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Stuff I guess, can't draw for sheet.


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I saw this, and I thought to myself "Just do it, what's the harm". 
Saw it from :icontfomegastar: and decided to put a few twist on it. 

So let's introduce my main OC: Tiberius Sorren. 

- Pick one of your OCs!
Fill in the below junk!
-Talk to the first person! 

What is your name?..
Tiberius Sorren, Patriarch of the Diajin Federation. Ask freely. 

Do you know why you are named that?
I was named after the second name of James Tiberius Kirk.

Single or Taken?
Taken, my wife Nyneshia is the Matriarch of the Federation, and she intimidates anyone who she believes has an eye for me. 

Abilities or Powers?
I have the power to manipulate a Universal Energy called Aura, it acts as the middle ground of Etheral and Physical, and with such energy at my disposal it is up to my imagination as to what my potential will lead up to. 

What's your eye colour? 
Technically speaking I, as an Omega Diajin do not posses actual eyes, what you perceive as my eyes are simple flames made of aura that allow me to see various visions. But colour wise, blue with a white pupil. 

Helm colour? 
My armour bores a hood, and that's black. 

Have any family members? 
Yes, my older sister Zanna, my mother Jane, my father Samiel and my daughter Mithra. 

No. Unless if you count a motorcycle as one. 

That's cool.... Now tell me something you don't like.
I hate people and societies who think their close minded, backwards and barbaric thinking to others that do not share their ways are justified under an ancient text describing some magical sky wizard, it's mine and my races motivation to end such madness. 

Do you have any hobbies/activities that you like to do?
Powerball, a game where you punch a ball towards the opposing player which gets faster after each hit until it knocks a player off their feat, riding a motorcycle wife my wife and combat training with my troops. 

Have you hurt anyone in any way? 
I've hurt so many people and things that it would require an entire book to describe it, ranging from mere punching their nose to full on amputating a limb. 

Ever killed anyone?
I'm responsible for the deaths of Billions, each one I hold not a single regret for, for those Billions followed organised cults. 

Name your worst habits.
Giving people who make no sense, reason, logic or just downright foolish views that oppress everyone but their own little groups a voice, but it's my virtue to allow them to, in hopes I get a reason to silence it. 

Do you look up to anyone at all?
Three people, Dage the Liberator, he was my predecessor to the throne, he lived a life where he cared for everyone unconditionally until he had a reason not to, his patience was that of a saint. Lord Thardus, his wisdom and knowledge in magic makes me somewhat envious of his capabilities, he is in a lot of aspects equal to me and some far beyond, he's an enigma for sure. And lastly my sister in law Maizey, her unending resolve has never been broken, her strength as a fighter unmatched by any woman and only by a few men, she stands for equality of everyone and uses her power to get that done. 

What sexuality are you?
Secretly I identify myself as an attack helicopter, but on a serious note, straight, come at me Tumblr.

Did you ever go to the Academy?
I am unaware of which academy is being requested, but I had joined the army instead, it along with a few other things made me who I was today.  

Ever want to get bonded and have sparklings?
I now understand this is a Transformers thing, But let's translate it to my tongue. I already have an offspring with my wife. 

Do you have any fanfemmes/fanmechs?
Now you see, I am aware some women want me in their bed and some men, but I never hear about the women cause they know the eyes of their queen would be gazing on them for the rest of their days if they ever shown it. As for men, I unfortunately do not row on that boat, but live and let live, let the lads fancy me if they want to, if it provides some form of positive then there is no harm done. 

Next question: What are you most afraid of?
I am afraid of people falling to darkness, losing my race and family. However, the one thing that truly terrifies me is knowing that my efforts, my deeds and my legacy may not cure the cancer that infects many of peoples minds, that drives them to do insane acts in their "Faith", but I have a piece of reassurance that should any nonsense arises, people are there to squash it back to the hell it came from. 

What brand of wax do you wear?
None, what about you? 

What's the one food that usually tempts you?
Fried. Chicken. Praise the fried chicken goodness. I can be a hypocrite for this gladly. 

