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-Updated on 3-25-18-

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Simply look to the top of the group page for the Join our Group button. All join requests will be automatically approved.

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✖ Show respect to all members. If you are found to be harassing or disrespecting another member you will be removed from the group and possibly reported.

✖ You are welcome to advertise for On Site Groups, Contests, Commissions, and Role Plays in the group comments.

✖ You are NOT welcome to spam the group comments with chain letters or any Off Site Promotion. Your comment will be flagged accordingly.

✖ Do Not under any circumstance steal anyone else's art!

✖ Comment and :+fav: to your hearts desire~!

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FEATURED ● Features of artwork from members that donated :points: to be featured. Member-hosted contests and commission listings are only permitted if you are willing to donate :points: to have them featured. ● submission allowance: Per :points: Donation(s)! (CONTACT GROUP!)

REFERENCE SHEETS ● Templates or Sheets for visual & character references. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

SINGLE FEMALES (2) ● Art of solitary female original characters. All humanoid creatures are accepted. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

SINGLE MALES ● Art of solitary male original characters. All humanoid creatures are accepted. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

SINGLE GENDERLESS ● Art of characters that have unknown genders or use the pronoun "they". All humanoid creatures are accepted. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

SINGLE NON-HUMANOID CREATURES ● Art of solitary non-humanoid characters. Male and female accepted. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

MULTIPLE CHARACTERS ● Art containing two of more characters. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

COMICS ● One-off or series comics containing original characters. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

LITERATURE ● One-off of series literature containing original characters. Role Play logs are not accepted. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

MEMES ● Memes with the use of completely original characters. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

ADOPTABLES ● One or a group of characters to be sold to other deviants. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

ROLE PLAYING ● Journals asking for fellow role players and literature or journals containing finished role plays. Completely original stories ONLY! ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

OTHER ● For original artwork without characters. Artwork that depicts worlds or landscapes solely from the depths of imagination with no tie to already published work. ● submission allowance: 1 monthly

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✖ As of now, we have a new set of Submission Guidelines. Fail to read and obey the guidelines and new submission rules will result in your submissions being completely ignored by staff until they expire.

✖ Only art of completely Original Characters will be allowed! Art of 'published' characters or character created for published work will not be accepted, unless you own the copyright. Commissioned art of OCs, OCs created by friends, or OCs drawn for contests are allowed, however, deviant that owns the copyright must be tagged.

✖ Tag all mature content properly!

✖ Deviations containing extreme fetishes, depiction or mention of self harm, or depiction or mention of pedophilia or other grotesque subjects.

✖ Do not submit sketches, WIPs, or overly sloppy deviations. We want your best!

✖ Deviations created using doll makers or any type of 3D customization program are not allowed.

✖ Deviations created using a base must reference the base used or they will not be accepted.

✖ Traditional art must be scanned. Art on lined paper or creased/crumbled/scuffed/etc paper will not be accepted. Photos of traditional art will not be accepted.

✖ Cosplays photos will not be accepted. However, art of your character in cosplay is allowed.

✖ Adoptables now have their own folder. Getting Featured will increase your chances of a successful advertisement. To be featured, please review guidelines on the "Random from Featured" widget.

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Gallery Folders

-Reference sheets-
Lafayette by Mikonasa
OC - Redmony - Ref.sheets - PDF file by IcesCrystal
Costante Bugari by BernderBernder
Who's Your Daddy? by queenofeagles
-Reference Sheets 2-
OC - Abnormal War - Ref.sheets  - PDF file by IcesCrystal
Mirime Catson - The BEST(not) elf-mage by Ketpet94
Southern Comics Handbook: Stick Figure by Bracey100
[OC] Reference Sheet - XiHan by curedsalmon
-Single females-

