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School trip gone right?

By TheOtterPony
"Miss Cheerilee are you sure about bringing children... er... colts and fillies, here?"
"You can trust me. And them. Miss Johnson." Cheerilee is looking down at human principal near her hooves. The Cutie Mark Crusaders looking at human city infinitely curious about the tiny building and their even tinier inhabitants.
"I made clear to all of my students how to behave in human world, and be especially careful because of our... size difference." Cheerilee explained, "And we haven't cause any disturbances, correct?"
"No, you haven't, so far..." Principal admits.
"She is like Miss Harshwhinny, don't you think?" Scootaloo whispers to Apple Bloom, who nods in agreement, and whispers back, "Yeah, Miss Cheerilee is much nicer."
"I can assure you that they will not-" As Cheerilee turns to look at them she suddenly stops, "Put him down, Sweetie Belle!"

Everyone turns to look at Sweetie and saw that she had fallen behind and was trotting towards them, trying to catch the rest, but what had caused Cheerilee's shout was that she was carrying a boy in her mouth. Hearing Cheerilee, Sweetie Belle stopped, looking confused.
"Sweetie Belle. I said, put him down." Cheerilee repeated with stern tone. Sweetie Belle did as she told, and lowered her head, releasing the boy. "But Miss Cheerilee-" She begun but was interrupted by her teacher.
Cheerilee had trotted to her student and was standing in front of her, "Sweetie Belle, what did I told you about being with humans!"
"But he asked me to carry him!" Sweetie Belle defended herself.
"Miss!" A voice come from the ground, they both looked down, and saw the boy who was standing between Cheerilee and Sweetie Belle, looking up at them, "I asked her to do that! It... it wasn't her fault..."
Cheerilee kneels down, closer to the boy, "Why did you asked that?"
"I... I was late from school, so I asked her help. She offered to carry me... Please, Miss, don't be angry." He was getting visibly more and more nervous.
"It is all right, I'm not angry." Cheerilee smiled at him, then looks at Sweetie Belle, ""
Sweetie Belle still looks uncertain, "Um, Miss Cheerilee, What about him... he was in hurry."
"Oh, yes, where was your school, little one?" Cheerilee kneel again to speak with the boy.
He points the direction, and Cheerilee looks there, being as tall as she is, sees the school easily, "Hmm, it is not too far..." Kneeling back, "I could carry you there instead, is that okay?"
Boy blushes a little but nods, Cheerilee giggles a little, "Please stand still, I will be very gentle." She takes a step closer and carefully picks him up with her mouth.
Boy waves at Sweetie Belle, she squees and waves back with her hoof.

"Awww, Miss Cheerilee is definitely much nicer." Apple Bloom repeats.
"Could you image what Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon would do here!" Scootaloo almost shouts when that thought comes to her mind. Apple Bloom shakes her head, "That would be bad..."
"Oh no!" Sweetie Belle shouts, and picks up several people from the street with her hooves, hugging them, "Don't worry, little humans, Sweetie Belle is here to protect you."
Sudden move evokes various reactions from the people in her hooves.
"Wh- what is going on?"
"Let me go!"
"My dream has come true."
Scootaloo and Apple Bloom look at each other, "That looks fun." Apple Bloom says that picks up nearest people to her, a couple walking on the street, "Hey there!"
Principal gaps when she sees what is happening, "Miss Cheerilee, your students! Your Students are-"
Suddenly something big blocks the sun as shadow fall over her, she look up and sees Scootaloo's face, grinning like a cat who had found a mouse. She pales when she realizes her intentions, "You... you wouldn't."
"Oh, yes I will." Scootaloo giggles, and leans down, opening her mouth. She turns and tries to flee, but only manages to take few steps, before Scootaloo catches her, and stand up to her full height, lifting Miss Johnson high up.
"I need a vacation." Principal says annoyed, held by Scootaloo's lips.

