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Visiting Panama

"Come now, Fluttershy dear." Rarity hurried the yellow pegasus who was trailing her.

"But there are so many tinies here, Rarity." Fluttershy said timidly, taking care of stepping over the crowds and traffic.

"Yes, there are..." Rarity chuckled, smiling and looking down near her hooves where crowds of tiny humans were giving room for the two giantesses. "Indeed, so many of them..." She looked at them sweetly.

Rarity stopped on the shore and looked back, even if they had taken care, they giant hooves were leaving a trail of hoofprints that the city workers would have to later to fill.

"Peek-a-boo!" Fluttershy said as she peeked around a tall building, making the crowd below her scatter a bit at the appearance of the second giant.

"Please, Fluttershy." Rarity giggled. "You are teasing the tinies."

"I know, I will apologize... but they are so cute scared like that." Fluttershy's cheeks blushed a bit, and she bend her foreleg to lean down to the human crowd. "Hello there, tinies..." She said, smiling sweetly, looming over them.

There was some nervous laughter as the giant pony cast a shadow over them, her huge form blocking the sun and as they looked at her, she was staring them intensively, giving them her undivided attention.

"N-no harm done, Miss Fluttershy..." Man stepped forward.

"I am happy." Fluttershy chuckled and soon her forehooves were surrounded by the crowd.

Rarity rolled her eyes, looked like they were going to stay here for a while and she then smirked, she might want to have some fun with the tinies to...

Fluttershy vector by :iconanxet:
Rarity vector by :icondashiesparkle:
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Oh rare. "Looks up to her plot then climbs her tail"
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∫ things may come and things may go ∫
∫ some go fast and some go slow ∫
∫ few things last thats all i know ∫
∫ but friendship carries on through the ages....∫
Airbusairbus6's avatar
*Hovers near fluttershy in a heli*
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I'll try using a Panama city, but not this one 'cuz I'm using a different city of Panama whenever I make a giant pony picture.
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*Le crash* Existential Crisis (Spinach) - DHMIS IconSpeech Bubble Icon Blue Gray What's that? A tasty-- !!! Steaky! There's something outside!                                            Existential Crisis (SteakMan) - DHMIS Icon Speech Bubble Blue Transparent It's probably nothing, Spinach!
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Love Flutters peeking from behind the buildings, cute. :3  

Also, I wonder if Rarity knows she's giving the tinies in those skyscrapers quite the view. ;) (Wink) 
TheOtterPony's avatar
Yes, I love the vector. And knowing Rarity, she might very well know that.
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Let's just hope Fluttershy didn't scare anyone that is not familiar yet with her. And everybody that she scared already knows her
TheOtterPony's avatar
Yup, and she promised to even apologize.
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I can just imagine if I'm in the builidng where Fluttershy's hooves were, then I was like, "Why the building is shaking?" then when she "Peek-a-Boo" she gonna scares me too. Her face is cute by the way
TheOtterPony's avatar
Heh, that would be my reaction too. :D Oh, yes it is.
Koopalinghater's avatar
I wish I could play hide and seek with her too.
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Are you going to do more Fluttershy? Because if you did, please put Twilight her too. :)
TheOtterPony's avatar
I will eventually feature Fluttershy again, not soon anyway.
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Don't forget to go on the subway. It's brand new! 
TheOtterPony's avatar
I don't think they will fit. :D
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Shh! You just call Rarity fat. Do you want to be stomped? 
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"Eep!" *Backs away slowly*
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