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Horrorsquad Persona by TheOperatorsShadow Horrorsquad Persona by TheOperatorsShadow
My persona for the Horrorsquad awesomeness ImaginemonsterVi  and her friend Jessy created.


Name: Caitlyn

Nickname (s): Caity, Codi, Cat

Surname: Ellefson

Age: 16

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 202 lbs

Birthday: 12/ 04/1999

Nationality: American, French, Norwegian

Languages: English, French, and a small bit of German

Species: Human

Place of living: an old run down house the collector brought her too after he found her so she doesn't get in the way of his traps when hes killing but she leaves with him half the time anyways

Likes: Animals, some insects, the colors; black white and red, the collector, watching the collector make traps, talking with Vik, when the collector explains what the fuck his traps do, trying to make others feel better.

Dislikes: children, thieves, really any stereotypes, Being called weak, closed spaces, open spaces, deciding difficult things.

Relationships; -
Vik (one of her only friends. Considers her a really good friend and best friend)
Pennywise ( I mean, not a really close friendship but its a friendship. She likes hearing Vik talk about him
Jigsaw (a good friend because she likes watching and hearing the collector and him talk about traps and exchange ideas. She thinks its great)

Other facts about her:
-Even though she has a set of strong leather gloves the glass shards have left her hands really scarred
-she is mildly afraid of open spaces
-she has almost an endless supply of glass shards because of his many teens try to break into the old house. So she cleans them up and stores them so she hardly ever runs out.
-she spends a lot of time with the collectors dogs and her own dog. She dresses them up sometimes.
-she secretly sneaks out of the house the collector has her in just to go with him. It kinda annoys him but she does it anyway.
-she used to live in an old ass Rv
-Loves the collector and his doggos
-She loves dying her hair but does it on her own so like. It doesn't last long

Personality: She's fairly nice, though she can be a big bitch. She also has alot of sarcasm which makes it worse. She doesn't cry infrint of people at the risk of seeming weak but she looses control of her emotions easily after a while. She has mild ocd and depression along with anxiety.
Anime--Bunny Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
very awesome work
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November 23, 2017
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