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Quick update - Check out this version! Out does mine 100 fold!!!

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very creative xD
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i dont understand this...
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Do you have a second account? Otherwise your work has been stolen:
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could not ask for a better hand. thank you for dealing love to us all and for sharing the download. you are appreciated very much. 
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Reminds me of the song, Money on my mind ^*
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At first, I wondered... How did you get that V? Like. what? then i looked closely.. XD You removed the line in A right? XD I saw that one.
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Never thought of doing that!
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LOL I never noticed that. XD
I had reached the end of the line this would really interest you im headed straight to the top dont hesitate trying this out
Nice! Love it!!!
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love is kinda card game isint it one i cant seem to win
Great and original shot! Quite a hand, flush!
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What an original picture. My greatest compliments!
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Love is a game...
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This is so clever :)
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u have stolen this pic....
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verrrrry tricky...CR3ATIVE! <3
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a 1 and a the cross in the A is blanked out
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How exactly do you do the V in love if there's no upside down V on a card
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the ace, w/ the middle part faded out
i think that's how they did it :)
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