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Friends of the Dead 1-8

This was supposed to be funny.

LOL PERSPECTIVE :iconlarryplz:


Also, is the color too dark for anyone? Let me know.
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i love this comic!
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Thanks! I'll be coming back to it this July, so stay tuned!
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Nice depiction of the brides, they look good as piles of ashes with bikinis.
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They were quite annoying from the start >_>''

Brilliant work! <3
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Hahaha, brilliant!

We need more vampire comics out there. I plan to draw one for my vampire during my gap year, but his is a much more modern era. =P
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Reason enough!
Lovely perspective!
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LOL, this is so funny.
Btw, your extremely talented. I just read through the whole comic series and love it. i just recently finished reading the dracula book, so this was cool to find!
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Wow, thanks! :hug:

I'm glad you're enjoying the comic so far! What did you think of the Dracula novel?
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So far? Do mean there is going to be more!?! :D
Oh i loved the Dracula novel i stayed up late lots of nights during Christmas break to finish it. Which i found out its not a good thing to stay up late reading Dracula because you have really weird/creepy dreams that night. LOL
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Of course there shall be more! I'm probably going to be working on this thing for years! :lol:

I think Dracula gets better with each reading. I didn't like it at first because I thought it was boring (I'd just seen the Coppola movie), but it gets more subtly creepy each time.
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YEAH! I'm so glad your going to be making more! I love your comic and can't wait to see what you come up with next!
I've only had time to read the book once, but i'll probably read it again this summer. I actually usually only got bored when Van Helsing went on forever about some things. The rest was really entertaining.
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I hope Van Helsing doesn't bore you in my comic :D
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No way Van Helsing was adorable in your prologe. I liked him a lot in your comic! :D
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>This was supposed to be funny.

It was. XD
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inspires me to do something similar :P
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Lol that was funny. XD
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oh my hilarious
i was expecting him to be traumatized from his expression on the last page which made his actual reaction like ten times more funnyer. (makes up words)
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I'm trying to imagine him weeping and wailing and carrying on over the death of his wives...I just can't do it XD

Glad you like it!
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The colour is just about perfect on my monitor, and this one tends to be a lot darker than my other one.

Brilliant sense of dark humour in this one. :XD:
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Heh "They were starting to annoy me, anyway." that was great. :3
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Because seriously, they were becoming real whiners.

Brides: "Are we to have nothing tonight??? :iconsadplz:"
Dracula: "What the hell, you're vampires, aren't you? Go hunt your own damn food!"
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Yeah, if they were that pathetic, maybe they'll make better dust. I love this comic by the way. :3
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