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So I wanted to draw a sexy girl, because you know, raccoon is good looking but she's so mean and uninviting. So at first I was going to draw Black Widow, but then I was like, everyone draws her, and everyone I kept thinking of fell into the same category. So I wanted to draw someone I don't see that much. Why I picked Carmen Sandiego to be my sexy girl, I have no idea. I love Carmen though, I plan to do a graphic novel about her and see if I can get the license to release it. Carmen Sandiego is probably my favorite fictional character of all time. And I'm sure she's got something worth seein' up under that trench coat :-D

i totally stole the idea of the reflective surface from one of chamba's pics, hopefully he doesn't get upset :-D I suppose its a common thing anyway.

The line art is kind of rough because I didn't do a good job of getting rid of the sketchy lines, but i still like it.
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