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So.. this is probably going to mean nothing to most people. I haven't even been active on dA in 3 years. But whatever, if someone reads this and cares, that's cool. I just feel like I should say this so everyone that cares knows what happened.

Anyway, as some people have noticed, I've recently rejoined the Chipmunk fandom. After basically not being a part of it for almost 4 years, I decided to come back. So... why did I leave?

I wish it was a good reason, but actually, the heart of it is pretty dumb.

For reference, I joined the chipmunk forum in April 2012. That was when I was near the end of seventh grade, and 13 years old.

So, in 2013, I started high school. I was still pretty active during my freshman year, but there was one thing that kept me out for a while. I was in marching band and drumline, which in itself isn't a problem. But, the forum would host MMTV on Friday nights back in this time. And Friday nights were also when I had to play our show at the football games. Due to this, I wasn't able to talk to my friends as often as I wanted. I couldn't listen to the chipmunks and talk about random stuff as much as I used to. I think I stopped posting chipmunk stuff in the middle of my sophomore year.

Also, I felt guilty for liking the chipmunks. High school is scary, and I didn't want to admit to my friends in real life that I liked to listen to a band of signing chipmunks in my free time. I also stopped watching My Little Pony at this time... so yeah.

Since I felt guilty, I had to convince myself that I didn't like the chipmunks anymore. And after a while, it worked. I spent about two years barely thinking about them. When the Road Chip came out, I didn't even go see it in theaters. I saw it once after, and I couldn't tell you a thing that happened because I was so uninterested. I deleted all my chipmunk songs from my iPod. I just cut them out of my life basically.

I think the final reason I left was that all of my friends in the fandom were so much older than me. Now that I'm 19, my friends being older isn't as big of a deal. But at the time, I joined the fandom, I was 13, and most of the friends I made were close to 18. And that was... not great. I started to ditch my real life friends because I wanted to talk to my internet ones. I didn't even do anything for one of my birthdays because I wanted to celebrate it at MMTV. I feel like if I had continued to try to be friends with everyone while I was growing up... idk. I might not have grown into a better person as easily. And I might have missed a lot of things in my life. I don't really know how to explain it lol. 

Anyway, I'm glad I took some time away from the fandom to grow up. I was kind of a weird kid when I was in the fandom, and listened to the first people I met like they were saints and could never be wrong. They were adults, so I could trust their word. And now that I'm older, I can realize some of the things I did because I was listening to my friends weren't great. Nothing terrible but... I stil shouldn't have believed everything they said at face value.

I used to scream at people for posting recolors and making repitches. I didn't care that I could be hurting a kid who just wants to have fun. I didn't do it often, but I still feel bad for the kind of person I was. And honestly, I don't care anymore.

So, I'm back in the fandom now. I missed my old friends, and most of them are still active. I don't even know why I decided to rejoin. I hadn't watched anything chipmunk related in a long time. The only thing I watched was "A Chipmunk Christmas," but that probably wasn't the main pull. I just... I missed my friends. I feel like I'm better friends with most of them now than I was before I left honestly. And I've even made a lot of new friends. But I'm going to try to not let the fandom take over my life again. I used to try to be at every forum event for the entire time. And honestly, I shouldn't have tried to do that. I felt so guilty went I couldn't go to something because I had a real life commitment. So, I'm gonna try to not feel guilty for that. Because I don't want to have to leave again. That'd just be sad.
Chipmunks in Wicked
I listened to Wicked 5 times this week and wanted to draw them. I also wanted to draw Chipmunks because I guess this fandom dragged my back. I don't know if im going to color this, so I thought I'd post the sketches.

Jeanette is Elphaba
Brittany is Glinda
Alvin is Fiyero
Does anyone still follow me on here? Or care about anything I post? Anyway this isn't me coming back to this site. This is just a series I used to do and I know ill be able to find this here if I ever want to see this again in the future (where I'd probably lose whatever physical journal I'd try to write this in.)

So, today was my first day of college. I'm living in the dorms so I actually got here a few days ago. I used those move in days to learn where my classes were (great tip! Highly recommend doing this. College buildings are confusing.)

My first class was Intro to Human Communications. This class started at 8:30! That's very early for someone who has spent the last 2 months waking up at 2 in the afternoon. But I managed to wake up on time and got ready for class pretty quickly. The class was fine. Two people from my high school were there. The teacher had us get to know someone sitting near us, and the present what we learned to the class. It wasnt that bad and the class is pretty small (around 25 students). Also my teacher said we don't need the textbook, which is great as books are expensive

After that, I had a three hour break. I went back to my room and sat around I guess. I also ate lunch during this time. 

At 1, I had my next class, Dance 101. I've never taken a dance class before, but this is an intro class and I needed to take an art credit. I dont have to buy dance shoes (again, happy because they are expensive). Not really much else to say. Class got out early so I was sitting around a lot before my next class.

Next I had History. We got a worksheet on the difference between the past and history (history is the interpretation. Past is the facts.) This class I do need a textbook for.

After that I went back to the dorms, ate dinner, and lived life(?). Anyway im officially a college student now. I have two more classes tomorrow but I probably wont document them here. Idk. 

That's it. Bye
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