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My Kaiju-sized Ponies cover art

Cover art for my second fanfic. Link to the story:…

Twilight Sparkle vector by :icondashiesparkle:
Image details
Image size
2100x1400px 1.1 MB
Canon EOS 600D
Shutter Speed
1/256 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 28, 2012, 4:28:29 PM
EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Sensor Size
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*rides on her back* wee! 
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I was relaxing on the beach and then saw a giant purple unicorn "Whoa!"
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A nice start off for the new story, hope to see more! :) (Smile) 
TheOtterPony's avatar
Thanks. There will be more chapters added, of course.
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One of my favorite gentle giant stories of all time, so i have to ask:
Is the story still ongoing? You havent logged into fimfiction for almost a year now...
TheOtterPony's avatar
I haven't forgotten this, and I never intended it to stall like this. I can't make any promises but I will look if/when I will continue this.
And thank you, that you like it mean more than you know.
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Sweet, can't wait to see them!
Good, but I think I see a problem. The Twilight in this pic is a unicorn, but the story says she is an alicorn. Maybe you should change the Twilight vector to a vector of Alicorn Twilight.
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Yea, I just liked this vector. I don't think it is that big problem...
Yeah, just saying it could be confusing since the cover art doesn't match with the story.
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If I get complains about it, I will change it.
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Liking the story so far, and nice cover!
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Wonder if that story is gonna remind again of why we should be grateful at these equine leviathans being so nice? <X3
TheOtterPony's avatar
Person takes a few steps back as the giant Unicorn approaches
"Uh, easy Twilight. D-don't wanna hurt anyone." She stops and leans down to the tiny. They fall, but Twilight gives them a quick sniff, followed by a lick. The Tiny shivers in disgust and fear.
"Mmm... You taste delicious!"
So I'm guessing she won't be an alicorn, at least at the start of the story?
TheOtterPony's avatar
She is, I liked this vector, it just didn't have wings...
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Sounds interesting.
StarGiantProductions's avatar
A Twilight Sparkle Giantess fanfic?
Twi-zilla. Raaaawr.
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