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Friends of the Dead 1-6

OMG! :wow: an update

check out the Christmas colors. I got so bored coloring this you can tell, haha.

I HATE ONE-POINT PERSPECTIVE JUST SO YOU KNOW. oh it seems so easy but it distorts the crap out of everything. Also can you tell I didn't do research on Dracula's castle before I started drawing it? I knew you could.

I think I've got Dracula's "voice" down...I think.

oh I'm a couple hours late. Where are the hounds of hell you were all supposed to sic on me? Heheh. :XD:

Next: Dracula gets CLOTHES!
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i agree, multiple perspectives are always more fun.
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I love the perspective of his castle. You did a really good job on it; feels very big and empty. (Yay for green panels!)

.... and did he just use "the force" to levitate his cloak to him? XD
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*gasp* Dracula's a Sith lord! :omg:
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AHA! I knew it all along! :evillaugh:
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Gah! I love that huge establishing shot of his castle.... EXCEPT: There's no payoff! (except you get to see Dracula's naked back :flirty: ) But really, you should put a huge tapestry hanging there with an epic battle of sorts.. otherwise, it looks really empty :(

and YAY uploading comics! HAHA you're soooo beating me up here XD
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I knooooow I hate that whole thing gahahaha I don't know what I was trying to do except put something "technical" enough for my technical illustration class XD

I had fun with Dracula's tomb though, I drew stuff on that XDD
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Well despite your loathing of one-point... it does work here, I think. Gives a nice sense of grandeur in the castle. Lovely. :D
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Nooo! He's putting clothes on! NO!!!!! :cries: :XD:
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It's not that sort of comic! :slap: :XD:
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