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Why I always fancy the bassist
This poem has been temporarily removed in order to be submitted to a kick-ass anthology on the theme of rock 'n' roll.  If it doesn't make the cut, it'll be back soon.
:icontheobviouschild:TheObviousChild 238 68
I walk crease,
wear a sickle.
We raise lack,
we scar alike --
awake relics,
slake ice raw.
:icontheobviouschild:TheObviousChild 6 8
Found poem III
from a Table of Contents
Why I am not a Buddhist:
The shipfitter's wife.
The apprentice.
The fired pot.
The Huron.
Alex, Tiffany, Meg.
The insusceptibles.
The second husband.
The Did-You-Come-Yets of the Western World.
:icontheobviouschild:TheObviousChild 3 2
Dirty hippie. by TheObviousChild Dirty hippie. :icontheobviouschild:TheObviousChild 1 10
Famous first words.
from seven poets' Indices of First Lines
white day, black river
white suffused with red
why do I write today?
with the boys busy.
No, I do not wish my hair to go grey
No, it is not in heaven that we find the dry
No, really you can't go back
None is the same as another.
You brilliant Jew
You do not seem to realise that beauty is a liability
You make me think of many men
Your face is a gospel, to read now and again.
I Say I Say I Say
It aint what you do, it's what it does to you
I've made out a will; I'm leaving myself.
A living room, the Catholic area
A shilling life will give you all the facts
A starling and a willow-wren
About suffering, they were never wrong.
Give me a thrill, says the Reader
Green-shadowed people sit, or walk in rings,
Grey day for the show, but cars jam the narrow lanes
Groping back to bed after a piss.
She asked me to luncheon in fur
She made things up: for example, that she was really
Shooting stars
Six hours like thi
:icontheobviouschild:TheObviousChild 4 17


High time for an update, methinks!

Over Easter I was in Amsterdam and Utrecht, performing as part of the inaugural City2Cities literary festival.  The festival takes three European cities and "twins" them (or should that be "triplets" them?), and this year the three were Utrecht, Stockholm and Edinburgh.  I was asked to be the official Edinburgh poet, and I was really proud to represent my city at the festival.  I worked on translations, performed heaps of times, met loads of truly brilliant poets and was paid for the priviledge (and put up in free, gorgeous accomodation, no less!).  Was I dreaming...?  It was an amazing time.  And I now want to move to Utrecht, it's gorgeous.


I haven't really submitted any work anywhere for over a year, which is really bad poeting.  I got excited about the prospect of Bedtime Stories II: The Second Coming from Forest Publications (everything they produce is gorgeous), so I sent a poem there and was accepted.  But otherwise, it's time to get back on the submitting wagon.
Which is why most of my poems have done a disappearing act from here.  I've submitted to a big national anthology and some major UK journals, so keep everything crossed for me.  As you possibly know, I hate the whole submitting process -- hence the year's break -- toiling over which poems are best for which journal, making sure you don't accidentally simultaneously submit, waiting waiting waiting.  But it's a necessary evil.


You've probably noticed the massive box on the left-hand side of my page, but just in case you're partially sighted or very absent-minded: my book is finally on sale.  It was unofficially launched at the StAnza International Poetry Festival a few weeks ago, and went online here about a month ago.  I have already sold around half the print run, which is very, very exciting and most unexpected.  The official launch is still in the works... and I'd love to sell the first print run out entirely before then (I've been promised a reprint).  It's a silly goal, but hey.  The book is super pretty, typeset with huge help from leonart and with a truly gorgeous cover image by Myrrhiam.  Check it out.


I was recently featured in UK broadsheet The Observer, talking about typewriters and how they inform and facilitate my writing process.  I was interviewed by the very sweet Gemma Kappala-Ramsamy and photographed by legend Murdo McLeod.  You can read the piece in full here (try to avoid the comments... but if you do stray down there, you can read some of my responses here).  Off the back of the article, I've been asked to participate in heaps of interesting stuff -- details of which are here.  I'm now also in talks to be involved in a documentary film for National Poetry Day, and am in the early stages of discussion about helping to author a literary guide to Edinburgh.  All. very. exciting.


And of course, myself and the supertalented and gorgeous Steve are putting together STARRY VERSES: 85 Years of Allen Ginsberg.  It will eventually be an anthology of poems inspired by the great man's works.  We're planning to launch it at a huge bash on what would have been AG's 85th birthday -- 3rd June this year.  Over 120 poets have already registered their interest and submissions are flooding in.  There are only a few days left to get on board, but if you would like to try and write us something, click here for more details.


CheshireSpider and I did a great photoshoot the other day -- in light of the post-Observer-article-interest, I wanted to get some photos of me + some of my typewriters.  Here are the results -- I love them so much!  Thanks dude!

Claire IV by CheshireSpider Claire III by CheshireSpider Claire II by CheshireSpider Claire I by CheshireSpider


Finally, I've been asked to return to teach at SUISS at the University of Edinburgh again this year as a Creative Writing tutor.  I enjoyed it so much last year that I jumped at the chance.  My regular lecturing job is also going splendidly -- in spite of the harsh public sector cuts in the UK at the moment, I'm still employed.  And still loving every minute!


As always, you can keep up with my activities, rants and random thoughts at One Night Stanzas.  I've also started a Tumblr, just for fun, so if you have one, give me a follow!

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  • Reading: True & False by David Mamet
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: Edinburgh


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In all the time I've been a member, active or inactive, I've so often come back to your gallery. Just wanted to drop by and let you know how appreciated you are.
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I simply adore your writtings, Milady. however I am not really authorised and I have no any qualifications nor rights to judge any art, being complete amateur and just aprecciator of beauty.
apologize for my poor English

kind regards,
TheObviousChild Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011
Hey, everyone's authorised to say what they like and don't like. I am very pleased to hear you adore my work! Most flattering! :heart:
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You are an interesting person.
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