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Lord Giratina welcomes you to the Old Chateau, a sanctuary for Ghost-type gijinka to live without being discriminated or under suspicion. All species of Ghost gijinka are welcome - but be warned. Once you enter the Old Chateau, you can never leave...

[The Story] | [The Rules]
[The Setting] | [Jobs/Classes]
[Chateau Residents]

Now open and accepting applications!
The Grand Opening!

[RP Chatroom] | [OOC/Mature Chatroom]

Gallery Folders

The Old Chateau application by Aonyx
~Katherine Magius {app by KatieePandaa
The Old Chateau APP: Hati by NeonRataurus
[The Old Chateau] Svetlana by yuekana
Chateau Art
(Leilah x Pierre) Something terrible happened! by shinjuTHEpearl
(Leilah x Pierre) something terrible happened pt.2 by shinjuTHEpearl
Yukki Aoi by I-Yue
Puppetmaster by tentaclejuice
Miscellaneous and Memes
-doodles- Leilah song challange ish WIP by shinjuTHEpearl
.: ToC :. -- Clothing meme -- Leilah -- by shinjuTHEpearl
OCT: outfit meme Mortimer by Morthern




Novermber 26th, 2012

  • Chateau Residents and The Setting have both been updated! There will be a "last updated" on each page. If you do not see your character with 24 hours, check to see when the last update was! If you are currently a member, make sure to check it out. Mistakes such as misspelled names, wrong links, wrong classes, missing characters, wrong suites, etc. should be commented below on the proper blog.
  • Since we've had a bit of a backlog on apps, the room list will be a little messy. It was first come, first serve. If you wish you change your room, please comment on The Setting blog. We're sorry for the delay!
  • Second characters are accepted at any point after your initial group application. However, make sure that you have 1 Labor and 1 Entertainer class. (We are slacking on Labor classes, so 2 Labor classes would probably be approved, but check with the mods first!)
  • If you wish to leave the group, please comment or note us with the name(s) of your character(s) so we can properly remove them! Members are welcome back at any point. Applications do not have to be taken down from DA, but will be removed from the group and the Residents blog.
  • Happy roleplaying! ovo/


November 18th, 2012
  • Shiny gijinka of the Gengar line (Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar) are currently closed until further notice!
  • All members that have not assigned a room to their character have been assigned one! Check out the Settings blog to meet your new roommates!
  • We currently have 30 members/characters and 50+ watchers! Thank you all so much for your support and beautiful characters! We may be able to start our first plot events sooner than expected! Feel free to invite your friends!


Novemeber 14th, 2012
  • If you wish to join the group, please hit the "join group" button. Then, in the comment section, post a link to a picture or your OC or the completed application. We will review to see if this is acceptable within the day!
  • Two TOC chatrooms have opened! The first TOC chatroom is for general roleplaying or discussion. The second chatroom is for mature roleplay, long OOC discussions or OOC roleplay. You may chat in the first room, however, please do not disrupt any roleplaying that may be going on; if you feel like you may be a distraction, just move on into the second room! Members are also allowed to promote and demote. I trust you to use this wisely! If you have any questions or concerns about the chatroom, please note TOC or Aonyx with your issue!
  • There is no deadline for applications to be in! However, we are hoping to start plot events by December 1st, so keep this in mind but please don't feel rushed in the least! We understand that real life takes priority to the group.
  • If you do not have a room # on your application when we accept it, we will give you the first room slot available. Members who have not done so may comment on the Setting blog and tell us what character would like which room number if you wish to decide. If you wish you move your character into another room at any time, feel free to do the same, so long as there is an available spot in that room.
  • If you are deciding on choosing a Rotom gijinka: You may, in addition to Rotom's Electric/Ghost form, they may also transform into 1 of the non-Ghost forms (IE; Wash Form, Heat Form, Fan Form, Frost Form, Mow Form).

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