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Mollz Science Project by TheOldGoat1955
Mature content
Mollz Science Project :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 34 37
Backstory by TheOldGoat1955 Backstory :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 11 30 Venna  Shelly by TheOldGoat1955 Venna Shelly :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 15 24 Vp277 by TheOldGoat1955 Vp277 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 10 29 Vp276 by TheOldGoat1955 Vp276 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 9 31 Vp275 by TheOldGoat1955 Vp275 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 8 22 Vp274 by TheOldGoat1955 Vp274 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 7 30 Vp273 by TheOldGoat1955 Vp273 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 7 27 Vp272 by TheOldGoat1955 Vp272 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 7 35 Xeroids046 by TheOldGoat1955 Xeroids046 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 10 24 Xeroids045 by TheOldGoat1955 Xeroids045 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 8 13 Xeroids044 by TheOldGoat1955 Xeroids044 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 8 13 Vp271 by TheOldGoat1955 Vp271 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 9 26 Xeroids043 by TheOldGoat1955 Xeroids043 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 11 15 Vp270 by TheOldGoat1955 Vp270 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 8 24 Vp269 by TheOldGoat1955 Vp269 :icontheoldgoat1955:TheOldGoat1955 8 33


my first wood carving dude by TheAcciuga my first wood carving dude :icontheacciuga:TheAcciuga 17 14 failed watercolour part 4 by TheAcciuga failed watercolour part 4 :icontheacciuga:TheAcciuga 12 9 Shape Ladies by TheAcciuga Shape Ladies :icontheacciuga:TheAcciuga 13 8 Draw Yourself CHALLENGE 8 -anime,manga- by TheAcciuga Draw Yourself CHALLENGE 8 -anime,manga- :icontheacciuga:TheAcciuga 7 11 Shades of green by MadokaKawabata Shades of green :iconmadokakawabata:MadokaKawabata 4 5
Naturalist's Notes on N2O
Several stanzas from "Naturalist's Notes on a Planet with a
                   High Nitrous Oxide Atmosphere."

Frookies greeble late at night,
And glabverate the Breem.
Yet when Zerks gurble,
They take fright,
And groop!  So it would seem.
And underneath the Bonxa shrubs,
The delraps lurk and mumble.
For when the greebling Frookie grubs,
They're far too zorched to grumble.
The Bindlewurst ginks through the murk
And makes the tem-trees spooky.
But even Sebfleps do not lurk
Around the greebling Frookie.
Yet in the sea the Sim-sops dwell,
And Gunglefrids beneath,
And never once does Frookie smell
Pollute the roaring reef.
On mountainsides, Kiyonbers mince
With tiny steps, and cleavers.
And should a Frookie gnurp or wince,
They slap their tails, like beavers.
And once I saw the Mondlemynd,
A sight as rare as rubies!
No Frookie could compare with such!
And but a few Urdnoobies!
The ten teeth of the Glinkercrig
Are pointed, like t
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 10 15
Color and line
To control them is mine.
With some frustration
Lures and compels...
I have intense spells.
Image and shape
I can't escape
Dreams I must heed.
Driven by need,
I must depict
What I can't predict.
Tricks played with light
Bore, or delight,
Always first--me.
Can what I see
Please or amuse
Or just confuse?
My art is mine,
Clumsy, or fine.
Hackneyed, or new,
Here for your view.
Say what you see...
It has pleased me.
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 11 6
Go T and the Super Moon by Chickfighter Go T and the Super Moon :iconchickfighter:Chickfighter 5 12 Comiiiing!  by TheAcciuga Comiiiing! :icontheacciuga:TheAcciuga 13 12
Vain Little Charmer
Always lock your jewelry box.
It prevents those starts and shocks
That come when some sweet little drake
Figures what to wear, and take.
Ripped from your plundered jewelry box
Are all the hasps, and all the locks
That gave way in protesting heed
To a small dragon's need, and greed.
Now she tinkers, looks and seems
A dragon empress, crowned with gleams.
She smiles, whispers haughtily
'No other dragon shines like me.'
She poses, preens, rubs diamonds clearer.
Dragon diva, in the mirror.
Purrs, head on her greedy claws
And dreams of gemstones lacking flaws.
Next to your empty jewelry box
Not far, as a princess walks
The fairest of the dragon girls
Is sleeping sprawled on all your pearls.
Her bedecked coiled shape beguiles,
Your own reflection frowns, then smiles,
Her joy is worth more than your rocks.
You get a new, steel jewelry box.
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 16 40
The Hermit by TheAcciuga The Hermit :icontheacciuga:TheAcciuga 12 13
Artist, Looking Backwards
Hidden treasures
Age-old pleasures.
Things that last
Scooped from my past.
Paltry, yet so vast...
Fleeting glances,
Old romances.
Long-gone beauty
Now, my booty…
Some still unsurpassed.
Drew this, did I?
Really can’t deny
I had skill.
I’m at it, still.
With my brushes grasped.
Another year gone.
Yet I work on.
Monsters, Photos
Still, I do those.
Seems my part is cast.
Paints might splatter--
Make it matter.
Draw it, share it.
I still care, it
Has gone by so fast…
Grim persistence
My existence
Leaves its traces
Art, skill graces
Life that’s held tight-clasped.
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 18 28
Happy Birthday,  Goat!  by TheAcciuga Happy Birthday, Goat! :icontheacciuga:TheAcciuga 6 7
The Vigil
Upon the hill, on guard, alone
The griffin crouches on a stone.
He keeps his vigil, nights and days
And not a thing escapes his gaze.
I climb on up to see his glories,
Bring him treats, and tell him stories.
He is polite, accepts my praise,
But keeps his watch, on guard, he stays.
At night you look up and can see
His glowing eyes that ceaselessly
Go back and forth across our town
In search of things that call him down.
No thief dares skulk among our homes
For endlessly the griffin roams
And checks our doors and barns and locks
Then goes back to his couch of rocks.
We feast, or revel, he looks on
And guards until all guests are gone.
We eat and dance in peace and laughter
And he stands guard, stands by, looks after.
No robbers threaten us, for he
Patrols our fields endlessly.
He finds lost children, calms their weeping
And leads them home, and guards them sleeping.
Because of him, we fear no foe.
He’s with us when we come, or go.
He watches us, keeps all secure.
Patient, fearless,
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 24 46
writing postcards adult style...  by TheAcciuga writing postcards adult style... :icontheacciuga:TheAcciuga 7 14
Old Artist
Sod all this old age and gloom,
I am in my drawing room.
It's a nursery, no tomb.
Art flows from my drawing room.
Things I've seen, or songs I've heard
Drawn here in some pretty Bird.
There! I've caught her, more or less.
In a state of fun undress.
Lots I've drawn, and will draw after.
Echoes, signs of quiet laughter.
With my pen I prance and caper.
Trap my laughter on the paper.
I go on--there's more to do.
Ideas that I must pursue.
Here's old work on which I've sat.
Did I draw this? Fancy, that!
I can make the world turn brighter,
Thousand-word-a-story writer.
There is that within my heart
That impels me on--to art.
Hours, days, I'm still beguiling,
Not just my figures are smiling.
Let the clouds collect and loom--
I'll be in my drawing room.
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 16 25


