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Friends of the Dead 1-9

This page is also known as "WAAAAAH I FORGOT MY NOTES."

Dracula's inner monologue is usually difficult for me to write, so I have to write his words out in advance. But lo, I forgot what he was to have said, so it's just kind of generic now. (

(This is all assuming I actually DID write those notes in the first place. Maybe I only thought I did but I really didn't. I could be going mad.)

Thanks to :iconshojintakaru: for helping me make this page a bit more dynamic.

*sniiifff* Mm, barbecue!
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It's filled with holy water, right?
Master-of-the-Boot's avatar
Looks like the reality is setting in for Dracula.
Sanji07's avatar
But he's my favorite characteeer. <=o
Sanji07's avatar
Poor Vlad. ._.
thenumber42's avatar
Oh, don't "poor Vlad" him, he's a psychotic mass-murderer. :XD:
PhantomThiefVier's avatar
but he's a smexy psychotic mass-murderer. XD
thenumber42's avatar
And that makes all the difference.
PhantomThiefVier's avatar
Nalana's avatar
oh WOW. that hand is AMAZING. I love it a lot!
thenumber42's avatar
Thank you! Doing research on burned hands though almost made me throw up :puke:
Nalana's avatar
I bet! It would me too!
deadrabbit13's avatar
I know how you feel about the notes...

But dang does this page look awesome! That extra dynamic kick, like pouring hot sauce on a habenjero chip! Biting and delicious!
Which is probably what his hand is feeling like...
thenumber42's avatar
Mmmmm, I'm thinking those Spicy Thai potato chips...:drool:

Makes the phrase "eating out of his hand" take a whole new meaning :XD:
deadrabbit13's avatar
Mmmm is right.

Certainly does.
ImprovidentScion's avatar
Note to Vlad: stop buying Holy Water bubble bath.

Oh, and I love the "impaler" relief on the sarcophagus. :P
thenumber42's avatar
Yay, someone noticed! Thanks!
AlexGhost's avatar
I wonder whats in his coffin, keep up the good work. :3
greengirl21's avatar
Yay, the smoke looks smokey! The lighting in the last panel is fun. Drac, dude, you need to clean around your coffin! Dirt piles everywhere; I didn't see any dirt piles like that around your wives' coffins! ;p

I bet his hand smells just like the smell of burning rosin in the print lab.
thenumber42's avatar
So it smells all piney and foresty?
greengirl21's avatar
Hmmm..... yes? I would say "minty fresh" but...... more like pine scented car freshener.

Wow, Dracula smelling like a car freshener...... 'scuse my retardedness.
thenumber42's avatar
There is silly art to be discovered here. XD
Sahkmet's avatar
Gaah! his hand is le burnin!
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