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The Equine Masters cover art

EDIT: And is finally complete! Well, maybe we will see Melissa and Joshua later, but for now, I have another fanfic in mind.

No mini-story this time but a multi-chapter fanfic instead! Read it here:…

Long description: Earth has been conquered and for hundreds of years humanity has been under the hooves of giant ponies, its once great countries and empires reduced to mere vassals, required regularly to give their citizens to the ponies. Melissa, age 14, and Joshua, age 11, are taken from their parents to magical land called Equestria where humans are treated at best as little servants, or pets to be taken care of, at worst as disposable toys.

A huge thank you to :iconsomerandomminion: for bringing ideas and being pre-reader/editor.

Twilight Sparkle vector by :iconazizthewazon:
Rarity vector by :iconredpandapony:
Sweetie Belle vector by :iconmissbeigepony:
Screenshot from game Banished by Shining Rock Software
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For a first attempt at a story it was pretty good with some errors in it that you can improve on in future stories, you have also inspired me to my own tiny humans in Equestria with normal sized ponies sometime down the road.
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Thank you. You can also post links if/when you have them ready.
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I will still have to watch all of the seasons of the show for research purposes to get the characters down to their exact personalities.
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Yeah I definitely do not want to write a MLP story when I don't have the proper knowledge of the story, setting, and characters yet. 
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they're so powerful...
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Maybe ya ought put in some pics with stories in that site :D

Just so you ain't left with just the 'bleakest' entry you got so far XD
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I have to think what to do next.
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And thus it comes to a close...nice to see things wrap up for your fic. :)
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Yes, it was about time.
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Any mor stories in the works? (Here or FimFic.)
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I have plan but nothing yet started.
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how in your fanfic, are the ponies nice even though the rules have them be has servants or pets? or are they more mean in it than in pictures?
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The fanfic and my pics on DA are totally different universes.
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Looks pretty good. Is the backdrop from a game?
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Yes, from Banished, it is a very nice, little town building game, which I believe, was made by one person only.
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Me : *looks up to them* hi girls :love:
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Sweeties is so sweet when she smiles!
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Really liking this story.Can wait for the next chapter.
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Looking flrward to seeing the next chapter. ^_^
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