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The Operative Comic is a canine super hero/spy comic about a scampy street mutt who obtains powers by way of an idiotic move. From there he became a vigilante. About a week into the endeavorer he is approached by a canine spy agency issued by homeland security. After being recruited by the agency he and a team of mismatched animals use the intelligence gathered by the agency to fight a powerful advisory with a grudge against former ASIS team member, Rosco.
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Deago by blowber Deago :iconblowber:blowber 3 4
Suggest a Comic related favorite! Any and all fanart is welcome!

I'll be taking one experimental art doll commission.

I just finished working on my first art doll, came out surprisingly well. Only took about 1-2 weeks. (cause I've been busy) 

But I'm board in the evenings. Sometimes I want to work on plushes, sometimes art dolls. I'll work on digital art commissions on the weekend, but now that I have a more even schedule, I can take on a little more. 

I'll probably space these out. I'll work on this now, but space out payments as I go along. I'll charge $100 including supplies, complexity, work, profit. Everything. That's an introductory rate for something like this.   

(sorry the picture is somewhat blurry Untitled by PricklyAlpacaXD)

Anyway, you will be able to pose it, there a full wire armature inside (meaning durable, yet soft wire). Upon finishing it I'll give you a full brief of the capabilities of the armature. The dos and don'ts. DO NOT buy for a child under 13 years of age (use your digression, make sure you are mature enough to handle it with care) it's not a plush, these can break. They are very fragile. However, I use sculpey III clay which is both durable, light, and holds up to most casual cracks after I apply a couple layers of clear coat to it. This is basically a sculpture, but it can handle some light play. Just don't sleep wit it or anything XD I like both plushes, and art dolls. But if your looking for something that resembles your character the most, I suggest an art doll. You can hug them, lightly. They're great for photoshoots, display, LIGHT play, and general inanimate companionship.  

I will do it generally in a realistic style. Although I can also do "cute" ones. Which have big eyes, tiny noses, a smaller build and are very, very fluffy. Other then that they will be done in this style. I prefer a simplistic character for my first commercial one (meaning if you want one of a character that has wings, odd body parts, ect. I suggest you wait until I'm more practiced. They're really fun so no doubt I'll be doing many of them!)

So simple character. I'd rather it have simplistic colors. 

You CAN give me a desired expression, like panting, smiling, looking hyper, looking devious. Poses are not subject to request since you can pose it with the armature. 

I'll get the build as close to the character as possible. I'd rather stick to canines, felines, rodents and stoats for this first commission. I'll pay attention to the anatomy of the species/breed. 

SHIPPING coasts will be included in the $100 amount if it is shipping within the united states or canada. If it's shipped overseas the excess amount will be added to the final sum. Meaning, if it coasts $10 to ship within the US, and you live outside the US and it coasts $20 to ship to you, $10 will be added on to the $100. I'll research flat rates later. I'll give you a final price by the time it's finished.

It will be shipped fully rapped in packing material, with a sealed bag around the doll to prevent pests from getting in since hitch hikers like bed bugs have been known to congregate at shipping facilities. If it's packaged right, which it will be, there won't be a treat to your doll. 

After it leaves my possession, I am not responsible for any damages to the doll. It will be completely secure during shipping, however.


PAYMENT will be received Via, or through DeviantART's commission widget. 

You will send $25 after the commission is ordered, $25 when I send you conformation that the commission has started (or in other words, when I order the first material), and the other $50 after the commission is fully finished, and I send you a large file with multiple views of the finished doll. I will ship within two weeks of finishing the doll, allowing time for finishing touches, or other desired details the commissioner wishes it to have. 

After I purchase the first material for your commission, it can not be refunded or canceled. MAKE SURE that you can pay for the entire commission. If you fail to make the other payments, your commission will not be finished. PLEASE notify me if your going away, and for how long so I'm not mislead in thinking that you are not paying the rest. I'll be asking you about fabrics and other personal preferences during the process. 

As I said, payment can be made via, or by points via the DeviantArt commission widget. I don't mind if you pay by points, just make sure you have 10,000 of them. 

100 :points: = $1.00 USD (I go by gross, not net) 

So NO 1,000 points is not equal to $100 

If your paying by points, I won't order materials for 14 days and the funds are in my paypal account. (It takes 14 days for funds to be cleared for transactions) 

If your paying by paypal, I'll start ordering materials within the week. 


The finished doll can stand, sit, stretch (as in the pose), wag it's tail(s), and move it's head, legs and back to some extent. 

The doll will arrive with a removable tag around it's neck featuring a small doodle on the front, and a small list of warnings on the back. 

It also will have the initials "AWH" imprinted at the bottom of one paw as my intellectual mark/signature. 

Anyway, please read though everything and make sure you understand my terms and conditions before ordering. I will do my absolute best to make your doll ideal. If you wish I can post more detailed pictures of my first doll on DA before you order. 

It will not be perfect. It's likely to have small imperfections like trace amounts of glue showing where the fur is attached, or seams showing where the final outer stitch is made after putting the stuffing inside. If you do not like this, don't order. If you don't mind, have at it. But they are necessary to ensure the durability and lasting of the piece. 



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HQ for the Canine Super Hero/Spy comic, "The Operative."

Comic created by PricklyAlpaca

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The Operative Comic: Youtube Voice dub project.

Voice credits:
Rosco: Matt Wolfe (SteelersFootballX6)
Alex: Jenn Wolfe (PricklyAlpaca)

Participating voice actors (auditioning):
SkulblakaShurtugal (Aarow)
ki-neko-animura (Scarlet)
queenashley455 (Scarlet)






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