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Million Masterpiece Mosaic

By theOMM
This beautiful design contains 450 unique artworks by Million Masterpiece artists. Every image is by a different artist, and there are more than fifty countries represented. Images have been chosen from among the most popular, most unusual and most interesting artworks on Million Masterpiece.
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© 2010 - 2021 theOMM
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CallMeCareBear's avatar
I was so happy to see mine was one there! I can't wait for my print to come so I can see everyone else's picks too :)
mymelody177's avatar
This is amazing work! Awesome
theOMM's avatar
Thanks everyone for the appreciative comments!
Glad you liked the poster Susaye! I still need to order one myself :)
supremextreme's avatar
I just love mine! It's like a treat for the eyes and a mosaic of mysteries. I discover new things everytime I go back to it. Great job all round, and my compliments to the chef.
Blue-CCXLV's avatar
Yay I see mine on there! (Suicune)
supremextreme's avatar
Third row down, fifth from the left is mine. I received mine in the mail and it's a beautiful poster. Everyone should buy one if you can!
Thank you Million Masterpiece and thanks Deviantart!
Metaphormoose's avatar
I'm 10 rows down, 6 in from the left. Very cool :)
Metaphormoose's avatar
I'm 10 rows down, 6 in from the left. Very cool :)
Scarlet-Rosa's avatar
6th row from bottom, 13th one over.
awesome that i'm on here. I havent been on omm for ages and i was surprised o.o;;
thanks again!
Azmidiske's avatar
Thanks for the representation. Happy to be a part of your poster. I hope it sells well, and good luck on your never ending mission for more contributions.
chromophobic's avatar
Awesome! mines at the very bottom, smack dab in the middle! ^_^
Yakarin's avatar
Awesome, my lil' seed is there too! Thank you so much!
boo-sesame's avatar
ooh mine's there :D (jack white)
BungalowGlow's avatar
Huzzah! Far right, six from the bottom - woot!woot!
Ahhh, doodling memories...
jsgknight's avatar
The seventh row from the top and sixth picture from the right is fantastic! Just kidding, its mine! Glad to see a new poster, it’s cool to be included.
theOMM's avatar
Great to see there's still lots of interest in OMM! It's not dead - we will never surrender! only 972,000-ish squares to go though... :-)
etype2's avatar
Thank you very much, it will happen. :-)
Scellanis's avatar
Yay! You chose my dragon :D Awesome
Steevn's avatar
Its good to find that you participated in a new collaboration.
The last thing from the site I was included in was a Calender.
My piece is 17 columns over 5 rows down.
Steevn's avatar
11 to the right and 9 down is another of mine.
Lauraest's avatar
Incredible image. It looks like a lot of TLC was put into it
Aelynn's avatar
Awesome! Mine is 9 rows down, 6 columns over. :heart:!
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