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Simply look to the top of the group page for the Join our Group button. All join requests will be reviewed before being approved.

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✖ Show respect to all members. If you are found to be harassing or disrespecting another member you will be removed from the group and possibly reported.

✖ You are welcome to submit your fan art into our new specific folder for it.

✖ You are NOT welcome to spam the group comments with chain letters or any Off Site Promotion. Your comment will be flagged accordingly.

✖ Do Not under any circumstance steal anyone else's art!

✖ Comment and :+fav: to your hearts desire~!

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FEATURED ● Features of artwork from members that donated :points: to be featured. Member-hosted contests and commission listings are only permitted if you are willing to donate :points: to have them featured. ● submission allowance: Per :points: Donation(s)! (CONTACT GROUP!)

REFERENCE SHEETS ● Templates or Sheets for visual & character references. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

SINGLE FEMALES (2) ● Art of solitary female original characters. All humanoid creatures are accepted. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

SINGLE MALES ● Art of solitary male original characters. All humanoid creatures are accepted. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

ANIME FAN ART ● Art of characters that belong to an anime series or manga. All humanoid creatures are accepted. ● submission allowance: 10 daily

SINGLE NON-HUMANOID CREATURES ● Art of solitary non-humanoid characters. Male and female accepted. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

MULTIPLE CHARACTERS ● Art containing two of more characters. ● submission allowance:

COMICS ● One-off or series comics containing original characters. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

LITERATURE ● One-off of series literature containing original characters. Role Play logs are not accepted. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

MEMES ● Memes with the use of completely original characters. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

ADOPTABLES ● One or a group of characters to be sold to other deviants. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

OTHER ● For original artwork without characters. Artwork that depicts worlds or landscapes solely from the depths of imagination with no tie to already published work. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

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✖ As of now, we have a new set of Submission Guidelines. Fail to read and obey the guidelines and new submission rules will result in your submissions being completely ignored by staff until they expire.

✖ Only art of completely Original Characters will be allowed! Art of 'published' characters or character created for published work will not be accepted, unless you own the copyright. Commissioned art of OCs, OCs created by friends, or OCs drawn for contests are allowed, however, deviant that owns the copyright must be tagged.

✖ Tag all mature content properly!

✖ Deviations containing extreme fetishes, depiction or mention of self harm, or depiction or mention of pedophilia or other grotesque subjects.

✖ Do not submit sketches, WIPs, or overly sloppy deviations. We want your best!

✖ Deviations created using doll makers or any type of 3D customization program are not allowed.

✖ Deviations created using a base must reference the base used or they will not be accepted.

✖ Traditional art must be scanned. Art on lined paper or creased/crumbled/scuffed/etc paper will not be accepted. Photos of traditional art will not be accepted.

✖ Cosplays photos will not be accepted. However, art of your character in cosplay is allowed.

✖ Adoptables now have their own folder. Getting Featured will increase your chances of a successful advertisement. To be featured, please review guidelines on the "Random from Featured" widget.

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The Main Character

Other Main Characters





Gallery Folders

Meguru by Stewcow
Mami and Beetle by sydusarts
Beach Girl by FullMeTalAof
Tea ceremony ocs  by Pollystation
-Reference sheets-
Commission #1 by Maria-Hideki
Lars White by LilMissKiwi
|TwistedFates| Terrance Scott Livingston Ref by orribu
The Kittisaur by nightwindwolf95
-Reference Sheets 2-
OC. Kevin. by Maria-Hideki
Commission by Maria-Hideki
Iris blue reference sheet by IrisBlue16
Toshido Kurasaki Ref sheet (Classic Duds) by ToshidoGamekaze
-Single females-
Stay Strong From Sue by MadDoggoArt
CP: Dylan the Demon Demi God by RTNightmare
YRWYS Cover Image: Ver 1 by RTNightmare
YRWYS WIP Cover 1 by RTNightmare
-Single females 2-
Dulcet's Room by Ninapedia
Toshido (10th Anniversary) by ToshidoGamekaze
Pastel Knight by wonderfully-twisted
Character highlight: Agent yue by MidnightDJ-SK
-Single males-
Toshio Nakamura 2020 by ClaudSki
Another Mermay 2020 by MadDoggoArt
Wakizashi by Hallibell-Yin
Taco by Decora-Chan
-Single males 2-
Evil has Golden Eyes | 1 [17.01.21] by MarzipanicBubblegun
AT - Hasso by Cranash64
Jamie awelito by Pelusita-Fideos
Baby Benjamin by Pelusita-Fideos
-Single genderless-
Character highlight: H.I.L.D.E. by MidnightDJ-SK
them by its-screech
dec 30 by c8rn
Nightly Original Character by Braintikk
-Single genderless 2-
Mouse Peep by kupieckorzenny
one by lArsenicI
Tehshi Redraw (2018-2020) by PlushieDeer
''Oh ya think 'm scary lookin', do ya?'' by ANPCreations
-Single non-humanoid creatures-
Curious creature - Commission by 1ndigoCat
(wip)Refined beast by godsmack67
Down Below by Katherine-Olenic
:Hidden energy inside you: by Laukku2000
-Single non-humanoid 2-
:Yes?: by Laukku2000
-Multiple characters-
Well dressed... as a family by dsilv3r
-Multiple Characters 2-
Queens and Kings by IvyDarkRose
Compass Malfunction by turnip007
-Comics 2-
Canvas of life Chapter 29 Page 011 by AndreaGodoy
Oc group meme by PainApple-K
Water Walkers by mascaren15
-YCH and Commissions-
(closed)YCH auction #19 by Yuikus
-Role Playing-
Date at the Honey Fountain Cafe - OPEN RP by InsanityBiscuit
Robots, Androids and cyborgs Folder
[CLOSED!]Auction: The Child of Lightning by BonnieBBON
Non-human creatures Folder
Welcome everybody this is Andrea Godoy and I'm gonna be running this group from now on! We appreciate the previous founders for their constant enthusiasm to keep this group alive and now we will move forwards together making some minor changes.
First: Membership application will be reviewed and no longer free for all.
Second : some old folder will be closed because they had reached their max.
Third: A new Anime Fan art will be available for all those who love to draw Anime or manga fan arts.
Finally, the max amount of submissions per folder has been capped tp 10 daily. We will check every submission, though. So try to submit into the proper folder or else your submissions will be rejected.
New Founder
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