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My vampires read 'Twilight'

Dracula is a staunch traditionalist. His reaction closely mirrors my own.

Frank is beyond pathetic. Since he's not a marble-sculpted Adonis like EDWAAAAAARD he can't get any girls.

Alaina makes more time for academic pursuits, and for her mystery date on the 14th, than for reading fluff novels that do not accurately represent her species.

Jonathan is a shameless whore.

I had way too much fun with Alaina's office there XD

Totally ripped off of =EmpressFunk's VC version. [link]
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my reaction was almost the same as Dracula's, only accompanied by more swearing. the only thing that kept me from throwing the book out the window was that i had borrowed it from the library and didn't feel like having to pay for it...
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hahaha freaky cool! =P
i thought it was funny
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But shameless whores are the best kind! :heart:
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At least their honesty is refreshing :)
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I love this, they all made me lol

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I love it, and all of them have such drastic expressions. Lol, hilarious.

Annnnd, ja Drac's waaaaaay on the money!
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Lol I love Dracula's reaction. That's how I felt when I read (only) half the book.
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I concur with Dracula. An insult to all vampires and creatures of the night.
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Why is Spurgeon on her desk?
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Haha, you caught it! The Holy Bible's there too, but it's harder to see.

To put it succinctly, she's an armchair theologian.
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Also: you can't put words on a page and expect me to not catch them. Haha.
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I guess that would explain Strong's Concordance being there too. How old of a vampire is she, though? Because I could imagine a vampire armchair theologian being like,

"Yeah, I don't know much... just a couple things I picked up from hanging out with St. Augustine one day..."
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Oh she's very, very old. Old enough to confirm certain Biblical happenings.
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So Spurgeon feels like a delightfully quirky pick for her.
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Well, she only became a Christian in the mid-1800's, so I guess she has an affinity to studies written around then.
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You should check out Vampire: the Requiem for interesting ideas on vampiric religion.
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*wiki's* Hmm. Interesting. *still not an RPG person lol*

I'm not doing any coven/clan sort of thing. Not officially, anyway. Just that if some vampires like the company of other vampires/hunting in packs they'll band together, and if not, they won't.
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I'm a twilight fan...but one who doesn't take it TOO seriously XD

but this was indeed hilarious xDDDDD
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Poor Frank... he's feeling what all us males have been feeling since friggin' Edward rolled onto the scene. :lol:
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To be fair, Frank's got some serious issues that a girl wouldn't want to be with him's just his looks don't give him much of a chance to start with :XD:
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I like Jonathan's reaction the best. Such a womanizer haha.
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