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Fluttershy finds a lost tiny family
"Mommy, are we lost?" Tommy asked, looking up at his mother. "I am sorry, Sweetie... I think we are lost..." His mother, Mary, said quietly, gently stroking his hair.

"Are there monsters here, Mommy?" Her daughter, Vanessa, asked from her other side. She was walking her children through a dense forest and they had lost sight of the narrow path. Mary was holding their hands, and tried to look around and find the path again.

"Of course not, dear." She smiled at her encouragingly.

"What will we do if we don't find home?" Vanessa asked again, and looked at her younger brother.

"We have to find place that is dry and warm." She said, a little worry in her voice. She was thinking something positive to sat when a huge shadow flew over them.

"It is the monsters!" Tommy screamed and pointed at the sky. Mary and Vanessa looked up but whatever it had been, it was gone.

"My dears, run under that tree!" Mary said quickly and they ran together towards a tree."

"Oh my, I am sorry if I scared you..." A timid, but still powerful voice suddenly said.

They stopped and gasped as they looked up. A giant pegasus was slowly descending towards them, and they recognized her a one of the ponies from nearby village.

Fluttershy gently landed and walked to them, even adult human was no bigger than her hoof. "What are you doing here, are you lost?" She asked gently. Even if she tried to be careful, the little humans inadvertently had to take a step back, as such colossal being was stepping closer.

"Um... Yes, we are lost, we were trying to walk back to the village, Miss..."

"Oh no... it is way too far for you to walk. You will never get there before dark." Fluttershy said. "And my name is Fluttershy." She smiled beautifully.

The humans looked at each other, unsure what to do. Fluttershy smiled looking at them. "Hmm... I can take you there..." She said but another idea popped into her mind. "Or better yet, why I don't take you to my house. You can spend a night there and I can make you a dinner." She said.

"Oh, we don't want to bother you..." Mary said quietly.

Fluttershy let a light giggle. "It won't be a bother at all, I would love to have some visitors." She said.

Tommy ran to her and hugged her giant hoof. "Thank you Miss Fluttershy!" He said.

"Aw... you are welcome, little one..." Fluttershy said and laid down on her belly. She spread her other wing for them. "Now climb on my back, I will fly you to my home."

"W-we get to fly on your back, Miss Fluttershy?" Vanessa asked shyly.

Fluttershy chuckled and nodded. "Of course, little one. I am not going to carry you on my mouth." She grinned, making the children laugh.

Mary also laughed, though more nervously, looking how Tommy and Vanessa were already climbing her wing.

As soon as all three little humans were on her back, Fluttershy carefully stood up. "Now hold on tight, little ones." She said, looking at them over her shoulder and spread her wings, carrying the tinies to safety.


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How was i not watching you before now? >w<
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Do you have any vectors of a flying ticked off Fluttershy?
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TheOtterPony Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018
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