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I've moved Pepper and Salt to a proper WebComic host now. See you there!
I have spending a week in solitude down by the beach this week, looking after a house that's just 10 minutes walk from the foreshore. I spent the time getting inspired and I drew a string of Pepper and Salts (Issues 38 - 44). I hope you enjoy them as much as I had drawing them.
I had been uninspired of late to do Pepper and Salt as I had become increasingly busy. But now with some holiday time, I should hopefully get some more done. The comments help persuade me to do more. :)

A good artist, in my opinion, uses his or her art to express how they feel. If you read between the lines in a lot of these comics, you will probably have discovered facet about me that you may not have known before. The emotional ones, especially. Sometimes the random ones too... ;-)
These two little creations of mine are the best stress relief. Everytime I study, I take a break and draw a comic. They are wonderful like that. But they're evolving. I'm keen to see whether or not the bizzarro storyline was appealing at all, because to me it was just ... well... bizzarre and nonsensical!

Issue 21 appears to be a lot more 'aware', which I think was just my emergency reaction to the storyline. I think I will take it now for granted that Pepper can somehow obtain things and just move on.

I'm interesting to hear your thoughts.
Hello all, just thought I might put some unnecessary dialogue to accompany my DeviantArt page. At the moment it's home to the strip "Pepper and Salt (and Friends)", but who knows some other sketches might come up.

The whole concept of Pepper and Salt is an interesting philosophy as to who they are and what their personalties are. I think it's worth having a mull over about what sort of personalties these two characters have. To me, Salt is an intellectual but does not arise above its station (yes, I remind myself constantly that they do not have genders!), whilst Pepper is possibly naive, but thinks beyond the square frequently.

Does Salt hate Pepper? Does Salt like Pepper? What is their relationship? All these things can be considered...