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[FoE/PH] Goldenblood

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The one pony behind all of it, the mysterious Goldenblood.
I had to base myself upon the very few fan art of him I could find on the interwebz, and the story descriptions. Which was complicated because he is described once with a white coat, and the next time with a "mustard" colored one, and mustard for me is yellow. So, fuck you, I took pale yellow.
I made him look younger, but still tired and already sick of the proto-pink cloud.
The city in the back is of course Hoofington (Megaspell factories bwahaha BOOOM !), after reconstruction.

Somber's checklist :
♦ Write a story longer than the Harry Potter saga ☑
♦ Create a super deep plot with so many characters you can't even start to count them. ☑
♦ Kill Blackjack more times than it is scientifically possible ☑
♦ Tell us what Goldenblood is really up to and what exactly Project Horizons is ☑ (edit : as of chapter 67, we may finally have an answer)

Keep up your awesome work, Somber(oh, and your fantastic editors as well !). :)
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Exactly how I Imagined him. Great work.
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I'm working on a Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons album and I was wondering if I could use this piece of art for my Goldenbood song, obviously giving you credit. 
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Sure, you can use my Goldie pic for your album, thanks for asking. :)
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Just from his name, and what he looks like, he reminds me of Blueblood from the main show.
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He should. Within the FOE universe, he's supposed to be Blueblood's nephew. There's also another Blueblood relative involved in the story (if you count only ever being encountered via memories). Oh yeah, Blueblood himself makes a comeback and gets pretty severely dead for it.
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now what left is...wait for somber to finish this story
In this year i hope
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Done.  Hope it was good.
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wait...are you real somber !?
Oh My god ! your story is amazing
thank you for write such a great story
and buck you for write such a dark and sad story xD

fallout (PH especially)is the reason I go into dark side of this fandom and god...
too many sex scene somber...(kidding just the rape one that too dark for me)

love your work, I will look forward to your next story ^^
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hmmmmm, I wonder what would Somber and Hinds say if I post this to them ^^
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They probably already know about this, Goldenblood art is pretty rare, so when a picture pops up, everyone knows about it, unlike Blackjack pics where only the best ones get really noticed, because there are just sooo many. Regardless, I won't prevent you from posting it wherever you want as long as you credit me. :meow:
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Awe poor Goldie. Love how you captured Hoofington! Postmodern Minimalist Brutalism for the win!
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Hey, nice username ! :happybounce:

Glad ya like it, drawing Hoofington here was kind of a nightmare. 
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Thanks! Love the piece! Add it to a total of around 2 or 3 pictures on Goldenblood. Art on him is very minimal and a shame too.
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The one character who may be even more self hating than Blackjack, and that is saying alot.
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For some reason, I still don't understand him, even after the encounter in the last chapter. Screw you Goldie !
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Goldenblood is an example of good intentions gone wrong, and doing what you know is wrong.  He loved Luna and Fluttershy and Equestria, but everything he did to try and help them blew up in his face.  Lots of people call him a Gary Stu, but they overlook the fact that he failed over and over again to protect the things he loved most.  He blamed himself for the war and last day, overlooking the fact that he was manipulated by others.  Instead of admitting that, he hates himself for his weakness and failures, and instead of simply dying, he puts himself in a hell where the only person who can free him is someone who understands him.  Blackjack knows what it's like to hate herself and to be self centered, though she has no pity to waste on him.  And ultimately, he does decide to do better.
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Well, with the latest chapter (65), we can finally put a checkmark on that last one, though that read was one hell of gut-punch
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You're right, that last chapter was one wild ride ! But we finally have some answers ! Horizons, Cognitum, felt good to finally get the answers. :)
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Actually this brings me to another question: Is Goldenblood supposed to be the bad guy in all this?

Even after looking at all his recordings and whatnot, I still can't get a read on him (especially after what he did to Fluttershy)
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Believe me : Everyone reading Horizons is as confused as you are. The only people who know for sure are Somber and his editors.
I think he was a good guy who wanted nothing else than a peaceful and victorious Equestria, but had despicable methods.
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