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"Memismodmimmelfmifoudmismemomimemauseomnimniemsmucks.", Michael whispered through his muffler "Really?" "Really." "You are kidding!" "No." "Wow... And we gotta teach Him to use that to help us?" "Yes." "Why that? I always thought He was the only one we cannot squash like an insect?" "Well, that was before these frat guys showed up." "And I also thought we couldn't find or contact Him?" "Well, but He was kind enough to tell us He would bump into a signpost on the marketplace here tonight." "And thats why we are watching that sign for 7 hours?" "Finally you understand." "Why didn't He tell us the exact time?" "I will tell you only if you swear never to tell anybody." "Dude... They ARE impenetrable, aren't they... OK, I swear." Michael leaned in really Close and whispered again: "He finds it funny to let us freeze to death..."

And in the hazy wet night, a little boy came running across the snowy sqare. He wore a long red and Black mantle along with a scarf, a bit too big for Him, and it was that He run past the signpost, brushing it just really slightly with His shawl. And three of the thirty people laying hidden followed Him, and also 2 microlight helicopters started to fly silently behind Him. The rest of the squad stayed behind, to see if maybe someone else would show up and touch the sign. But to their both joy about the probable success and dismay about the 28 people who nearly froze to death for nothing nobody else came.

Soon after that two families of four moved into the Houses left and right of this boys home. Each had two lovely daughters roughly around His age, who often came to play and come what must, one of them had caught His eye. And she seemed to like Him too, while the other three girls suddenly seemed very distant. Young as they were, they became a couple, however she and her family had to move again...

"We will surely see each other again! I'll write!" And as a symbol of their love she gave Him a necklace. Well, with its short and thick chain, which couldn't slip over His head it was more like a collar. "It is part of a pair, I have the one with the Key!" And indeed, He couldn't take it off without destroying it (which bothered the Hell out of his Parents), which He never wanted in case Nelly would indeed remember Him and write one day, and also because He has gotten used to it. The new Neighbors left and right had three big and athletic sons each, and He thought He would maybe never see her again.

And it was only when He should start Senior High, that He saw her again. It was in a prospect of a renominated Boarding school. It was undoubtly her, and she still wore the K-E-Y! However it was a High School in another State, miles and miles away... He never would be able to go there before she graduated...
Just as He wondered why a prospect of this school was here His Father came and said:"Ah, you already have found it... Well, to be honest I didn't want to tell You already, but from Your sad look You already guessed, didn't You... We are moving. I got a Job offer overseas, really much money, and You will have to go to this Boarding School..."
He got grounded because His father thought He was glad to get rid of him.
Chapter 1
It will be great. I had this Idea thanks to my love:
It is again in the Universe of Eu-Daimonia. But: we will not see Primael or the three, because they already live happily ever after.(Or not? Well I guess you must read Eu-Daimonia to find out.)
How exactly they are connected You will never find out.
Edit: I edited it slightly to forshadow better.

Part 2: [link]
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