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The Odango Club!

Welcome to the Odango Club!

We love Sailormoon and her bun/ball/meatball/odango/whatever you want to call it hairstyle!


:bulletred:Club Guidelines :bulletred:

:bulletred: HOW DO I JOIN theodangoclub?
:bulletgreen:New and old members must APPLY TO JOIN the club, clicking on "JOIN OUR GROUP" on the front page. You will be automatically added.

:bulletred: WHAT TYPE OF WORK CAN I SUBMIT TO theodangoclub?
:bulletgreen:Any original or fan characters of Sailor Moon characters with the odango/bun hair style.

They have to have the odango visible in the picture!

:bulletgreen: We are going to lift restrictions for now and "approve" on a common sense basis.

If you are a member of an affiliate, you are welcome to submit one a month! If you want to submit more than that, please join!

:bulletgreen:To keep the gallery organized by character. Just use the dropdown menu when you hit submit to pick the appropriate category. I don't want to go back and fix everyone's category, so if I deny your entry, just resubmit to the right category, problem solved!

:bulletgreen:If you are unsure where to put it, just ask! And if say you have more than one character, just pick one, and I WILL add it to others.

:bulletgreen:This is open to all artists at all levels. However, if your art piece is in "scraps" it will not be accepted. If you don't like it that much why should we? Also we no longer accept simple doodles/works on notebook paper. We also no longer accept works in progress or anything showing the spiral binding of your drawing pad. At least put a little effort into your work!
:bulletgreen:if you are scanning or photographing your work it must be of a decent quality
:bulletgreen:I made this club to show off art, so I have decided not to add any literature. There are plenty of clubs that do, this one personally will not.
:bulletgreen:Also, only original complete artwork is allowed - no traces, copies, edits, dolls, colored linearts not created by you, etc, allowed any more. Be creative, y'all!
-This means no direct copying of canon images in canon style. Use your own imagination! And credit any poses/references you use.
-no sexual stuff, c'mon people.


Clarifications for Your Convenience

:bulletpink:Sailor Moon-Usagi-Princess and Neo Queen:bulletpink:
This is our main heroine, Sailor Moon herself! This includes her civilian form Usagi/Serena/Bunny, Sailor form, and her forms as Princess (royal dress with puffy sleeves), Neo Queen (royal dress, no sleeves, usually with wings), and Princess Sailor Moon. This includes the character at any age.

:bulletpink:Chibi Moon-Chibi Usa-Small Lady:bulletpink:
This is our favorite pink haired offspring! Either as her sailor self Chibi/Mini Moon, her civilian self as Chibi Usa/Rini, or her royal self. This does not include Black/Wicked Lady as that's a villain. This does include any teenage/adult versions.

:bulletpink:Queen Serenity:bulletpink:
This is Sailor Moon's Moon Mama, so make sure you aren't putting NEO queen Serenity in this folder. Mama has white/light purple hair and a big bow on the front of her dress.

:bulletpink:Chibi Chibi and Cosmos:bulletpink:
Any variations of the character from adult to child, from pink to white hair.

:bulletpink:Luna and Diana:bulletpink:
Either cat in human form, just made sense to bundle mother and daughter together.

:bulletpink:Sailor Pluto:bulletpink:
She sneaked in there because she has one with her long hair.

Any images of the double odangoed alternate univere offspring.

Bad ladies to include: Black/Wicked Lady, Cyprine, Ptilol, Tellu, Nehellenia, Iron Mouse, Palla Palla, Cere Cere, and Koan/Catsy

:bulletpink:Otaku Senshi/Sailor Moon OC's:bulletpink:
This would be your fan made [otaku] sailor scouts[senshi]. Or maybe it's your friend's character. Either way, any character that wasn't made by the show that has the hairstyle. Yes, it does have to be clear they are part of a Sailor Moon story, just just any character you create with a similar hairstyle.

:bulletpink:Other Sailor Moon Canon Odangoes:bulletpink:
A canon character is one that appeared in the anime/manga/live action version that doesn't go in any other group. These would be more obscure characters like Diana the Moon Fairy, the Maenads, Chibi Usa's friend Momoko, and Pink Cat as well as the Amazon Senshi (when they are no longer villains) and any sailor senshi with the odango hairstyle (like when Minako/Sailor Venus was disguised as Sailor Moon).

:bulletpink:Non-Sailor Moon characters:bulletpink:
Existing characters from other sources, but this folder will have a more limited submission acceptance.

Any other questions ask away!

Group Info

We love Sailor Moon's awesome hairstyle! Call them buns or meatballs or whatever you want, but celebrate the odango!
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Apr 9, 2004


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Fan Club

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Gallery Folders

Art Nouveau Serenity by DelightInArt
Serenity Snow Globe Ver2 by LittlePancake94
The Dream by Minasaturne
The Princess on the Moon by OriginStory
Sailor Moon-Usagi-Princess and Neo Queen
Sailormoon by shunkai772
Art Nouveau Serenity by DelightInArt
Kawaii Art: Usagi Tsukino - Hello Kitty Style by harmonicfour
Inktober 2021 Prompt 18 Moon by BadWolf212
Chibi Moon-Chibi Usa-Small Lady
Pink snowflakes~ by darkskyluna
Chibi Usa fan art by TinyTruc
Princess Small Lady by Nuswodahs
The Dream by Minasaturne
Queen Serenity
Moon Angel by Luzanami
Mother and Daughter of the Silver Millennium by harmonicfour
[AC2] Queenlike by PortraitRose
FA: Queen Serenity by crownxdoll
Chibi Chibi and Cosmos
White Tiger Vs. Sailor Cosmos by FlyingPrincess
As If You Were My Own - Request by FlyingPrincess
ChibiChibi at the Dock by puff222001
Chibi Chibi by Hellengomes15
Luna and Diana
Little Head - Luna by puff222001
Belated Birthday Gift by puff222001
Luna [ S A I L O R  M O O N ] by mokkuren
Luna - Sailor Moon PNG by magic1016
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Pluto by VialofFire
Princess Pluto and Kitty by puff222001
Secret Lunar Artwork - Pluto by puff222001
Young but Wise by puff222001
[B-Day Gift 2] Kousagi by darkskyluna
You are awesome (Colored) by darkskyluna
Kousagi School cutie by NerdySweetiePeachy
Moon Family by SailorMiha
Chibiusa as Black Lady by bloodberi
Dark Lady (Sailor Moon) #8 by LadyMelamor1
Fan art Black Lady and Despot nine by hisui1986
You Are Such A Noisy Man by NaerysWyvern
Otaku Senshi Sailor Moon OC's
Sailor Lion by Twilightangel004
The Lonely Queen by TheOfficialKaeChan
Beautiful Lady Rose Queen by TheOfficialKaeChan
Dance in the Dark - Sailor Rose Red - MV by TheOfficialKaeChan
Other Sailor Moon Canon Odangoes
SAILORMOON - Japonese Festival! by UsagichanBR
Non-Sailor Moon characters
Whitwo [Manga Coloring] by MeryNatsumi



Sailor Moon and related affiliates!


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