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A Visit From The Burning Sands
Gracefully, the hooded woman weaved her way through a dense crowd of loud drunkards and busy wenches, making great effort not to spill the two mugs of lager she was holding. The smokey interior of Jagged Jack's Gin Joint (Where hearts are broken, and bad habits nurtured) was teeming with workers, recklessly spending their weekly wage, and criminals of varying notoriety discussing all kinds of nefarious business subjects. The booking, Busty Barbara & The Ballroom Blues Band, transitioned from an upbeat jazzy tune and launched into a slow, murky blues. Meanwhile a brawl errupted in another corner of the pub, quickly turned into a betting, to onlookers delight.
The hooded one spotted a booth, occupied by a couple consisting of an intoxicated male laborer, and a smitten young woman wearing the Vesper sigil around her neck. She strode up and placed down the two pints on the table, carefully sending one sliding towards the heathen sister, who reacted with surprise, confusion and unease. The hooded one planted herself comfortably on the empty seat across and immediately chugged half of the brew. After wiping the froth from her mouth with the sleeve of her weathered trenchcoat, they both got a good look at eachother for the first time in a decade.
- "Good evening, Talab Saghir... Or should I call you Mallory now? Also, would you please tell Don Juan here to continue tonights endeavor elsewhere." The hooded woman said, and swigged another large portion of her beer.
- "Hah, wha? Donny who? Wha's this about, who are you?" The man asked, confused and amused, as he placed a firm hand on Mallory's hip, pulling her closer.
- "You tardy or something? I was politely urging you to fuck off. Now please, do so..." She took a pause to gulp the last mouthful of beer left in her glass.
- "Your dear ladyfriend and I have some important catching up to do, don't we, Ms Robinson?" She said, with a broad grin and smacked the empty mug down on the table. Mallory had never seen such a quirky smile adorning that face. It suited her well.
Geoffrey E. Grimes
Professor of musical theory at the prestigious J. H. Friedman University.

Professor Geoffrey E. Grimes sat behind his large, garish mahogany desk in the middle of his considerably less impressive medium-sized office. The staggering amount of stacked tomes and dusty parchments surrounding the professor left him barely visible. However between the wavering towers of litterature, an unkept brow slowly getting increasingly furrowed could be seen. Professor Grimes pushed back his dilapidated, standard-issue officechair with a loud screech and sprung up vigorously behind his fortress of knowledge, nearly toppling one of the particularly tall stacks of ancient volumes. He let out a barrage of lewd and lacerating insults even though there was nobody on the reciving end. This was simply his way of expressing "angry relief", coupled of course with a crippling case of Tourettes syndrom and a slight drinking problem. The Professor spun around and faced the blackboard covering a sizeable portion of the wall behind him. With one hand adjusting his spectacles and the other stroking his large grey beard, Professor Grimes studied the board while muttering something inaudible however presumably rather indecent. The board was cluttered with text, verses, lengthy mathematical calculations, numerous strange symbols, and a variety of microtonal musical scales and melodies. Grimes snatched up a piece of chalk and added a 0 to the result of a calculation on the far left side of the board. He then skipped to the right side, and in a display of surprising dexterity for a gentleman of such a mature age, he leaped onto a rickety stool and started reworking one of the scales in the upper corner.
"What if I stopped?.. Could I get any colder?"
You were broken. Your eyes, empty and dull. Your skin, pale and cold as the ice below your feet.
Trudging across a great white sea, fleeing from the cracks.

I was tired, I was old. I had heavy, aching bones.
Out at sea one starspeckled night. Calm palette, truly a comforting sight.
'Twas my miracle cure, now each time a lesser effect. Time is a healer? The oracle's words no longer sound correct.
I spot a figure out on the ice. Shouting at the gods, cursing them thrice.
-"Embark my ship, let me take you to shore. We'll start a fire, and you'll be cold no more."
Marianda Glupton - Oracle, Brewer, Witch.

She uncorked the bottle and inhaled the fumes. A strong yet pleasant scent of spice and smokey spirit itching the nostrils. Marianda Glupton filled her chalice and drank. The familiar burn of purely distilled spirit, but with a twist. The brew was seasoned to perfection. Stored below ground in an oak barrel for 600 days during the fermantationprocess, and as instructed the cellar hatch had been left open for the duration of every fullmoon. She poured herself another dose. The lit wax candle was the only source of light in the damp basement. The flame danced peacefully, softly illuminating. She kindled the coals within her censer, a mixture of select incense would eventually fill the room and finalize the necessary ambience. She unraveled a scroll and flattened it against the cold stone tile flooring, sheet music riddled with notes specifying a plethora of details concerning the performance of the piece. Marianda carefully tightened a few flat strings on her ornate microtonal harp. Her fingers caressed the strings as she skimmed through the sheet music one last time. Gently, she plucked the melancholy piece composed for this specifc occasion. She licked her lips, took a deep breath and then sang the appropriate verse with precise timing, emphasism and flawless melody.

... -"Take a look at this viscous liquid for example."
The Oracle took down a small vail sealed by cork with murky content from the shelf and presented it proudly.
-"Inhale these fumes and you will easily overcome the most excruciating pain... Or this one, a deep breath of this and you'll feel as strong as an ox and as quick as a cobra... A taste of this one and some claim they can see and even converse with the lingering apparitions of their lost loved ones. Some are less fortunate however, tormented by illwilled demons causing them fear and suffering... When sickness takes hold of you, take a few swigs from this bottle each day and your body will fight of the nastiest infections. Quick warning, it doesn't taste like strawberry pie."


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