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Friends of the Dead 1-7

LOL Christmas colors.

Another tech illustration page. As if I didn't hate staircases enough, here's a spiraling one! whee fun!

I know some of you were happy with Dracula naked, but I for one enjoy coloring his robe. Once I start overlaying the red it just makes me give a little sigh of joy. Such a luscious cranberry color, mm. He's supposed to look more surprised than sad in that last panel. Oops.

Lettering sucks. I have no idea where to put the damn boxes. (this is why I should map it out in the thumbnail stage :stupidme:)
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WAHH awesome technical drawings! I wish there were more variety in the stones... everything looks so NEW~ Make some cracks in there or something XD

I love the last two panels. Great job!! :thumbsup:
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yeah I only started fixing that "new" look several pages afterword ^^; thanks!
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*flails* :iconmoarplz: pages?!?!?! XDDDDD
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Yesssss. I'm already pencilling a new one. And doing more character studies so that they'll look consistent.

And perspective. whyyyyy
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I really like your perspectives (even if they are a butt to draw). They give your panels a lot of depth.

Your thought boxes are fine so far, but what's gonna happen if someone decides to go off on a monologue-o-doom?
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Well, Drac's already gone off on an interior monologue-o-doom, so I dunno...that's all we're going to have for a while I'm afraid...
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Well then looks like you'll do fine with the boxes!
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Sorry I haven't commented in a while -- I've just gone through the archives. The story is progressing wonderfully! Nice suspense and a good cliffhanger on this page.

And how can I neglect to mention the art? Beautiful as usual!
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:hug: Thank you! That means a lot.
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Anytime. You invest a lot of time in this comic so its good for us readers to let you know that we like and appreciate it. ^^
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Ohho, cliffhanger.

I feel your pain - I hate trying to figure out where text goes, covering up art I just worked on... lol
Good luck in your paneling endeavors.
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*in suspense*
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