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Friends of the Dead 1-5

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If he stays out there much longer his pecker will freeze off.
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Heh, I meant to say how much I was enjoying your comic a while back, so here, I stop by to tell you on my favourite page. Good thing he's already dead or he would be COLD! Brrrrr! *offers to keep evil vampire man warm*
thenumber42's avatar
We switching vampires now? :D He's not as warm and cuddly as the one you gave me...
ZoeStead's avatar
hehe Flethcer's not all that warm and cuddly really ;) but I know what you mean....and yes, forget WifeSwap - VampSwap!!!
thenumber42's avatar
"And your skin is so COLD, and I LOVE IT! Even though I'm from Phoenix and I hate the cold, I adore YOUR coldness!" [link]

But yeah, ditch the sparkles.

I need to work on my own vamps so I can have several in rotation :plotting:
ZoeStead's avatar
I love that link, thanks ;)
angelaART's avatar
I love this comic now!
N-not just for the sexy-men, really. *fidgetfidget*
I can't wait to read the updates for this! Keep it up! :rose:
thenumber42's avatar
Wow, thank you! :D
saylem's avatar
ho yesh! I want MOAR! Great job on the storytelling!
thenumber42's avatar
More story or naked Dracula? :D
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I wouldn't like to be in his place, naked into the snow... XD
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Damn it! I hate that undead rebirth ability!
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I understood the mist part... though it couldn't hurt to add more of it to make it more clear.

This comic page gets props for:
A) Naked dude with a six pack and strategically placed leg.
B) The dialogue box is green! :B

He's just havin one of those days isn't he?
thenumber42's avatar
Yes, I chose that color just for you :blowkiss:

Ah the benefits of life-drawing. How to draw a naked man without showing his willy.
greengirl21's avatar
Horray! I feel shpeshall! :milk: Lol, life drawing..... never had any inkling to take that class. Glad it paid off for you though!
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On that last panel (sorry to be stingy) but I didn't know that he was poofing in from mist... You should put in some mist around him on that last panel... I had to read it over and think about it for a while to get what was happening @0@;

Otherwise....... OH SO CHEEKY :B
thenumber42's avatar
Ah good point. I was thinking about adding that, I guess I will. :D
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I did NOT expect that. However pleasant it is to see a naked Dracula of sexy proportions...:faint:
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:rofl: I am glad you enjoyed that.
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