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Vlad III The Impaler

Edit: added scars, adjusted some of the edge lighting because it printed too yellow, adjusted the color of his pants because when it printed it looked like he wasn't wearing any ^^;, improved dragon logo and added texture from, additional gradient to sky.

Because Vlad is crazy hot for a psychotic despot, or perhaps that is what makes him so hot.
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SashaArcain's avatar
Is he a villian, is he?? More like a sexy VAMPIRE. .. i rest my case. ;)
thenumber42's avatar
Villains are sexy! :D
SashaArcain's avatar
Fo show my friend 0_0
MDTartist83's avatar
Really awesome work on Vlad, here! He looks pretty sexy with his pose and his long hair being carried by the wind!
thenumber42's avatar
Thank you! /*o*\
MDTartist83's avatar
You're welcome.
Rocky-O's avatar
LOVE the colors! I remember when you first did it... and the UPDATE is superb! Great choices! :thumbsup:
Hollow-Frost's avatar
Yay! It's beautiful!!!! Poor Drac, though... How'd he get all those scars? :( I feel sorry for him...
thenumber42's avatar
The Turks had lots of fun with him when he was a kid. :(
Hollow-Frost's avatar
I know... Stupid Turks!!! *is reading about the real Dracula in a book I bought*
thenumber42's avatar
Ooh, which book?
Hollow-Frost's avatar
"Dracula: Prince of Many Faces, His Life and His Times" by Radu R. Florescu and Raymond T. McNally. It's a biography. :)
thenumber42's avatar
Aw man, I haven't been able to get my hands on that one. That's like the definitive. There's another book I want to read: "Vlad Dracula: The Dragon Prince." It's a novel based off of Vlad and I hear it's really good.
Hollow-Frost's avatar
Ooh! That does sound good. There's also "Prince of Evil", another biography on him... At least, I think that's what it's called. ^^;
ForeverACharmedOne's avatar
Wow! I think it looks fine. I like how the background is red and fiery while Dracula himself has darker hues. :D
greengirl21's avatar
I think his butt lighting is alright, but I agree with :iconanimus-seed: that you should compare it with a non-lit version. Your figure and cloth are excellent, and the background is good, but I think the symbol should be a bit more transparent. It competes with the figure for attention, and maybe make it a little smaller. And I'm glad you'll revise it.
Sanji07's avatar
Not bad. The lighting on his backside looks fine to me. -_^
Monica-NG's avatar
OMG, ths is so good!! :D I love the lighting and the smooth shading! :D
AlexGhost's avatar
Wow, this is awesomesauce! I love the folds in the cloth and the design in the background is awesome!
Nalana's avatar
The color and lighting in this is just AMAZING... I'm truly in awe!
thenumber42's avatar
Thank you! :blush: Yeah I started painting with just one lightsource and then I was like, that's not enough! Let's do THREE! XD
Nalana's avatar
XD But it looks awesome. So I''m glad you decided that!
Sahkmet's avatar
The REAL Dracula. HOT STUFF.

The light's just fine. :)
Animus-Seed's avatar
So this is presumably the one you were working on when we were talking the other night, yes? I really like it. And the dragon symbol isn't bad, though I won't argue if you think it can be improved.

Since you asked about the shading on his butt, I say you should do a version without it and compare and see which one you like more. Unless you did that already.
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