Mollz Science Project
This is the first of a series of promised dedicated works. I have to admit it's adapted from something I started years ago, but I hope Teh Mollz will like it all the same, especially as I've featured her likeness as the wicked scientist here. This is because she not only purchased a copy of Venna's Planet, but composed and posted a glowing review on Amazon. Several others have since kindly done me this honor, and they will be similarly rewarded.
Here's another fragment from the Venna's Planet reboot that didn't make it to through; part of the backstory is, the Countess (otherwise known as Galo 112) knew Venna when she herself was in her early teens (Venna would have been in her late teens), but aged past her while Venna was in hibernation for twenty years.  When she wakens Phileas Knullius, he recognises her voice as belonging to 'that bratty kid called Galo, but not as squeaky'. Here, we see the young Galo annoying Venna and Shelly, but this is wrong, as they weren't to get together for many years yet.
Venna Shelly
For those of you following Venna's Planet, here's another out-take from the archive, showing Venna and Shelly in whispered conversation. I drew this about twelve years ago when I was first developing the story as it stands now. The rest of the pictures from this set are to be seen on the first page of the book, but, as I needed to get on with the action, this little exchange was cut. However, it's a nice drawing, and indicates the warm love and friendship shared by the girls.
Chief Xunnis seems to think that whatever punishment he has lined uo for Venna is going to hurt him more than it's going to hurt her...but the trunch as already been mentioned, and from what she can gather, it's not something she wants to be in the same room as.  There are a couple of illustrations of this in the gallery, which I invite  you to search for. You may find some other good stuff in your travels.
It turns out old Chief Xunnis had been enjoying the little boxing match from the back of the seems he has enough doddery authority to put his subjects in their place, but must stay within the law...Venna's actions might have inspired the womenfolk to start establishing an equality drive, and they don't want any of that! Next time, we get a clue as to Venna's punishment.
Well, Venna's Planet - Book One 'Broken Promise' - has been out there for two months now. I have no idea how it's doing, and I won't know until probably the beginning of next year. All I can say is, I'm super-grateful to everyone who has supported the Old Goat by buying it (and very grateful to my deviant pals who have posted reviews on Amazon).

Well, I'm trying to meet the deadline I've set myself ('early' 2019, by which I mean no later than spring) for the completion and release of Book Two (I don't have a title for that one yet, but if I miss the deadline, it'll be a real broken promise). I know I've said this a number of times, but the material was intended to be recycled from the story's first appearance as a newspaper strip back in the early nineties; however, I seem to be drawing 99% of this afresh, as either the originals weren't good enough, or the plot has taken a different route. However, I'm hoping soon to get to a part which I can lift almost intact from the archive, as there are several sequences that I don't want to alter, and which are reasonably well-drawn.

Regarding Book One, it's good to see there are now many vendors all over the world through which this can be purchased, apart from the Amazon, wherever you are, just do a search for 'Venna's Planet' (it may ask if you mean 'Venus Planet', which, of course, you don't), and you should be able to choose a book market site that suits you. I'm bringing this up now, because you might be wondering what you can get someone as a Christmas present.  I would certainly not recommend it for kids, as it does contain some slightly sexy bondage scenes, but it would be a great stocking filler for anyone who likes the unusual.

I haven't been promoting this for a few weeks, as I'm trying to catch up with my other work, as well as writing and drawing the new book, but I'm going to start banging the drum about it again pretty soon.

Oh, by the way, beware of any site that offers free PDF downloads of this and thousands of other titles. It's almost certainly a booby trap.

Right...on with the strip!  Keep watching...if you haven't got you copy, order it now....if you have...tell your friends!

Thank you as always.


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Self taught artist/cartoonist. Always existed on the brink of a society that I've never quite managed to fit into. Happy-go lucky idiot who enjoys life in his own weird way.


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