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Godzdelilah by MensjeDeZeemeermin, literature

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My Bio
Self taught artist/cartoonist. Always existed on the brink of a society that I've never quite managed to fit into. Happy-go lucky idiot who enjoys life in his own weird way.

Favourite Visual Artist
Virgil Finlay
Favourite Movies
The Red Shoes, Star Trek 2, Oh Mr Porter, Jason and the Argonauts
Favourite TV Shows
Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, Big Bang Theory, Old Star Trek
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Frank Zappa, Neil Hannon, The Fiery Furnaces, Marcos Valle, Bonzo Dog Band, The Once and Future Band, Chassol
Favourite Books
The Horse's Mouth, Eyeless in Gaza, Gormenghast, A Princess of Mars
Favourite Writers
Aldous Huxley, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Barry Humphries, Mervyn Peake, Bob Shaw
Favourite Games
I don't play computer games
Favourite Gaming Platform
See above
Tools of the Trade
Pentel brush pen for cartoons, acrylics for colour, using airbrush sometimes, wacom tablet for digital art, using Photoshop 4.0
Other Interests
I'm now breaking into the world of animation, and it's paying. Outside work, there is my wife, my stepson, and my dog.
I've just had the second notification in one week that the image recognition machinery in deviant Art has detected a copy of my work on someone else's gallery. In both cases, they're clearly mine, but have been altered by individuals who didn't think them excessive enough. In one instance, a drawing of some wrestling girls has had the bikinis painted out, so that they're nude (no big deal, but FFS!) and in tonight's raid, a face has been altered and some boobs enlarged (as if the boobs weren't big enough on my artwork). Anyway, rather than go through the form-filling, I approached the first guy and he was totally cool about it, and agreed to take it down - he'd found it on another site (dunno how it got there, but...) so he was innocent really. But...I'm going to be having a major take-down of the gallery because of these incidents. I like having deviant Art, and I like the people I communicate with on here, and I don't want to leave it, although this has been on my mind since it
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Sound Waves

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Things are picking up on the Venna's Planet audio drama front! It's now available as a download, and there are mini-interviews with some of the actors beginning to appear on YouTube. I could add links, but all one has to do is type in Venna's Planet, and they will be very easy to find. You will hear Caroline Munro, talking about her role as the nasty Jylda - a character about as far removed from Caroline as anyone could imagine, so we find one of the sweeter human beings on this planet, playing the part of one of the most bitter females on another planet. You'll also be able to hear from Sally Knyvette, whom many will remember as the lovely Jenna Stannis on the BBC science fiction series from 1978, Blake's Seven. At one time, either of these ladies could have played Venna, and it's ironic that they are now playing her most dangerous enemies (Sally plays The Countess). Some of these clips and trailers are accompanied by animations in which elements of my artwork move around a bit.
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Perfect Summer

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I don't have much to report, but it's November now, and I think my last journal entry was in August. OK, so here's what's been happening. I spent most of the summer drawing and co-writing some stories for a collection called Perfect. Perfect is a dotty female spy, and her adventures are set in the late 1960s - an era that was sort of special, and one that I sort of lived through, but only as a kid, which doesn't quite count. Although I worked on only two of the stories, it was an immense amount of work, being in colour, and I ended up also creating the cover art and other embellishments. It was great fun, though, and I hope that you like Perfect as much as I do. The first book - there are two in the mix - may be out very soon, but I'll announce it when it is. I''ve now heard all of the Venna audio serial, although I have no idea when it will be officially released, or where it can be downloaded from. Being the original author, I didn't care for this being out of my creative control
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I just bought the "Venna's Planet" audiobook. I love it!

Thank you for being the first on here, and for the shout out. I'll tell the team - they'll be thrilled! :heart:

They did a great job!

I did have a few differences with them about their approach tot he source material, but in the end, it's an adaptation, and it has to work in a different medium. I was particularly impressed with the older actresses, like Sally and Caroline :)

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what the? YOU'RE...watching ME????? thanks!:)

Sure! You've been supporting me and my work for a long time, man! You're one of the gang!

Thanks, I love your work!