
Unaware of everything that had happened in Haven and even that her father was alive Aeryn and Azril went over the plan they had made, it was pretty simple but that meant it would either work, or it wouldn’t.
She had protested him coming along at first not wanting him to sacrifice himself for her, Azril has simple said nothing and held her looking into her eyes, it was then she slowly let go of her single minded actions and hugged him as tightly as she could. If they were to die, it would at least be together in a blaze of bullets and fire.  
Her old jetbike stood in her garage with its dark painted chrome bodywork and a small weapons package in the holster on the rear.  
“That’s a fine rear” He joked, Aeryn looking at him with a cocked eyebrow. “Ohh the bike of course, though… I can’t say that yours is equally nice lookin” “Butt jokes, at a time like t
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Dark Drifters: Aftermath C5
Dark Drifters: Aftermath
Chapter 5
Sev went through a full med scan once he arrived back at the base, this helped clean up any injury and also made sure nothing was implanted in him to keep track of his whereabouts, the hot water felt so nice, he had forgotten what it was like to have a real shower. His body was covered in various wounds but Green Eco would help to heal them, he was more than aware though only the psychically wounds could be healed so fast, the mental wounds…. Were another story.  
Once it was all done and he got a fresh set of clothing, a thick fleece-like shirt and a dark pair of combat pants he joined his brother in the main control room along with Luna. “Mr. Winter, your brother has said much about you, I’m sorry that I was never able to help before now”
Sev gave her a look over, typical well-dressed Council member, the type to send people to their deaths without a second thought most likely. “I’m sure you are, but I’m
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Mature content
Dark Drifters: Aftermath C4 :icontheottselmaster:TheOttselMaster 0 0
Mature content
Dark Drifters: Aftermath C3 :icontheottselmaster:TheOttselMaster 0 0



Hello to my watchers and a big hand to all those who have been reading my Jak and Daxter universe story "Dark Drifters" 

Looking back at the project now as it stands its been a long complicated road, many of you would have seen edits and retcons, unfortunatly they have been unavoidable. I hope that they have not however stopped your enjoyment of the story.

It was a challenge to rewrite the story for the oringal Dark Drifters, it was going to be a simple edit for a charactor whos rights had been passed to another, but in the end I choose to rewrite somtimes entire chapters. Events were expanded and somtimes entire chapters were altered to reflect the new addtion of Azril, the drifter who has a past hes still trying to deal with in his own way.

Aeryn`s own story of her loss and attept to get her vengence has often been a task to write, her complex emotions and backstory make her quite intresting to write, she has become one of my favorites.

To what the future holds for her and Azril as well as the entire story universe, Dark Drifters WILL continue, the "cliffhanger" ending was a way to create some surpense, while I work on a way of linking togther the Redux project and the "Shattered Secrets" story which is in progress.

Without spoiling anything I shall say that a "Missing Link" short will be filling in the gap between "Dark Drifters" and "Shattered Secrets" I feel that in retrospect Shattered Secrets didnt deliver the closure for Aeryn that I wanted. I hope that the new content will make up for this and please YOU the readers.

Thanks to everyone who reads this and I hope you enjoy the new content to come in fall 2016!

James S Winter

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