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Bloodstone (SU oc) by TheOperatorsShadow Bloodstone (SU oc) by TheOperatorsShadow
I reallly like how she came out OwO (I had to finish this with mouse because my tablet is broken and not working sooooo DX )

Name - Blood-stone (her nick name is Beth) (given by an old friend of hers)

Age – she appears around 20 (she is over three hundred years old)

Pronouns – She and her

Height – 5'4

Body type - Middle, not too skinny, but not too chuby
(mostly on the skinny side)

Gem – Blood-stone

Gem Location – where her left eye should be

Weapon – A red and green blood-stone sickle 

Synchronizing Dance Style - a mix between elegant, and break dance

Likes - Old houses (Victorian era mainly)

Dislikes - newer or modern technology.

Personality - She is very 'shy' and quiet. 

Bio – she is a rouge gem that had been sent to earth looking for a new life in 1837 (why she likes Victorian era stuff) she met a small orphan girl Marabeth, blood-stone gave her a home in an abandoned house, they were the best of friends. the Marabeth nicknamed Blood-stone 'Beth/Bethy'. Blood-stone protected her at all cost. but when it came to Marabeth's last fight, she couldn't do anything about it. (Marabeth battled with the plague for a while and when she was thirteen she passed away) (i will draw marabeth soon)

Other - Blood-stone has a small British accent (it was developed through the years with Marabeth)
FreeSkyPaws Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is awesome.  <3
Anime--Bunny Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
blood stone looks incredible and I really like her outfit
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