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[FoE] Manehattan

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"...and if you look to your left, you'll see the very exotic and picturesque Manehattan Ruins. Now, as we..."

Yee-haw ! Manehattan, home of a lot of Steel Rangers, Balefire phoenixes and the one and only Tenpony tower ! I based myself upon some of the already drawn pics of the tower to draw it, and I'm not even sure if it was that close to the river...whatever. I DO WHAT I WANT. The city is one of the most iconic locations in the Equestrian Wasteland, and I really didn't want to mess this up. Whether or not I did, I sure enjoyed destroying the city and throwing rubble everywhere ! :meow:

I want to thank my good friend Tail27 for the help he provided regarding some of the buildings.
Constructive feedback is welcome, as always !

Next one...Hoofington (PH) or Route 52 (PE) ?
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Damn, this is amazing! I wish I could do digital art like this! What program do you use? Also, I took some inspiration from this and made something somewhat similar. Is it okay if you could check it? (Great art BTW, I don't wanna sound like a jerk lol!)
TheOmegaRidley's avatar
Thank you. I used Photoshop (CS5) as well as a graphic tablet (Intuos4 L), but software and equipment are nothing without experience and regular practice. Judging by what I've seen on you deviantArt gallery, I can already tell you that taking pictures of your work is usually not a good way to present it. Try to get your hands on a scanner. :) As for the drawing itself, you've got some nice attention to detail, as well as a certain idea of how perspective works. I encourage you to keep practising and working as hard as you can, and you'll get even better results. :)
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Yeah, I'm not exactly old enough (13) to earn my own money. I haven't gotten my hands on a scanner yet, sadly... (I want one though) Thanks for your tips, thanks!
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Great picture, especially since the Manehattan is recognizable from the depiction in episode one (with that horseshoe building).
But the first thing that came to my mind here wasn't Tenpony Tower but FO3's 'The Statesman Hotel' where the rangers are holed up on top (even looks like somebody rigged up a broadcasting array to send out a distress signal). Quite similar in my mind.
Again, great fallouty feel - you really do the Equestrian Wasteland justice.
TheOmegaRidley's avatar
Yup, I usually try to find as many references as I can before starting, and that building was one of the few things I was able to find for Manehattan. :p Thanks a lot !
Celefin's avatar
You're welcome!
*is proud of own perceptiveness*
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Mind if I use this in a promo video for a game I am creating?
ScarletLightning565's avatar
I know it's called Tenpony Tower, a play on Tenpenny Tower. But to me that's where the similarity ends. I imagined it as more like a larger version of the Space Needle in Seattle. 

But this is still an awesome peace of artistic talent.
TheOmegaRidley's avatar
I usually try to combine the description from the story, the original location (if there ever was one), and the already existing drawings when I draw a wasteland settlement. But again, it's totally open to interpretation, that's the magic of books. :)
ScarletLightning565's avatar
Or the CN Tower in Toronto
Zer0kami's avatar
Ten"pony" tower, excellent XD
Tes décors sont toujours géniaux *o*
TheOmegaRidley's avatar
Ouais, un peu facile comme jeu de mots, mais l'auteur s'en est généralement bien sortie. °°
Merci poto ! :)
anttosik's avatar
Wonderful ... yet lineart. The potentia lis great, but I think it could use adding to a next level to make it outstanding :) 
TheOmegaRidley's avatar
Thanks, and yeah, I totally agree about my lineart, it's, in fact, so bad that I sometimes hesitate before starting a picture, wondering if the lineart won't ruin it in the end.
I'm currently working on it, the next picture should show up soon enough, and, while the Lineart isn't perfect yet, I can honestly say it's better than before. Again, thank you for pointing it out :)
anttosik's avatar
The lineart isn't wrong, on the contrary, it's perfect, but it still is just a lineart drawing with some colors (I envy that); but this could be then edited and made as a normal full picture, by adding normal shading, lighting .. you know, that boring time-consuming stuff. That's what I meant :) 
TheOmegaRidley's avatar
Oh, you mean...just the lineart ? That, I am not going to give up. I don't like to work without it...maybe someday, but not yet !
anttosik's avatar
Still not unerstood my point - I mean it could be added ON TOP of that, not to draw without it :)  I can't draw even clean lineart atm.
TheOmegaRidley's avatar
So, uhm, first working with lineart then adding colors on top of it, so it would disappear, in fact ?
anttosik's avatar
Pretty much yes - but with the lineart showing you how to put the colors atop of it - where is the light touching the surface, where are the details etc. 
I just stared in awe at the drawing for two minutes. God, it's amazing. I especially like the Tenpony design, even though I imagined it less Tenpenny-ish and more, well a blend of Tenpenny and the Luck 38. ^_^
TheOmegaRidley's avatar
The overall ambiance of Fallout Equestria feels more like Fallout 1/2/3 than New Vegas, more "deadly dark brown wasteland" than the good ol' Mojave,
And that's the magic of books, even though there is some kind of general ambiance established, imagination still rides the rainbow road of vague descriptions to create a different, more personal version of the world in your head. :)
Wiser words have never been spoken. <3
Silvernis's avatar
Not completely sold on the Tenpony design, but regardless, this is still really good. Like, really. Perfectly captures that gloomy wasteland vibe.
TheOmegaRidley's avatar
Everyone can imagine things the way they want while reading, that's the magic of books !
*Boooooks omnomnom*
But I'll pay more attention to the description next time, and I hope it'll be more like what you imagined. :)
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