Mature Content

Trade with yifferman by 1ndigoCat
MYO Emeray - Bauhania by NatalieAO
Midnight fire by MiisaoIllustrations
Aquarius by TheShinyOne333
-Single females 2-
[AT] - What by LYNX3000
Gerta commission by Toshia-san
[Comm] Shaula by Noir-Gladia
VIRGO by FrancisLugfran
-Single males-
{ hello | redraw } by prince-no
Benzo ref! by SICK-SHARK
A Warm Place by VirtuallyTwisted
Necromancer's Night [Commission] by SunlessRise
-Single males 2-
Galactic Knight Daiga by NeonBotNB
Eliya the Serene by Connan-Bell
ridley by LammaiAeran
Apple Vape by EHXKOR
-Single genderless-
Milky by c8rn
peekaboo! by SICK-SHARK
Cheap adoptables! (OPEN 1/3) by Miilkyne
I Am The Empire by SunlessRise
-Single genderless 2-
Acute by TheShinyOne333
Jack of Clubs by E-C98
Once upon a midnight dreary by hyena-print-studios
Helias masquerade outfit by WinterGlace
-Single non-humanoid creatures-
[AT] Stay all night, we'll save the population by SINNPLE
Gummy bear vs Kinder surprise by TheShinyOne333
Ahhh! by BashfulBerry
I'm only human by Socepath
-Single non-humanoid 2-
Atolla by gborja357
-Multiple characters-
The Death of Willy White ep. 1 by Connan-Bell
-Multiple Characters 2-
[Aldaver] Holloweek - Asheran and Canre by Kitsunka
Canvas of Life Chapter Sixteen Page 006 by AndreaGodoy
-Comics 2-
Lady Spectra and Sparky: Rings of the Lord pg.17 by JKCarrier
Schnitzel Solutions: Relationships by ChrysaorIV
Ghost Girl (OTA -CLOSED) ADOPTABLE by kowaii-hate-chan
Adopt auction #25 v2 [OPEN] by egoNorainu
-Adoptables 2-
OPEN Set price: Herbazoi 03-04 (USD/PTS) + CUSTOM by weirdosaurus-adopts
-Role Playing-
Date at the Honey Fountain Cafe - OPEN RP by InsanityBiscuit

:new:UPDATE: Submissions for the four categories below have been reopened now that we have another admin. Go easy on them. They are new. 1 submission per each of the opened folder per month, so we have less issues. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. 

I have gone through all of the submissions, sending out invitations to submissions that expired and commenting on the logs for those that have no indicators if they are OCs or not.

A Reminder:
This group is for ORIGINAL CHARACTERS with original backstories and designs. If they are based on Fan Art, they will be declined. If they are based on mythology, say so and as long as they aren't a specific character fro mythology of similar (i.e. Madusa), they will be accepted. Additionally: Make sure to #tag it as OC or originalcharacter (or something like that) OR write in the artist's comments that this [insert character name] belongs to/(c) [your username]/me. I don't want to comment on the log and ASK if it is an OC because then it will take longer to be accepted, especially if I don't receive a reply in time.

Submissions are still closed for now. I am considering if I should open a couple folders with the 1 submission a month while I wait for admin applications.

See THIS JOURNAL for how to apply to be an admin of this group. Your only job is to vote on submissions.

I am thinking that if I open a few folders for submissions, I would open the following: Female, Male, Multiple Characters, & Non-Humanoid. However, I do want the members to have a say. So, if I open up only 4 or 5 folders for the time being, which would you like. Top picks by comments will be reopened. However, if I don't get any comments, they will stay closed until we get more admins.

Hopefully, this problem will be solved soon. Since I don't have as much spare time as I would like, I do need help. I'm thankful I had a moment to go through the backlog. Now the rest is up to you. :)

Have a good day!
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Character Supervisors


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 Hello everyone!  
I'm a professional illustrator. 
I draw books, portraits, fan art, etc. 
I do not have a list of things I can not draw. 
So just write to me and I think we can come to an agreement. ^^

My commissions are always open to you!
My price varies depending on your budget. 
Offer me a convenient price for you, and I will tell you what I can offer.
Bullet; PinkPAYPAL ONLY!Bullet; Pink)

I have a very great experience in drawing cute characters and backgrounds,
and also i very fast draw - 1-2 days.

Please check my illustrations and send me a note.  
Thank you!Kawaii fox Purple ver.  

Girl commission by Lemanntim Family commission by Lemanntim      Mermaids commission by Lemanntim  Half-elf commission by Lemanntim  Couple commission by Lemanntim 

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hiya adopts are open !!!!
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RyneRin-Adopt Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer

feel free to check it out

> starting bid : $40
> Minimum increase : $5

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