Cheerilee vector by :icon90sigma:
Scootaloo vector by :iconscrimpeh:
Sweetie Belle vector by :icontyto-ovo:
Apple Bloom vector by :iconsakatagintoki117:
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eta-gamma-14's avatar
Miss Cheerilee, you are so sweet and understanding. In fact, you're a lot like my first-grade teacher.
TheOtterPony's avatar
"Aw, thank you, little one." She said, looking at you sweetly.
eta-gamma-14's avatar
Y'see, I have a condition called Asperger's, which makes it harder for me to focus on some things than others. Back in elementary school, my first-grade teacher's name was Miss Bisby, and she was great. She was very nice and helped me a lot. My second-grade teacher, I forget her name, was also nice but not as experienced. But third grade onward, it was hell. I was the victim of many misunderstandings, and I was too stupid and naïve to realize why. I was once even accused of masturbating when all I was doing was playing with a gluestick I found inside my desk.

Anyway, the point is, you're a very excellent teacher, and I guarantee your students here (gestures at the CMC's) will accomplish great things due to your patience and encouragement.
Targord's avatar
Omg please this is torture I'd love to be picked up by applebloom ;-)
Feyzer's avatar
Aw man, do they show any respect for human authorities? <=3
TheOtterPony's avatar
In a word, no.

Mmm, dominating but ultimately gentle, cute, giant ponies. Love 
Feyzer's avatar
That's not gonna do much for our self-esteem <=3  Especially if they express it in certain ways. Or "We're letting you think you have more of a word on this matter than you really do" XD

And that's why we love'em, huh? =3

Also, I added the storybit to the Twili/Jill pic. Need to do a continuation on that :D Like them conversing maybe while Jill's huggin' Twili's front or hoof or whatever.

And later on she's lookin' embarrassed and talkin' to the Commander who looks serious... then he sighs and tells she did a good job. Avoided casualties and confirmed the peaceful intents of the visitor and all. And she's allowed to interact with the ponies as she sees fit :3
TheOtterPony's avatar
Heh, yup!

I saw that, thank you for doing that. Clap Looking forward to it, maybe something cute. ;)
Feyzer's avatar
Would at least the young be told to at least listen what the tinies have to say, especially any that look like some kinda authority figures? <=3

.... Then its followed by one of'em grinning and telling us to be grateful they're so kind that they don't choose to do what they could relatively easily do on us or our world X3

If ya got any suggestions, do tell, its not a one-off :)
TheOtterPony's avatar
Hmm, maybe Twi and Jill sitting side by side, Jill hugging Twi with one arm and holding tinies on her palm, showing them to Twi. ;)
Feyzer's avatar
Ya mean, Twi sitting down on like laying down or on her butt? X3
TheOtterPony's avatar
Well, details are up to you, whatever poses feels best.
987computer's avatar
Wow! The Cutie Mark Crusaders! *gets near them*
BronyHeartU's avatar
Me: I come out of a Donut Shop with a Box of Glazed Donuts. As I walk out I bump into Applebloom's Giant Hoof, my Box of Glazed Donuts fall out of my hands and lands in the street only for Scootaloo to step on them. I cry :cries:
TheOtterPony's avatar
Apple Bloom leans down, very close to you. "Oh... Are you all right?" She asks worried.

Scootaloo lifts her hoof. "I stepped on something..."
BronyHeartU's avatar
Me: Yes your friend stepped on my Donuts" *wipes my tears away* "And now I don't have my lunch"
nickfury123's avatar
*I'm in Sweetie's group of humans.*"Hey Sweetie Belle, how's the feild trip going?"
Kone5497's avatar
OK. this is weird. what is that city?
TheOtterPony's avatar
I don't have that picture anymore, and I couldn't remember where is that from, sorry.
Kone5497's avatar
well that's OK. Picture is cool still :D
Kheelaia's avatar
Not so little pony (y)
TheOtterPony's avatar
Big ponies are the best. ;)
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