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Fallout: Equestria - Title Screen (collab)



(To make this 120% cooler, please listen to the music theme going with this picture, composed by our talented Wasteland Wailers over at The Overmare Studios !… )

You know, when you're a concept artist working on a game, it's not always the most exciting thing ever. A lot of time is spent browsing the internet for resources, references and other not-so-interesting-things, and you know a big part of your work will never be published. But you keep going, because you love your job, you love the game you're working on, the team you're working with, and the community who's going to play your game. And once in a while, something awesome happens. This awesome thing was our art director asking me if I was willing to work on the title screen for the Fallout: Equestria game. The most awesome thing ever.

I started working knowing I wanted something reminescent of Fallout 3's general ambiance, and after a few game design/art design discussions with our leaders, I switched the overall color from green to light blue. A few days later, Turbopower made it clear he wanted to work on the title screen as well, and after discussing the matter with the team, we started what would be an incredible collab ! I mostly worked on the Ranger (wearing T-51b power armor, made by AlexandrZ), and the picture's colors, while Turbo worked on the amazing background. Maybe you guessed it, but the scene takes place in Manehattan.

This is what you'll see the first time you boot up the game. I hope you'll like it !

© The Overmare Studios
Thanks to Jeff, Zac, Drag and the rest of the Art team for all their help !
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Ok I have to watch you now!