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Conqueror-class Guided Missile Cruiser

By TheoComm
The Conqueror-class guided missile cruiser is a class of large cruisers designed as multi-mission stealth ships.

The class features a number of automated systems and as a result is less expensive to operate than comparable warships. The wave-piercing tumblehome hull form reduces the radar cross-section (RCS) by returning much less energy than a conventional flare hull form.

Originally 32 ships were planned to replace the entire fleet of aging Renown-class missile cruisers, however due to costs overrunning the estimates, the quantity was reduced to 6 in favor of instead retrofitting the current Renown-class

Displacement: 17,500 t

Waterline: 206.3m
Overall: 216.6m

Beam: 27.2m

Draft: 6.7m

Installed Power:
2 × gas turbines
70.8 MW (95,000 hp)
2 × turbine generators
7.6 MW (10,200 hp)

3 × Azimuth thruster kort nozzles driven by electric motors
117 MW (157,500 shp)

In excess of 30 kn (56 km/h; 35 mph)

In excess of 7,000 nautical miles (13,000 km) at 18 kn (33 km/h)


168 × VLS cells
36 × Harpoon anti-ship missiles
1 × 155 mm (6.1'')/62 caliber Advanced Naval Gun
5 × 35mm CIWS
1 × 20mm CIWS
8 × 18'' torpedo tubes

Based on the American Zumwalt-class, with the forward pangola superstructure based on the Russian Lider-class and the rear structure on the British Type 45. Since it has such a diverse background, I may find difficulty making more distinct modern ships for the other nations. oh well
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A gigantic advanced cruiser which is a result Russian engineers obtained the major technology and design data from NATO and perfect their Lider class cruiser design.

UP5330's avatar
holy superstructure batman!
TheAbyssalSamurai's avatar
If I didn't know any better, this destroyer a Japanese battleship reincarnated into a modern destroyer XD
Shixng-Hepburn's avatar
Oh,that,s so ugly.
Emilion-3's avatar
Might be good.
Emilion-3's avatar
Could use this for writing.
TheoComm's avatar
If you do use this for nationstates please cite me/leave a link to me, it's the least you could do
Emilion-3's avatar
Ill do what I can.
Chaos-Craft999's avatar
Kinda Weird Russia will be the First Foreign Country to use a pagoda mast.

Lider class and Shtorm 23000E
uglygosling's avatar
Kind of a cross between the Zumwalt and the Fuso!
Chaos-Craft999's avatar
Not kinda Fuso, it's more like Zumwalt and future russian navy Lider Class DDN
TheoComm's avatar
Yeah I cited the Zumwalt, Lider and Type 45 as my inspirations
Chaos-Craft999's avatar
Nonador's avatar
She is truly a beauty!

Would you mind ignore I used it as a concept for a shipbucket-styled drawing?
TheoComm's avatar
As long as you source me and send me a link of the finish product
Nonador's avatar
OtakuBouzu's avatar
This will be the Pagoda to end all of Pagodas :D
TheoComm's avatar
Just wait until I find a way to make it as tall as the one on Fuso :D
leovictor's avatar
Really hate to be that engineer that has to perform emergency repairs on top of the main mast during rough seas.

Plus IMHO I kinda like the looks of the namesake vessel in World of Warships better
TheoComm's avatar
hmm? what do you mean by namesake? and compared to what?
TheoComm's avatar
Wasn't aware there was a ship class of the name, I just randomly pulled a name after the ship was made, as I have done with most of models that weren't based off of premade information

Then again judging from the fact that the ship only exists in WoWS, I doubt even if I was using British battleships as a basis I would know about it
RobiS89's avatar
This looks like the bastard lovechild of a Zumwalt and a Lider... :D
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