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Blue Mist


I began the day on 18. As I began every other day since I can remember. The air was fresh and crisp, the sun burning brightly on this beautiful Summer day. As every other morning, I walked through the forest trees as tall as counting at least 17 different kinds of birds chirping happily among the branches. I changed my course, deciding it was time for my daily Sleep. Scurrying down to the forest clearing by around Night, I ran into Jhon happily sitting in the sun reading Bless. I called out to say hello and we began talking about Swim.

Suddenly, the sun began to move behind the clouds, it began to softly drizzle, and I began to feel strange and all I could taste was Bread. I exclaimed, Fucking shit! There was a strange smell that filled the air. Was it Shit? Or maybe Dong? Could it be fire? Jhon and I took off running through the clearing, seeing Vales, and Bumer, and even Alex running for cover! Fucking ye, I gulped. What would become of us? What would become of all our homes? I thought fondly of my Suit and Watch, would they be lost forever? Rubbing my Ass, thinking hard, I looked around trying to find the source of the awful smell that was steadily growing stronger. In all the commotion, I lost sight of Jhon, but saw a crowd of Pengin gathering in the distance.

By the time I arrived on the scene, the Ranger had poured Milk and Pizza all over the raging flames, putting out the fire. Relieved and smiling weakly, I found Jhon, as well as my friends Pockemon and Ran and bounced over to them knowing that the day was saved! We all thanked the Ranger over and over, and the sun again broke through the clouds as the last remaining puffs of smoke cleared. Jhon grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me excitedly, insisting that we still had time to scamper off to Push ups and make the most of the beautiful day.

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Where the long journeys take you...

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lovely work.. keep it up :D

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Love the feel of this <3

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very nice, great work
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