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Desert Rose (gemsona) Ref by TheOperatorsShadow Desert Rose (gemsona) Ref by TheOperatorsShadow
(BEFORE I GET TO INFO! This is my Gemsona Desert Rose, I am a lazy b e t c h AND  didn't want to draw her full body so theres a bust shot. I'll get around to drawing a full body of her soon ;m; )

Name/Gem: Desert rose
Nickname(s): D.R., Sherrif
Weapon: A pistol that shoots bursts of energy which are shaped like rose thorns
Gender Pronouns: she,her
Romantic Orientation: unknown (for now, idk if i'm gonna make her bi or something else.)
Gem Placement: right forearm
History/Backstory: She doesn't talk about it. It's not that bad or anything. she doesn't think it matters. Past is past. All she says is she was emerged from a kindergarten in New Mexico
Personality: Brutally honest, Very 'Mature' at times, especially around her diamond. However she has her moments where she will say a dad joke. 
Height: 6 ft. 
Special skill/power(?): She can fire and shoot five people with two bullets (?) (Deadeyeanyone?)


Ranking: Soldier (Sort of how rose would have ranked only maybe a bit lower considering the bond rose may have had with her diamond (ButThatsATheory))
Origin (Homeworld or Kindergarten): A kindergarten in New Mexico 
Alliance (Crystal gems, Yellow Diamond etc): Shes in Sunset Diamonds Court (… by BotCp )
War status (Were they alive, did they fight, or were they made after the war): She was alive around the tail end of the war however she doesn't say whether she fought the war or not. 
Thoughts on Steven (Disgusted, interested etc): (honestly dont know if i'd have her meet steven at any point soon but she'd probably like his hair. :l )


Who do they get along with the best: She doesn't really hang out with gems, she puts them in a dungeon though!
Who do they get along with badly: (que the dramatics:) THE GEMS WHOM DISRESPECT HER DIAMOND
Likes: Her hat, Sunsets, Canyons, the desert view 
Dislikes: Cities, The trials of the diamonds (whilst she basically helps entrap the next gems to be put on trial, she doesn't like the trials, too boring)
Romantic Interests(?): none (that can change yall hmu ;) )
Did they know Rose Quartz?: as another rose soldier, if she hadn't known her personally, she definitely heard enough about her. 
Opinions on Eating: If she did eat she'd probably enjoy some ribs or anything bbQ

She speaks spanish and when she tries to speak english with an american accent she automatically speaks with a thick southern/country drawl.

so yea thats m'girl 

also.. Free to RP!
Anime--Bunny Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
she looks very beautiful
BotCp Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
<3 <3 <3
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July 2, 2017
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