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[FoE/PH] Hoofington

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"Well, great. Ghosts. Robots. Turrets. Ghouls. Radiation. Enervation. When all this was done, I was going to the Core for a vacation !"
   ~ Blackjack

Finally, after many days of work (in fact, some hours, but I had only little spare time so...), the Hoofington Core is complete ! This is the darkest place in the Wasteland, I won't make anything else look as dark as this in future drawings.
If the layout of the picture reminds you of another drawing of the Core (seen it on reddit, nowhere else), it's normal. That picture kinda reached into my mind and became my official canon version of how I see the city. So this was intended, even if many changes were made here.
The tower in the back is part of the S.P.P. array.

Constructive feedback is, as always, welcome ! (And if you need a brighter version, just ask !)
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Wow just discovered it and this is amazing! Kinda reminds me either of a black version of minas terith or a hive city from Warhammer 40k (and it is almost as deadly)!
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I'll just leave this song here as this reminds me of that song "Fallout" by Linkin Park:…
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Flag of France: On dirait Minas Morgul.

Flag of United Kingdom: It looks like Minas Morgul.
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Minas Morgul is a sunnier place then this one.
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the citadel is what it's called and they do look resemblance the place where the combine reside
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that tall building reminds me of half life 2
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I've never played the Half-Life games myself, to be honest, so that's a funny coincidence :meow:
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I always had a hard time imagining Hoofington and the Core and how it looked like (I have NO imagination, lol)

By the way, the little town on the left, is that supposed to be Chapel? (Correct me if I'm wrong, I can forget things easily when it comes to a long story and waiting for updates XD) Since there is a bridge near Chapel in the story where they do the pilgrimage and know. I thought that would be it.

Once again, this is amazing! 
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Hehe, glad you like it ! There are other picture of Hoofington lying around, they're just hard to find. 
As for the town on the left, that's Chapel indeed.
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Which is Shadowbolt Tower, the one in the middle of the city or the one in the background?
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The one in the middle of the city is Shadowbolt tower. The one in the backgound is suposed to be an SPP tower, but seeing how many questions I've received about it, and how it kinda fucks up the whole composition of the picture, I'm probably going to remove it. Someday.
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Yeah im doing a map for SFM based on this picture, i assumed the one in the background was Shadowbolt tower....
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May I use this as a background as long as I give you credit?
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As long as you credit me, it's totally okay. Thanks for asking !
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I wanted to make sure and I always give credit :)
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Hoofington rises!
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and the end is near ! :noes:
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The Core, the city itself kills.
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Your art is amazing. Keep up the excellent work
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Well... it is pretty hard one to siege xD
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It sure is. The Zebras never managed to destroy it, after all.
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This looks amazing. First rate. Top shelf. I honestly cant wait to finish pink eyes and start PH. I just cant think how this could be improved.
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Glad you like it :D
Also, I hope you'll enjoy Project Horizons, despite what people say about the latest chapters, it's still a brilliant story. Also, here's a suggestion : Take a sheet of paper, or better, a hundred sheets, and every time there's a new setllement or a new character, write down the name, the colors, etc...or you'll end up forgetting them :)
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