What class where you originally from? Low/Middle/High?
Maybe between middle and high, my father was a starship captain and was second in command of a fleet, so my family was looked after for his service. 

What are your thoughts on pie?
Oh you mean the food not the number.......

Favourite drink?
Rogarnian rum, that stuff has the strength of the very people who brew it. 

Are you interested in anyone?
My wife, obviously, she may be a very intimidating person who carries authority and respect around like a freight train, but when she is with me alone, it's all [Redacted]. 

Would you rather swim in a lake or an ocean?
Ocean, have you not swam with a 160ft leviathan on the planet Aquarsia? Those things are terrifying if you're not me or in a submarine. 

Your thoughts on camping or being outdoors?
I like to meet people across many spectrum's of life, for it is a story to tell and a prospect to be shared and remembered, no one should be forgotten if their life was lived in happiness, joy and teaching love and respect for one another. 

What's your type?
Power armour with skulls, a minigun and my trusty sword the Tyrants Bane. 

Alright so I tag.
:iconputt125: :iconelita-one-arts: :iconeric-arts-inc: :icongodamongman:  


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So obviously my name is Tom, I'm a student who is dealing with the things of being a student and I can see why people go down the road to Tumblr etc. But damn I am determined to not go anywhere near that territory, I do these stories as a way of escapism and also to provide some form of entertainment, just getting one person to like it is a compliment I hold dear, knowing that someone feels positive as a result of your actions is to me one of the greatest feelings a human can have, which is why I keep doing what I do.


T Boucher's BOC Infantry: Deneighzhar Soldier
The poster boys to the army that make up the bulk of the Orion Empire in my story, the Deneighzhar Trooper, many races have been dragged kicking and screaming into both compliance and the grave by the hands of these soldiers. And a design that has been heavily overdue and long awaited by me. 

Statistics - 
Race: Deneighzar.
Evolutionary Stage (1 - 5): 2nd and 3rd are the main body of this caste, with the 2nd being the most prominent. 
Height: 8ft - 9.5ft. 
Weight: Fully armoured and equipped with gear weigh from a range of 1000 to 1200lbs. 
Speed: Aided by their armours built in spring system, these troopers are capable of reaching speeds slightly faster than the grunts by 5mph on average. 
Age: 30 years due to the evolution process the Deneighzhar race have to go through to mature, can reach up to 70 years until reaching the 3rd stage. 
Rank: Sergeants all the way up to Captain and Officer.
Role: Universal deployment and officer duties, used as the main assault forces.
Threat Level (Out of 10): 6. 

As far as demonically empowered aliens in power armour goes, the Deneighzhar in their 2nd evolutionary stage is the very definition of unrivalled force. Coupled with the fact that the 2nd evolutionary form is the most numerous among the Deneighzhar race and how it adapts very well to many environments is a testament to the success of the Orion Empire, these troopers are the very thing other civilisation dread of facing in the mass of numbers they arrive in. Equipped with better armour than the grunts they are accompanied by and more often than not outnumber, their combat experience is reflected in the deeds many notable individuals have done in service to the Orion Empire, some even surviving long enough to become Planetary Governors of conquered worlds, one of the highest honours bestowed to the followers of Emperor Malicean. When it comes to warfare very few can hold candles to the tactics and manpower that the troopers can give, adopting a Blitzkrieg style of approach, amassing like locust on a target under heavy fire and armour assault, the Deneighzhar end wars with utter force and nothing else. Brilliantly adapted to fight in wars of attrition, Deneighzhars will fight savagely over new lands and fiercely defend any holds. Across the Orion Empire is where you will see them, they're the finest warriors available as long as they keep their brutish behaviour in check and governed by the soldiers Justicar race.

Worlds old and new will know these troopers and what they herald, the ultimate nemesis to the Diajin Federation who viciously fight back the hordes that come down to the last man and woman. 

The Deneighzhar and "Book of Conflict" are owned by ME.
Art was done by the amazing :iconeryckwebbgraphics: And has given me permission to show this.


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