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Welcome back to TheOC-pageantOfDA!

Please make sure to memorize the deadline or join our discord server to receive reminders:

It is summer time and you know what that means!

Summer themes!

Theme 5: Fun in the water (fashion/worldbuilding theme)

:bulletblue: Summer is here and it is most people’s favorite time of the year to visit the beach, a lovely lake, or the local pool. Prepare your OC(s) for some fun time in the water!
:bulletblue: CLASSIC VERSION (fashion theme): draw your OC full-body to show how they dress when they go for a swim. Sporty swimsuit or pretty bikini? Do they need help to swim? Choose what suits your OC’s personality and design a new set of swimwear.
:bulletblue: SHOWCASE VERSION (worldbuilding theme): How does the aquatic world look like in your OC story? Is there a sandy beach or a rocky shore? Is the sea huge or do your OCs have to be satisfied with a little oasis in the middle of the desert? Or maybe your OCs live in a big city and a waterpark is the only way to take a swim? Illustrate how and where your OCs go for a swim. Swim wear is obligatory.
:bulletblue: for the classic version: full-body required, but background is optional; the focus is on designing swim wear. As a bonus, you can opt to draw your character in the water.
:bulletblue: for the showcase version: the focus is on illustrating a scene, but the OC(s) you use should all be in swim wear.
:bulletblue: swimwear often requires to show a lot of skin. Please keep it family friendly and tasteful.
:bulletblue: all entries should be done after June 23rd and specifically for this group
:bulletblue: Still waters run deep.

My OC can’t swim…
Still design some swim wear, but add something (or someone) that will prevent them from drowning.

But my OC world has no water…
I honestly highly doubt that is possible. There may still be a little oasis or an artificial pond/pool

Theme 6: Summer nights (fashion/worldbuilding theme)

:bulletpurple: Summer is also the time when the weather is warm enough to be outside after sunset. And the end of June is a good time to pick up the difficulty of drawing themes a little bit…
:bulletpurple: The challenge of this theme is to draw without using the sun as light source. And your OCs are in a setting where they require light clothing.
:bulletpurple: CLASSIC VERSION (fasion theme): draw your OC full-body with newly designed clothes suitable for going out on a summer night. The clothes should not be too warm and yet not too cold. Comfortable and yet not too casual. Add a little bit of background as well (enough to indicate it is night).
:bulletpurple: SHOWCASE VERSION (worldbuilding theme): illustrate how one or more of your OCs spend(s) their time after sunset. Will they sit at a campfire? Will they go out in the streets? Will they sit as a group of friends at a table and play cards?
:bulletpurple: for both versions at least a little bit of background is required.
:bulletpurple: it should also be clear that the scene takes place after sunset. The light source(s) you use should not be sunlight.
:bulletpurple: all entries should be done after June 23rd and specifically for this group
:bulletpurple: *insert witty night proverb here*

Can I combine the two themes in one entry?
No. Feel free to imagine your OCs at a pool at night, but specifically state for which theme the drawing is made for. The clothing requirements differ for both themes: swim wear is for theme 5 and light clothing is for theme 6.

General reminders

:bulletblack:Mention/tag the group in the description of EVERY submission!! (Type “@ theoc-pageantofda” without the space)
:bulletblack:Give the entry a title like this: “OC-pageant 2020 theme 5/6” or similar; you may add whatever you like to the rest of the title
:bulletblack: Remember, no limits for entries and number of OCs used, but each entry has to look finished.
:bulletblack: you choose if you want to do the CLASSIC VERISON (focus on one specific OC you want to develop this year) or the SHOWCASE VERSION (draw as many OCs as you can in pretty illustrations)
:bulletblack: want to include other people’s OCs in your entry (not a must but for anyone who likes doing this)? Then have a look at the descriptions for theme 0 entries:, ask in the comments, or ask on the discord server:
:bulletblack: you need to have submitted something for theme 0 (deadline for theme 0 is February 8th 2020 at 23:50). Missed the deadline? Wait to join next year or submit any creations to the folder “guest appearances” (but the group must be mentioned in the description)

The deadline for theme 5 and 6 is August 23rd at 23:59! No extensions, all timezones considered!

Please submit your entries to the folder “theme 5” or “theme 6”!

Enjoy the summer!
Your hostess
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