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Noel Fielding by TheOncomingSulk Noel Fielding :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 0 1 Hell's Kitchen by TheOncomingSulk Hell's Kitchen :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 0 0 Classic Doctor Who Meme - LTF by TheOncomingSulk Classic Doctor Who Meme - LTF :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 1 1 Genocide- Noun by TheOncomingSulk Genocide- Noun :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 14 3 Torchwood- Express yourself by TheOncomingSulk Torchwood- Express yourself :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 25 17 Ianto's wedding dress by TheOncomingSulk Ianto's wedding dress :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 2 4 New Desktop-Huzzah by TheOncomingSulk New Desktop-Huzzah :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 2 11 Never's Quilt by TheOncomingSulk Never's Quilt :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 0 9 B-R-D's Primeval Meme by TheOncomingSulk B-R-D's Primeval Meme :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 3 6 AoM's Doctor Who Meme by TheOncomingSulk AoM's Doctor Who Meme :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 2 6 SnowWhiteKings-Coffee Club ID by TheOncomingSulk SnowWhiteKings-Coffee Club ID :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 1 3
For the Best
Summary: Had he gone mad? Probably, but that voice screaming at him in his mind sounded decidedly Northern.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Tenth Doctor
Characters: Ten, Nine
Set: Betwixt Doomsday and Bad wolf bay as he stares at the wall. If you've not seen Doomday yet (seriously, how?) then there's spoilers.
Disclaimer: The beeb owns my soul, I'd like it back kplzthnx
/You've done it again.
You'll NEVER learn, will you? You pushed her away and now shes GONE, and you're all alone again. You didn't DESERVE her, shes saved your life so many times and did you ever show her how much you cared? She risked her life to be with you and you tossed her promises and emotions and feelings aside like they meant nothing./
"I didn't want her to get too attached"
/You mean YOU didn't. Selfish, moody little child, always have been. At least with me she felt loved.../
"Oh yeah? With your mood swings and your sarcasm and all your ''good for a human''s and rants about apes, oh you REALLY cared!"
/At least I
:icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 1 2
AoM's Torchwood Meme by TheOncomingSulk AoM's Torchwood Meme :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 2 12
Another side
Summary: Jack never should have released an album all those years ago, or at least he shouldn't have put it where Ianto could find it. Count how many JB song titles there are :)
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Torchwood
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Gwen and Tosh
Set: During Sleeper, in the hub
Disclaimer: The beeb owns my soul, I'd like it back kplzthnx
Ianto dusted off the desk, smiling to himself. Jack probably wouldn’t even notice that his room was clean for once, but it would put Ianto’s mind at rest to know there was no possibility of infestations. He sniffed, spotting a roll of masking tape on the floor and picked it up. Fiddling with his keys, he managed to open a draw and drop it inside, only to forget completely about cleaning as he spotted what was inside.
A devilish smile pulled across his lips.
“She won’t tell us anything! And she keeps blowing our lights!” Jack lifted his arms to the sky as reached the top of the staircase from the cells.
Gwen looked a
:icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 4 10
Dear diary by TheOncomingSulk Dear diary :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 4 17 Ianto releases a single by TheOncomingSulk Ianto releases a single :icontheoncomingsulk:TheOncomingSulk 4 8



Dee-Dee the pwnsome
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Merseyside *TerribleScouseAccent* INIT LAAH!
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Favourite genre of music: Any, seriously- As long as there's meaningful lyrics
Favourite photographer: Dave and Jessies Dad :D
Operating System: Steve, the computer forged in hell.
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Torchwood related-of course :D
Favourite cartoon character: Peter off Family Guy
Personal Quote: "It looks like gay unicorns have been sick all over it' :D
I'm back from Wales!

Hurr...wait, that's not a good thing :(

Along with a brand new shiny SONIC SCREWDRIVER OMGWTFBBQ!!11eleven, (Which, incidentally, cost a tenner less than the Laser screwdriver. Bigger AND more expensive? Definitely compensating for something...) A Martha, a Dalek and 2 Ten action figures, I have brought home a very red sunburn. A very uneven red sunburn.

I've not yet watched the finale, but I accidentally changed over when Jack was holding a stethoscope and crying, and then once again accidentally turned over when Tosh was on declassified talking about her bit. So I've basically ruined all the surprise.

Yay for Wales :D
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staticfan101 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
I really like your Doctor Who/ Ghost Whisperer story. you should continue it.
arctoa Featured By Owner May 24, 2008  Student Photographer
Hallo there.

This is just a short note of thanks for the recent addition of one of my deviations to your Favourites collection: I greatly appreciate your support of the material that I have uploaded to this site.

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Thanks for the watch... :)
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Love your name... is ace!
NeverReallyBeenSure Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
You sig makes no sense. As on the 8th day, God (me being me and all that showbizz) started up again.
Naru338 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2008
'TIs a joke you said mofo.
NeverReallyBeenSure Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
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Why thankyou :D
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YAYAYAYAYA!!!! :rofl:

My sistah! :iconneverreallybeensure: also likes it
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