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The Wooing Fail

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"Ivanhoe: The Wooing Fail"
November 13th, 2010
Ball-point pen & felt-tip marker

Yes, a Wooing Fail. That is the correct term for it I believe. At least, that's what I'd call it when the result of your suit is:

1.) the girl bursts into hysterical sobs of despair


2.) Gets ready to throw herself out of window to kill herself rather than love you.

Sorry boys, I guess you aren't as legit as you thought. At least the ladies don't think so. ;-)

Rowena: :iconicryplz:
DeBracy: :iconyoucardplz:
Bois-Guilbert: :iconnoesplz1:
Rebecca: :iconimfuriousplz:

That's DeBracy with Rowena up top, and Bois-Guilbert and Rebecca down bottom, in case there was any confusion. And I just decided to give De Bracy a coat of arms (just a simple chevron, but hey, I LIKE chevrons.) because I don't think (or at least don't recall) him having a specific coat of arms in the book. And I wanted to be able to identify him somehow. ;-)

Well, I'm not gonna give you the background quotes, because they are a chapter-long each. ;-) So you'll just have to read it, and they are pretty hysterical chapters. :XD:

Heeheeheeheehee....mortified De Bracy. :giggle: I laughed that whole chapter. :XD: D'awwwww...he's so awkward looking. :D "Why is she crying??!!" :giggle: I'll give part of DeBracy's awkwardnes, though, it's still very verbose. Silly Victorian does make it funnier in my opinion. :XD:

"It was impossible to see so beautiful a creature in such extremity without feeling for her, and De Bracy was not unmoved, though he was yet more embarrassed than touched. He had, in truth, gone too far to recede; and yet, in Rowena's present condition, she could not be acted on either by argument or threats. He paced the apartment to and fro, now vainly exhorting the terrified maiden to compose herself, now hesitating concerning his own line of conduct....Agitated by these thoughts, he could only bid the unfortunate Rowena be comforted, and assure her, that as yet she had no reason for the excess of despair to which she was now giving way. But in this task of consolation De Bracy was interrupted by the horn, "hoarse-winded blowing far and keen," which had at the same time alarmed the other inmates of the castle, and interrupted their several plans of avarice and of license. Of them all, perhaps, De Bracy least regretted the interruption; for his conference with the Lady Rowena had arrived at a point, where he found it equally difficult to prosecute or to resign his enterprise." - "Ivanhoe" by Sir Walter Scott, Chapter XXIII


Heeeheehee...:giggle: I'm sure he appreciated that interruption very much. :XD: "Um, yeah, I have to go, uh, now, so, um, yeah. Bye." :sprint:

Oh DeBracy, you're such a guy. :XD: Way to peace out on the weeping woman. ;-)

Which will lead us to our next comic, the showing of which I am very excited. Because it is, thus far, my best comic page (I think anyways). :excited: Stay tuned! ;-)

Should have gone with your first plan DeBracy. :giggle:

DEBRACY!!! :iconlaplz:

Sorry....just had to get that out.

De Bracy, Rowena, Bois-Guilbert and Rebecca all belong to "Ivanhoe" and Sir Walter Scott.
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KarlaBeatlesStudent Writer
THIS IS IT!!! I LOVE THIS SCENES!!! :happybounce: Pikachu want it 
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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
Hahah, thanks! :D
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ShadowSpyProductions General Artist
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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
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This gave me quite a chuckle! Very well drawn; not to put too fine a point on it, but I think "wooing failure" rather than "wooing fail" strikes a more medieval note. But that's just a small quibble. It really is a great drawing, not quite a spoof but certainly bends material from the source in an original way. :) I particularly like the Rowena's pool of tears staining the floor.
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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
Hehehehe, why, thank you! :aww:

Yes, the idea with the "Wooing Fail" was to put a definite modern slang spin on it, to make it that much more incongrous. Because, really, it was a FAIL. :XD: Poor boys. :giggle:
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I love the guys so much and it's awesome to find fan-art of them. Total win.
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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
Hahahahah, thank you! :D I knoe, I love them too. :D Heeheehee, they're what makes the book. :D
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Totally. You can't really read the book and not fall madly in love with both of them.
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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
Yep. It's so true. :D I love 'em. :iconiloveitplz:
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oh I love it :love:
you made them just as I pictured (especielly Bois-Guilbert :lol:)
Theophilia's avatar
TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
:giggle: Always happy to discover another Bois-Guilbert lover. :D :heart:

And thank you!! :glomp:
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.... that's.. pretty much exactly how I saw the scene with DeBracy. TOTALLY awkward. XD

Bois-Guilbert!!!!! /fangirl
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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
Heheheheh, it totally was. :D

Oh, a definite highfive on that. :D :highfive:

BOIS-GUILBERT! :iconlaplz:
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Man, she really IS a fountain. You could water crops with those tears. XD
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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
:XD: The salt would prbably kill them, but yeah. LOOK WHAT MESS SHE'S MAKING IN THE CASTLE.

Verily DeBracy spoke when he said, "A Water-fiend hath possessed the fair Saxon." ;-)
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There will be salt deposits on the floor. They could sell it! XD
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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
Heheheh, LADY-SALT, the finest (and most expensive) food-flavoring wrung from the sorrows of high born Saxons! Get yours today! ;-)
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I think this is the moment when I start to love DeBracy. He is all evil, threatening to kill her loved ones and stuff and then Rebecca starts to cry and he's like "OH! no! Don't CRY"

Man, DeBracy.
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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
Heheheheheeh.... *snickers* :giggle: Oh no, we couldn't have that whole, crying thing here. It really cramps his style. ;-)

Oh I know. :XD: Heheheh, for me it wasn't until he was explaining to Bois-Guilbert his little dilemma that I suddenly took a liking to him. I was all like, "AHHHH!!! YOU'RE SO ADORABLE!!!

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I think every published volume of Ivanhoe should be enriched by your commentary.
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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist

This comment....totally makes my heart fill with inexpressible happiness and joy. :aww:


THANK YOU!!!! :thanks:
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BohemianBeachcomberProfessional Writer
Oh wow, talk about two epic fails. I particularly like the second one with the lady about to jump out the window. That's pretty harsh. Poor Templars. They need some :pie: to cheer them up.
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