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Just deleted 99% of my gallery and will not be posting art in the near future, why?

The short answer is I'm not satisfied with how I put my stuff out there in terms of purpose and function.

The long answer, which I won't really dive into now, mayhaps upon return I'll do a proper big explanation about it, is that studying design has made me realise that the way I throw art out there didn't send the right message, especially since I'd like to make a career out of this skill. I appear too much as a hobbyist rather than a prospective professional.

So yeah, tl;dr: Not happy with my work, got rid of it all, gonna step back from posting online.

There was an artist here, they're gone for now.

P.S. I only left two pieces up cause I felt like they were the only pieces that I made with the newer design mindset in hand.