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What Lyra likes to do...

By TheOtterPony
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Requested by :iconrandomguy211:
"Come on, Fluttershy, it will be fun." Lyra said.

She and Vinyl Scratch had already stepped over the railroad tracks and were calling Fluttershy to follow them. The pegasus pony looked little unsure.

"Um... I am not sure..." Fluttershy said quietly following the two other ponies. "What if the tinies don't like it?"

"Oh, we have done it before! They loved it!" Lyra said. "Right, Vinyl?" She winked at the other unicorn.

Vinyl nodded and continued walking. Fluttershy hurried after them.

"Y-you mean humans like when we hug them, even if we are so big compared to them?" She asked when she caught them.

"I have a feeling they like it especially because we are so big." Lyra winked. "We can even lift them to your hooves."

"Oh, that would be great." Fluttershy smiled, now getting more exited to meet the tinies.

Fluttershy vector by :iconshelmo69:
Vinyl Scratch vector by :iconuxyd:
Lyra vector by :icongohlanblack:
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beautiful drawing
ShinMegamiTenseiShy's avatar
What about Pear Butter?!
TheOtterPony's avatar
Well, there is that that she is not here anymore... But then again, it would be cute to feature her.
ShinMegamiTenseiShy's avatar
Yes it would! /)^3^(\
TheOtterPony's avatar
Maybe we will see her in the future. ;)
ShinMegamiTenseiShy's avatar
I'm a little skeptical when it comes to the word... maybe.
TheOtterPony's avatar
I can't promise you.
ShinMegamiTenseiShy's avatar
That's what I was afraid of.
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You should have more characters visit the tinies world, such as: Sassy Saddles, Daring Do, Tree Hugger, Nurse Redheart, Gilda, Babs Seed, Moon Dancer, Flitter and Cloud Chaser.
Are they going to hug the tinies?
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*stroking Lyra's foreleg*
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Vinyl was always my favorite.... Hello Vinyl!
OmegaDarkness395's avatar

(Wanna RP that on Discord, if you have? If not we can do it here, and I play Vinyl.)

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I would love to be hugged by giant fluttershy
and since I lived in lousville for about two years it feels like home to me actually the state feels that way to me
JasAnderson1215's avatar
Awww!  I would love to be hugged by a giant sized pony. :)
Randomguy211's avatar
especially fluttershy
SerGeraldWynter's avatar
Hugging sounds nice! Though, seeing that smirk Lyra is wearing I wonder what else she has in mind.
Randomguy211's avatar
From my pov
she just seems to be studying the train as it crosses the river
maybe thinking about it and comparing it to the trains they have in equistria
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Dax: "Hey girls."
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