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An entry for the Light Source contest. They didn't specify a word limit (thing which they may regret in hindsight, seeing the uber-length of this story (10 pages), but... eh... oops?

If it helps, copy-paste it to Word or Open Office, they might be easier on the eyes.

I've been reshaping this in my head since August 20. It started out as a flash story with only Claudius and Michael (then named Master and Tom) discussing light. Then Keeta stumbled along (originally named Kita, meaning 'North' in Japanese), then there was lightning harvesting and Julia. The idea of Claudius having a son only came to me today, inspired by Preisner's amazingly haunting soundtrack, which soundtrack smashed right into my story and changed some of the background entirely.

What else to say?... The story is mainly viewed from a Michael-like POV, which means that the alternately capitalized Master/master is meant to be that way. I also love Keeta, but Mike doesn't, hence all the evil little comments (this might be obvious).

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Hmmm, I might reference your elemental theory, if it doesn't bug you. What are the attributes of lightning, to match with Sun and Moon?