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Morning on Gallifrey

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This is something I made partly for fun, and partly as a base graphic to use for a (still-hypothetical) RPG that's been rattling around my head lately.

I make absolutely no guarantees as to the geographical correctness. I did include the two suns and Pazithi Gallifreya just because. Also, I have yet to read Lungbarrow, but I hear there is some Gothic architecture on Gallifrey. I'm perfectly happy to believe that, hence the Citadel's hodgepodge of modern and medieval.

Not totally happy with Mr Po-face there in the foreground, but it doesn't look quite Gallifrey without at least one of those funny headdresses around, so...

Thanks to all these fine folk who provided stock:

Mountains by :iconnight-fate-stock:
Moon by :iconhawksmont:
Brushes for suns by Obsidian Dawn [link]
Sphere by :icongrasycho:
Towers by:

Doctor Who, Gallifrey, unlimited rice pudding &c. &c. belong to the BBC, no infringement is intended.
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I love the funny hats for some reason. :)
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LionelStarkweatherHobbyist Filmographer
Love it!
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Very nice work :) Thank you for using my stock in it :highfive:
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Beatiful work here
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Thank you, and thanks for the fave. :)
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I have yet to master the art of photo manipulations. I guess I'll stick with the 'toons. :) this is awesome.
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Why thank you! Coming from someone with your talents, I'm very flattered you like it. :)
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Haha, this is really great though. My talents are nothing compared to those around me. Actually the only thing ever viewed on my DA is fanart.
theoryofeverything's avatar
I'm guilty of that, actually... but there's SO MUCH good stuff on DA you could make a proper job of looking at it all. Timewise, anyway.
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I'm a DA stalker. I watch like 100 people. O.O
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mrs-drwhoStudent Writer
wow! this is good! i'm faving!
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Really lovely, good job with the lighting, and the RPG idea is intriguing.

And I'm still sad we never got to see 10 wearing a funny headdress. Oh well.
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Thanks a lot! So glad you like it.

I've only ever seen mainly Earth-bound RPGs, and while they can be quite good, life on Gallifrey has always intrigued me. I don't know how successful it would be, given that a lot of the information about the planet and Time Lord society comes from novels and such, but I'm still going to give it a go. Sort of "if you build it, they will come" mentality. (Yup, my glass is half full. :))

Yes, it would have been fab to see Ten in one of those. Then again, there's always Photoshop... hm.
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AlyssamaephotoHobbyist Photographer
I love this. :-)
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Why, thank you!
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This is great :D
theoryofeverything's avatar
Thanks, glad you think so. :)
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Castiel-AbhorsenHobbyist General Artist
I love their funny headdresses XD
theoryofeverything's avatar
Hehe, so do I. I'm just not fond of the expression that particular Time Lord is wearing. :D
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Castiel-AbhorsenHobbyist General Artist
They all look stern or PO'd or something like that anyways.
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